The War of Winds

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The War of Winds is an epic fantasy/sci-fi story that spans in total, about 3000 years. The current story featured by this site details the end of the war between the Four Winds, hence the title. You can read it here.

Not to be confused with The Winds of War.

Tropes used in The War of Winds include:
  • Backstory - According to many readers, the first 70 pages of the comic are all Backstory and have nothing to do with the current storyline.
  • Bright Slap - What Vrin does to Talon
  • Cain and Abel - Two examples exist in this webcomic:
    • Ravar and Mersnai.
    • The North Wind (Also known as The Tempest) & The East Wind (Also known as Kü).
  • Deal with the Devil - The deal between Vrin and Azaq for the price of a 1000 souls, Vrin has free use of his powers. It also involves Demonic Possession.
  • Give Me Back My Wallet - Talon steals from Ravar and is caught, threatened & picked up off the ground. He asked for it back but Talon countered the Grapple and escapes via the rooftops. Talon finally found a place to rest and was caught by Ravar who retrieved what he had stolen from him.
  • Green Rocks - Blue Steel qualifies as this trope.
  • Important Haircut - Ian witnessed The Weaponmaster cut his hair short prior to going into a battle and the significance is explained to him by Gareth who said "It used to be that in the North, when men went into battle and expected to die, the y would cut off their hair. Its a symbol of slavery to fate."
  • Lethal Diagnosis - Talon finds himself granted near immortality from mortal wounds, while at the same time, he is dying faster than ever until he returns The Key.
  • Living Lie Detector - Vrin, but maybe one of the powers involved with her Deal with the Devil with Azaq.
  • Living Shadow - The Nashrri (AKA The Shadows), a type of ghost and the anti-thesis of a Demon.
  • Loveable Rogue - Talon qualifies as this trope.
  • Magnetic Plot Device - The Key shapes events around it and whoever possesses it.
  • Mind Probe - What Ravar does to Vrin using Magic in this page.
  • Morph Weapon / Empathic Weapon - The Njinn, a type of weapon wielded by full-blooded Ayenroki. A living weapon that changes shape to best kill for its wielder and its shape also reflects the wielder.
  • OddShapedPanels - They occur throughout particularly when magic is involved. An Example of unusually shaped panels in the webcomic.
  • Oh My Gods - The first chapter alone gives us "By the Wind", "Wind-cursed Bastards", "Winds! No!", "May the Winds be with you" which is enough to qualify for this trope.
  • Opening Narration - The Prologue is narrated by the North Wind (Also known as The Tempest).
  • Our Ghosts Are Different / Our Demons Are Different - Demons, in the setting, are defined as a type of ghost and the notable character example is Azaq who may or may not be the source of Psychic Powers in Vrin as the result of the Deal with the Devil.
  • Our Werewolves Are Different - The Race known as Ayenroki qualify as this trope. They qualify because they have a natural shapeshifting to a uncontrollable non-sentient bestial animal state, known as "greyken". Each Ayenroki's Greyken seems to have a unique appearance. The other commonality shared with werewolves is that speaking there true name reverts them back to there humanoid form. There natural form is humanoid, with fur (not hair), tail, fangs, longer ears and a mass twice that of a normal human.
  • Plot Parallel - contrary to Backstory, the comic creator argues the entire first 70 pages are a parallel of what is presently going on in the story.
  • Proud Warrior Race Guy - Ravar qualifies as this trope.
  • Psychic Powers - Vrin, but maybe one of the powers involved with her Deal with the Devil with Azaq.
  • Rapid Aging - The byproduct of what happens when the Key saves the person stuck with it.
  • Shapeshifting - Two examples exist in this webcomic:
    • The Ayenroki have this ability. From the forums "Their usual form is humanoid, with fur (not hair), tail, fangs and longer ears. They are not elves, their mass is twice that of a normal human, and they have the ability to fully transform into their beastial state, called "greyken." This state is uncontrollable, because the beast is not sentient."
    • The Four Winds - Each have this ability, each were given a form. The form given to The South Wind (Also known as An'soru) can best be described as a lion. Lions do not naturally exist on this planet. The form given to The East Wind (Also known as Kü) can best be described as a dragon, but like lions, dragons do not exist on this planet. The form given to North Wind (Also known as The Tempest) can best be described as a wolf, but like the previous ones, wolves don't naturally exist here & The form given to West Wind (Also known as Rahn) is closest to a horse. They have also taken a human form as well.
  • Shapeshifter Showdown - As Ravar and Mersnai are both full blooded Ayenroki. There fight is a variant of this because they only have one other form. It also includes the use of a Morph Weapon.
  • Speak of the Devil - This seems to be the case with Vrin when she says Azaq's name.
  • Sticky Fingers - Talon qualifies as this trope.
  • Super Speed - Vrin, moves with inhuman speed according to Ravar, but she wasn't in control at the time.
  • When It All Began - The first 4 introduction pages set the scene for the war thousands of years after that event.
  • Written Roar / Unsound Effect - Both appear on this page.