Will Save World for Gold

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Will Save World For Gold is a Web Comic which takes place in a RPG Mechanics Verse based on the 4th edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

It centers around a dysfunctional adventuring party consisting of the psychopathic eladrin warlord Ardon, who is joined by Odivallus, a down on his luck human sorceror, Ell, a kind-hearted human paladin, Peanut, a brain-damaged kobold with a knack for disarming traps, and 45, a snarky warforged who joins the party out of a desire to see Ardon's messy death. The comic follows a distinct storyline while at the same time mocking various roleplaying game tropes.

Tropes used in Will Save World for Gold include:

Ardon: What do you think? Dagger?
45: I believe there is a good chance he is proficient. However, I also suspect giving him a sharp metal object will have negative repercussions.
Ardon: Pfft, what's the worst that could happen? Here, try this one, Kobold... HE STABBED HIMSELF IN THE EYE!
45: You should learn to listen to me.

Odivallus: Almost half of our party members don't even have names.
Ardon: We shall refer to them as the expendable half.

Ardon: What the FUCK are we watching?

45: We could have retrieved the Crown of Ackuul Rah. It's power is legendary and its monetary value immense.
Ardon: Yes, but this quest involves killing something that I have a personal grudge against.
45: Ah, I see. So the suitability of a given task is determined solely by your own erratic pettiness.