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AKB0048[edit | hide | hide all]

Trainees[edit | hide]

Tropes shared:

Chieri Sono[edit | hide]

Orine Aida[edit | hide]

Suzuko Kanzaki[edit | hide]

Makoto Yokomizo[edit | hide]

Mimori Kishida[edit | hide]

Kanata Shimonome[edit | hide]

Veterans[edit | hide]

Sayaka Akimoto/Sayaka[edit | hide]

Tomomi Itano/Tomochin[edit | hide]

  • Generation Xerox/Inexplicably Identical Individuals: Every woman in her family purposely marries men who resemble the original Tomochin, resulting in every daughter looking practically identical. Every idol in the family has also taken on Tomochin's name.

Yuko Oshima/Yuuko[edit | hide]

Yuki Kashiwagi/Yukirin[edit | hide]

Haruna Kojuma/KojiHaru[edit | hide]

Minami Takhashi/TakaMina[edit | hide]

Atsuko Maeda/Acchan[edit | hide]

  • Killed Off for Real: Possibly. In episode five it's revealed that Acchan, along with all the previous centers, had mysteriously disappeared at the height of her career. She may have simply retired, or been kidnapped instead.

Sae Miyazawa/Sae[edit | hide]

Mayu Watanabe/Mayuyu[edit | hide]

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DES[edit | hide]

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Mrs. Motomiya[edit | hide]