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I'm psychic and I didn't see this coming.
Raven Baxter

That's So Raven was a Disney Channel show that ran from 2003 to 2007, aimed at the tween audience. The plot revolves around precognitive teenager Raven Baxter as she gets herself, her friends Eddie and Chelsea and her family out of various situations, usually by using her Psychic Powers and skills as a "Master of Disguise", neither of which help. It was the chronologically first series in the DCLAU.

It became the first Disney show to buck the 65 episode trend, the first to run four seasons, and the first to reach 100 episodes.

Tropes used in That's So Raven include:
  1. Due to Disney Channel airing the episodes Out of Order, "Checkin' Out" was aired in the middle of the last season.