Windy X Windam

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Notable solely for being "That Fighting Game with Izuna and Shino in it", Windy X Windam is a Nintendo DS Fighting Game by Ninja Studio starring (or "co-starring", if you prefer) seven fighters from a remote island kingdom called Gawain, a place where people empowered with devices called "Windies" are given the ability to fly. They, along with a mysterious "eighth" malefactor, have assembled for a tournament, wherein the winner will have his/her one greatest wish granted. Aside from the flight and special attacks granted by their devices, the fighters also have the ability to transform (for a very brief period of time) into a more powerful form.

The game was released in Japan in the summer of 2008 by Success Corp., while it was given a very limited release in the U.S. by Graffiti Entertainment two years later, available only through online retailers.

Tropes used in Windy X Windam include: