Demon: The Redemption

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Demon: The Redemption, A Storytelling Game of Biblical Proportions

Demon: The Redemption is a Spanish-language fangame for the New World of Darkness, centered around the Nephilim (lit. "Fallen Ones"), angels abandoned by God that have escaped from imprisonment in the Malebolge and possessed human bodies to further their agendas. It is not to be confused with the official Demon: The Descent.

Nephilim society rests on two pillars distinct from one another, the House and the Creed.

The House is the birthmark of a devil, and all devils are part of a house. Each has specific characteristics that differentiate it from the others: their role within Creation and their Domains. There are five houses:

  • The Belbrezu, or Executioners, demons of desolation and death. Strong, steadfast and impartial, the legends of the angels of death and the spirits of disease and darkness have always been accompanied by members of this Infernal House. Those who allied themselves with the Belbrezu are those who hope to gain control over life and death or to contact the dead.
  • The Kelvezu, or Visionaries, demons of forbidden knowledge. Wise, sibylline and sinister, those myths that speak of omniscient demons, able to answer any questions and to predict the future possibly refer to this Infernal House. Those who allied themselves with these demons do so to get wealth, knowledge or answers to their questions about what is coming.
  • The Labrezu, or Corruptors, demons of lust and perversion. Sensual, captivating and passionate, this Infernal House represents legends of those demons that seduce humans and make them fall prey to the sin of lust: succubi and other creatures of similar nature are some of the references have been dead-set on this house. Those who allied themselves with the Labrezu hope to get creativity, passion and pleasure.
  • The Malebrezu, or Tricksters, demons of deception and manipulation. Aristocratic, cunning and manipulative, they are the nobility of the Nephilim. The legends of the trickster Devil, who tempts men to get their souls or lords over other demons may refer, for the most part, to members of this House. Those who allied themselves with the Malebrezu wish power above all: power to govern, to rule, to decide.
  • The Narbazu, or Predators, demons of nature. Relentless, wild and temperamental, these demons embody the myths of nature spirits that cause disasters and dominate the wild beasts and the vegetation at will. Those who allied themselves with the Narbazu want rare things, like the strength of a bear, the eyes of a lynx or the fortitude of an oak.

The Creed represents the ideology and belief of a devil, especially his vision of Malebolge. Being alien to this existence, the devils formulate theories and explanations for their origin. There are five major faiths:

  • The B'ney Caîm, who want to dominate humanity by destroying their belief in God and use their power to rule creation.
    • When God created man, he loved beautiful things and gave him more even than the angels. Although Adam and Eve disobeyed and ate from the Tree of Knowledge, God loved them and promised they one day return to Him, and this aroused jealousy in some angels. A few angels decided that they needed to demonstrate to him that Man did not deserve such love, and one of them appeared to Cain and made ​​him commit the terrible murder of his brother, Abel. The Most High, hurt by this action, banished Cain and drove the rebel angels from His presence.
    • The B'ney Caîm remains steadfast in its purpose of demonstrating to the Almighty the imperfection of Man, but this time they want something more. They want to use that imperfection as a weapon against the Most High. Manipulate, deceive and tempt mortals to dissatisfaction of the Almighty, and someday achieve His favorite sons turning against Him and His power fading. At the same time, the Cainites are dedicated to gathering information about the Chronicles of the Crimson King, a series of strange stories that were supposedly written by Cain himself in his exile, hoping to get a better understanding of Creation.
  • The Fidelium Fatum, which hold that Lucifer will meet with them to command them in their war against Heaven.
    • Lucifer was never a subject of Him, but was His equal, His brother in power, and His opposite at the same time. While the Almighty created the good and light the world, Lucifer created the dark and evil, so there would be balance. Finally, Lucifer gave life to animals and plants, and the Almighty gave life to humans and demanded obedience and worship. Lucifer did not look favorably upon the arrogance of his brother and rebuked him, and in turn the proud Lord of Heaven drove away him and his followers and placed them in the prison Gehinnom.
    • Fatum Fidelium members crave revenge for this injustice. The demons must free their brothers and Lucifer, and start a crusade led by the Morning Star to dethrone the Almighty and his angels to remove their arrogance; it matters not if they have to turn Earth into a hell. The Luciferans are fighting against God and His churches looking for ways to invoke the Morning Star and shatter the beliefs of humans and teach them the real truth: that God is not alone, nor perfect.
  • The Psychostasia, who believe that evil is necessary and play the role of antagonists in this world.
    • Everything has a role in this world. Everything is tied to His plan. The demons are no exception. The world has good and evil, light and darkness, a thing and its opposite, and that is because there must be balance. And while the angels are here to guide man on the right track and reward him for it, the demons are there to tempt him and punish him for sinning.
    • The Nephilim of the Psychostasia do not believe in a fall, believing that the Almighty created the earth to fulfill a specific role and maintain balance in Creation. The Dioceses are tempters, judges and executioners: responsible for tempting humans, judging whether or not they deserve punishment, and the judgment itself, under a mask of pure clinical determination and stoicism. Do not dwell on so horrible a mission, just keep to it.
  • The Scienco kaj Justico, trying to find any means, magic or technology, to reach Malebolge and thus free the entities of Justice and Liberty so they may judge God.
    • This Creed, considered strange even by the Nephilim, is based on a fundamental belief in the existence of beings of supreme power called the Entities. The Almighty would be but one of these entities who wanted to create and manage his creation, and in his arrogance dared to imprison his brothers in a place called the Empyrean. A few angels warned him of the price of arrogance, but he refused to recognize this and expelled them, giving rise to the demons.
    • Members of the Scienco kaj Justico seek to release these entities to punish the Almighty for his arrogance. But to do this they have to find the Empyirean, and many believe it is in a remote and unexplored part of the Internet. The Envious are dedicated to research in the Internet and practicing a strange Technomancy.
  • The Selichot, those seeking redemption through good deeds in order to reclaim the Angels they once were.
    • At the dawn of time, there was a great War in Heaven. On one side were the angels faithful to the Almighty. On the other were the angels of Lucifer: the rebels who, moved by envy towards him, dared to defy the Almighty. After a bitter battle, the rebels lost and were banished for their audacity. However, the War continues today, many Nephilim still want to dethrone the Almighty and erected something else in place, and will continue until the end of time.
    • The Nephilim of the Selichot do not seek this. They understand that the arrogance and hatred of the demons are their undoing, and that they must be purged of those stains, because the reason for the Selichot is none other than reconciliation with Him. The Matchmakers do not seek revenge against God, or believe that their work is tormenting humans: they ask God for forgiveness, pray, spread His word and do good works, hoping one day for God's forgiveness and a return to His side. After all, they do not believe they are demons, they believe they are fallen angels.

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