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    Jebus has always fought to keep peace.

    In the very first Madness episode, he shows up after Hank has killed a few dozen people, clearly trying to kill Hank and prevent further violence. After that he works for the Sheriff, apparently as a law enforcer or something. Once the Auditor started running the show, Jebus quickly turned to fighting the L33t Crew, presumably because the Auditor kept the violence going for his own amusement, which Jebus wouldn't allow.

    Jebus is the real good guy. He's the only one who wants all the madness to stop.

    Sanford And Deimos are the ones who keep reviving Hank between episodes.

    In their spotlight episodes, Sanford and Deimos fix one another's wounds the way Hank's are bandaged. In Aggregation they go out of their way to revive Hank with new powers. They probably need Hank's remarkable willpower for whatever they're planning.

    Madness Combat takes place in The Matrix or a similar universe.

    The Auditor, Tricky and Saviour are all either rogue agents or similar programs, while Hank, Sanford and Deimos are Redpills or the Madness Combat equivalent.

    • The Higher Powers continue to revive the characters for unknown reasons (Lulz?).
    • The Auditor wishes to continue the Madness and violence, the same as the Higher Powers and is possibly working for them. Lawful Evil
    • Saviour/Jebus wishes a peaceful return to normality. Lawful Neutral
    • Tricky/Clown is a rogue program who has no real goals. Chaotic Evil
    • Hank just kills things. He seems to have a rivalry with the normality seeking Saviour and the Madness seeking Auditor. Chaotic Neutral OR True Neutral
    • Deimos and Sanford are pursuing an unknown agenda, although they seem to have been fighting the Auditor mostly. Neutral Good (?)

    Madness and Soul Eater share the same universe

    Okay, the only thing I've got is that the sun in both world's is creepy (and now dead), insanity is taking hold EVERYWHERE, they're both set (mostly) (somewhere) in Nevada, and Tricky and Auditor look like Kishins.

    The characters represent various mental conditions or symptoms of mental illness and instability.

    • Hank is pure murderous psychopathy. He has no discernable motive besides killing as many people as possible, while specifically fixating on the Sheriff, Jebus, and Tricky.
    • Jebus represents religious delusions. Taking the above WMG regarding Jebus being the good guy into account, I present the alternate theory; Jebus thinks he is the good guy, doing God's will, but this is mostly the construct of his own mind.
    • Tricky is absolute mania. Where as Hank is cold murder, Tricky is all that is Ax Crazy.
    • The Auditor is the god complex. Where as Jebus believes himself an agent of God's Will, the Auditor believes himself to be the god figure of this world, and that it exists for his own amusement.
    • Deimos and Sanford are harder to place, but perhaps they represent obsession. Assuming the WMG about them being the ones who bring Hank back to be true, they could be obsessed with him to the point of having a compulsive need to see him complete his mission.

    The Auditor... an Auditor of Reality, from Discworld. Albeit one that somehow managed to acquire individuality without being destroyed.

    The entire series... somehow related to the hotdog vendor. First, the normal blood sort of looks like ketchup. Then, the ATP-Agents have blood that looks like mustard. The hotdog vendor is shown in multiple episodes and never dies, which is rare for anyone in this series.