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  • EVERY SINGLE TIME Gumshoe and Maggey Byrde are on-screen together. The awkward "I really fancy you but I Cannot Spit It Out " thing is just SO CUTE. Some highlights:
    • The first case she appears in, 2-1, where it's obvious from the get-go that Gumshoe fancies her and is really upset about testifying against her.
    • THE ENTIRETY OF CASE 3-3. Gumshoe ends up fighting tooth-and-nail to get her aquitted, and it's the only case (aside from 1-4) where he's completely, 100% on Phoenix's side. The discussions where he actually admits that he likes her, combined with his repeated attempts to make her lunch, just cements this ship. Also, the fact that, when trying to describe her, the best thing he comes up with is "She was a good cop" is heartwarming in a Fridge Brilliance type way: Gumshoe is so dedicated to his job, calling someone a "good cop" is probably the highest compliment he can think of to give a person.
    • A brief moment in 3-5: Gumshoe mentions that Maggey wants to buy him a new coat. D'awwww.
    • Case I-1, where again he's doing his best to stand up for her and comfort her when she's accused of murder (yet again).
  • From Trials and Tribulations Case 5, the contents of the Kurain Master's Charm, a photograph of young Maya and Mia fixing the oft broken urn of Mystic Ami, carried by Misty Fey for 19 years. Also crosses over into Tear Jerker.
  • I would like to nominate Maya, Phoenix, and Pearl's big reunion at the end of 2-4. That wonderfully drawn scene of them going for a group hug is exceptionally heartwarming, considering the hell they've all been through over the last couple of days (Maya especially. DAMN.
  • When Phoenix adopted Trucy. Phoenix admits that it was the darkest time in his life but Trucy was his light. D'awwwww.

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