Ace Attorney/Haiku

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I can see through all the lies!
Why don't you TAKE THAT!

—Replis Monathin

Our defense lawyer
Uses Courtroom Antics to
Indict witnesses.


Attorneys need defense too -
Please stop whipping me.


In this court of law
More important than your case
Are powerful lungs

—Man Called True, Form fixed by Ambar

The judge is clueless,
But you'll be fine in the end,
'Cause you're always Wright.

—The Hero Hartmut

I keep trying to
defeat Edgeworth but really
want to marry him.

—Anonymous, Form fixed by Insanity Prelude

Phoenix Wright, lawyer
Pounds the law, facts, and table
Mostly all at once.

—SoItBegins, Form fixed by tibieryo

I'm Prosecutor
Every nook, every cranny
Nothing escapes me.


He’s a hobo now
And his beanie cap sees all
(I miss the blue suit).


Demon of the court
Salvation at a friend's hand
Genius chasing truth


"If I get one more
pay cut, [[Butt Monkey I won't be able
to even eat, sir!"]]

Agent Lang is hot
Very determined, but
Is also a dick.


An Ace Attorney,
Phoenix Wright defends justice
and loudly OBJECTS!

—(unknown author; removed from a duplicate page)

The True Murderer
My Objection Overruled
von Karma lives on