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"Wait...did this nightmare fuel used to be...HUMAN...?!"
Ragna, during his encounter with Arakune in Calamity Trigger Reloaded

BlazBlue has a disproportionate number of scary moments.

  • From Calamity Trigger, Ragna and Nu fusing together and forming the Black Beast. Her childish giggling does not help at all.
  • Depending on how you interpret Ragna's Badass Creed, his Astral finish kills his opponent utterly.
  • What Relius did to his daughter and wife.
  • Makoto's Bad Ending very likely takes the biscuit. A few key words: Relius, Ignis, physical restraint, destroyed innocence, agonised screams, desperate pleading, rape metaphors, soul extraction. Picture here.
  • We finally get to see exactly how Ragna lost his arm, and it is not pretty. Seeing a young Ragna, his arm cut off, surrounded by a ring of fire as a Yukianesa-possessed Jin looms over him, all while Terumi's silhouette watches with twisted amusement is beyond freaky. Picture here.
  • In Carl's Bad Ending, he confronts Hazama, who beats him and props Carl up where he is helpless, then begins slowly tearing Nirvana apart. Carl desperately pleads for him to stop, but he continues and breaks her into pieces. Hazama then grabs Carl by the collar, sickly grinning and delivering a brutal Hannibal Lecture to him, before finally throwing him against a wall and killing him. The whole scene is both awesome and terrifying. Picture here.
  • Ragna's Bad Ending is a definite example. Ragna's Azure backfires from overuse and turns him into a new Black Beast. He can do nothing as he ravages across what's left of the world and destroys it. The chilling screams of the people he devours do not help.
  • Arakune. Just... Arakune. Everything about him.

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