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Wanna convert to Buddhism?

Ah My Buddha, known in Japan as Amaenaide yo!! (あまえないでよっ!!, literally "Don't Act Spoiled!!"), is a 2004-2009 manga that was adapted into a 2005-2006 anime.

Ikkou Satonaka is training to be a Buddhist monk. He is not particularly thrilled with this, despite residing at the temple with a bevy of cute nuns in training. During the show, Ikkou and the girls must exorcise numerous spirits who haven't crossed over to the next life yet, as well as dealing with more typical challenges of their age. Ikkou's grandmother Jotoku oversees their training as the head of the temple and the vice-principal of their high school.

Inside him, Ikkou has a powerful spiritual force, which he cannot willingly unleash. When manifested, this power enables him to perform mass exorcisms. This force is linked to his libido, so he can only use his heightened whenever he sees one (or more) of the nuns naked. Of course, this happens a lot.

The girls are:

  • Chitose Nanbu: Has feelings for Ikkou, but doesn't admit them - even to herself. She represents the Human Realm in Buddhist cosmology.
  • Yuuko Atoda: A tomboy who excels at sports and fighting. She represents the Asura Realm.
  • Sumi Ikuina: A kind, quiet girl with an empathetic nature who occasionally tries to speak up for Ikkou. She represents the Animal Realm.
  • Haruka Amanogawa: Somewhat carefree and the most powerful exorcist of the group, one of the more senior trainees. She represents the Heavenly Realm.
  • Sakura Sagai: Secretly runs an internet blog where she berates losers under the guise of helping them. She represents the Hungry Ghosts Realm. The sequel manga has her as the new head of the temple with Kazuki Kazusano replacing her original role.
  • Hinata Sugai: Sakura's little sister who has a pet fire-breathing demon (about the size of a hamster). She represents the Naraka (Hell) Realm.

The first season usually deals with Ikkou and the girls exorcising evil spirits. The second season explores the girls' relationships to their realm-based powers. In addition, Kazuki Kazusano, a rival nun from another temple and the new representative of the Hungry Ghosts Realm in the sequel manga, joins in the action. Unlike the other girls, Kazuki wants to get Ikkou to unleash his inner spirit. Aside from the frequent Fan Service scenes, the series is notable for a generally upbeat, comedic attitude.

Media Blasters released the anime series in the US as Ah My Buddha.

Not to be confused with Ah! My Goddess

Tropes used in Ah My Buddha include: