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Fiction is not reality. While fiction rarely shows the negative consequences of a trope, reality is not as forgiving. Every trope here can have serious if not fatal repercussions in reality if they are played straight. Unfortunately, this is more dangerous than most people realize. Even though most people don't really consider fiction a reliable source of information, people usually don't remember where they learned stuff from, even just in the broad categories of 'reliable source' and 'unreliable source'. Television Is Trying to Kill Us may originate as a case of Reality Is Unrealistic. See also Don't Try This At Home. The result of doing something on this index may well be a Darwin Award.

In case it needs to be said: It's just as valid to point out that tropes are also not (necessarily) reality. Don't get your medical advice from television, and don't get your medical advice from All The Tropes, either.

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