Degrassi/Recap/S3/E15 Accidents Will Happen

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They say you're so young
Your mind is made up but your mouth is undone

A Plot

Craig is very excited about Manny's upcoming pregnancy and having a family of his own. Manny is so happy to be with him once again. However, reality sets in as Ashley spills the news to the entire cafeteria in a fit of rage. Manny and Craig babysit Emma's brother Jack, but it doesn't really go so well. After weighing the decision in her head and telling her mother, she decides to terminate the pregnancy. Both Craig and her best friend Emma (the result of a Teen Pregnancy herself) are not happy with the decision but Manny steadfastly goes with her decision and goes through the abortion procedure.

B Plot

Liberty and Sean are paired up with for a school project. Liberty is still crushing over J.T., but J.T. is over it now that he's popular now. As Libery and Season work on their project, Liberty starts to eye Sean as a potential boyfriend after he tells her to move on. And she does move him. She even dresses as a 1950s era greaser in order to attract Sean until Sean tells her "she's as edgy as a butter knife." Sean also clues Liberty into someone who DOES like her and other smart girls.


  • This episode is more well known as the episode Teen Nick (then The-N) actually skipped over when it came time to air season 3. The episode did not air in the United States until 2 years later in a "Every Degrassi Ever" marathon before the season 6 premiere. For a time, it only aired after 10pm until the restrictions loosened.