Beach Episode

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Does seeing Storm in a bikini make up for the Incredibly Lame Pun?

Art: Why does every anime series under the sun have to have a fan-service episode? An episode in which the cast all wander around in swimwear or less for no real reason? It's so low-brow.
Pip: Shall we confirm that by watching it again?

Art: Absolutely.

Simply put, an episode where the cast decided to take a break and go to the beach or a swimming pool for some wet and splashy fun.

Often combined with or immediately following a Recap Episode, the Beach Episode exists solely for the purpose of getting the female (and sometimes males too) cast into bathing suits. Sadly for the fanboys, beach episodes are usually extreme examples of Filler and treated accordingly.

Naturally, it also acts as a Breather Episode in arc-heavy stories.

Common in, but hardly limited to, anime series. Often shows up in Side-Story Bonus Art.

Cousin to the Hot Springs Episode, which usually takes place in highlands. Often, the actual beach also gets replaced by a swimming pool.

In anime and live-action television, a Beach Episode might overlap with the Vacation Episode, usually as a trip to a tropical locale.

Expect one of the characters, usually a female, to exclaim "It's the ocean!" when the gang first arrives on the scene

Note: It sometimes occurs that the Beach Episode is interrupted by the actual plot of the story. For example, the heroes are taking their well deserved beach trip when the villains decide to show up and cause trouble.

Sometimes you'll meet the Surfer Dude here. Also a good spot for a random Beauty Contest. Smashing Watermelons is a popular party game, as is volleyball. And since people usually go barefoot at the beach, don't be surprised if some Foot Focus shows up. Also expect some Beachcombing.

Not to be confused with a Bleach episode, unless you're talking about Episode 228 or the omake of Volume 26.

Truth in Television - most people have visited a beach at least once in their lifetime, and as it turns out the experience in real life is pretty close to how telly depicts it. There are some differences from region to region (like how Smashing Watermelons is a distinctly Japanese beach pastime) but these are generally minor.

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