Chobits Abridged

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Oh yeah.

Hideki: Alright, she was in the garbage so I guess I should.. "recycle" her... yeah recycle. If she's anything like the CPR dummies back home I should probably start by fingering-UH I MEAN switching, switching, her on.
(Activates Chii, Windows startup noise included)
Hideki: Uh... hey Miss Persocom... uh hows it going? I was just trying to uh.. uhm... aw fuckit just gimme the damn porn lady.

Chobits Abridged is yet another abridged series, created by Geassguy360. Watch it here.

Tropes used in Chobits Abridged include:
  • Actor Allusion: Of the extremely non-subtle variety. Everyone calls Hideki Crispin...except Chi, but by then he's forgotten his original name entirely.

"Oh god dammit, now I'm calling MYSELF Crispin Freeman!"

Crispin: "This is where the C.E.O. to one of the porno industry's biggest firms lives! Heh, firm."

Landlady: "I'm human, like you. Human."
Crispin: "Oh. Okay, well I was wondering--"
Landlady: "Human."