Maya & Miguel

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It's sad when your parrot is wiser than you are.

Maya & Miguel (2004-2007) is an American educative animated series about the misadventures of a pair of Hispanic children. As the Expository Theme Tune states, they are "brother and sister and best friends as well." The series seeks to make Hispanic culture more familiar to the audience and also teach some Spanish words in the process. Unlike some other Edutainment series, Maya & Miguel is actually well-written and humorous, although it does suffer from the use of Gratuitous Spanish and too much focus on the ethnicity of the characters.

Maya Santos is an energetic pre-teen girl of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent who can't resist helping people with their problems even when not asked to; this invariably causes trouble but her brother Miguel, despite pointing that out, always ends up helping her anyway. Everything ends well by the end however. The series seems set in the real world; the only unusual sight is how Maya's hairband glows whenever she has an idea, but that seems to be visible only to the viewers. Her Catch Phrase is "Eso es!" ("That's it!")

Other characters in the series include their parents, their grandmother, their friends (which include a white boy with only one arm) and Paco, a talking parrot.

Tropes used in Maya & Miguel include:

Chrissy: Maya, have you ever heard the expression "less is more"?
Maya: That is so weird. Miguel said the same thing to me just this morning.