Above the Highest Seas

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Above the Highest Seas is a Fan Fiction story by James Doyle, a Crossover between the Suite Life and Stargate universes.

The story begins with Cody and Bailey working on a series of simulations sent to them by Cody's old friend Arwin Hawkhauser (which, unbeknownst to them, were sent by his old friend Dr. Rodney McKay). London discovers one of them, and believing it to be some sort of puzzle, solves the problem that had been plaguing IOA scientists for years, enabling them to build a Zero Point Module.

For the security of the program and her own safety, London is Asgard-beamed aboard the Odyssey, an event witnessed by Bailey. She conducts her own investigation and uncovers the truth about the Stargate program, only to have London reappear to take the Suite Life gang aboard a newly-christened Tipton space-liner, for an adventure they'll never forget.

WARNING: The tropes section contains unmasked spoilers!

Tropes used in Above the Highest Seas include:
  • Adults Are Useless - The grown-ups spend most of the occupation of the ship tied up in the ballroom, and have to rely on the kids to rescue them.
  • All Your Base Are Belong to Us - Patrick and Co. take over the Tipton by sending her off course by hacking into the navigational computer, then knocking out the crew and passengers by increasing the CO₂ content.
  • Alternate Character Interpretation - London is a bona-fide genius who just needed the right challenge to prime her intellect. Patrick is a Goa'uld who's been lying in wait and trying to infiltrate the Tipton organization.
  • And Zoidberg

Patrick: Ladies, gentlemen...Arwin