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In Looney Tunes tradition, The Looney Tunes Show is known for its adult subtlety.

101 -- Best Friends

  • On the game show "Besties," the Goofy Gophers say they like "cruising".
    • And they're both male.

102 -- Members Only

  • Some stripper-like martians are featured in the "I'm a Martian" song. Boom-shaka-laka indeed.

103 -- The Jailbird and Jailbunny

  • Bugs and Daffy chained at the ankle. When Bugs mentions it to a police officer, his response is priceless.

Officer: Your personal lives are your business.


104 -- Fish and Visitors

  • While crashing at their place, Yosemite Sam instructs Bugs and Daffy, "Wake me up at 4:30. Unless I'm having night terrors... or if there's a tie on the doorknob."
    • In that same episode Daffy tells Sam under no circumstances to ever open the third drawer on the left. He does it anyways and finds some DVDs. The look Bugs levels at a sheepish Daffy is particularly damning.

106 -- Reunion

  • Wile E. Coyote gets an email from the ACME Catalog with the headline, "Wanna be bigger?!"

107 -- Casa de Calma

  • The Hollywood starlet Starlet Johanssen is pretty curvy, especially with the bikini. In one scene, she takes off her towel while entering a massage room.

109 -- The Foghorn Leghorn Story

  • Daffy's description of Foghorn. Also, Yosemite Sam is hanging his laundry out to dry, one of which is a banana hammock (slang term for a scandalously revealing thong).

112 -- Double Date

  • Lola (after falling for Daffy): "You have a really big beak."

Daffy (about Tina): "Her beak is bigger than mine."

  • When Daffy sees Lola in his house lying on his bed...suggestively...his towel falls off.

116 -- That's My Baby

118 -- The DMV

  • At the beginning of the episode, Bugs tells Daffy (who is dressed in drag for some reason) that he is driving them to the movie theater, which Daffy replies with:

Daffy: What are you, the man of this relationship?!
Bugs: (deadpan) We're not in a relationship.


119 -- Off Duty Cop

  • As Daffy shows him "Off Duty Cop", Porky has to ask "Does he handcuff everyone he meets?" right as the action hero appears to be getting into a romantic scene. And it ends in handcuffs, too! ... because she was a criminal, like with all the other handcuffings.
  • Bugs getting addicted to an energy drink, right down to negotiating a deal to meet up with a "supplier" to get his fix.
  • Yosemite Sam running away from the cops bare-ass naked.

121 -- French Fries

  • "Porky is a big....piece of......(stops)....GARBAGE!

122 -- Beauty Shop

  • Bugs posing as Porky's girlfriend for dance school and Speedy falling in love with him.

123 -- The Float

  • Daffy literally strips Porky.
  • Then Porky tackles Daffy, naked, and Bugs watches... rather interestingly into it.
  • During the gophers' "Best Friends" song, they lick a vanilla ice cream cone.

124 -- The Shelf