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(The "D" is silent)

A Spaghetti Western from 1966 directed by Sergio Corbucci (not to be confused with Sergio Leone) and starring Franco Nero as the titular Django, an Old West gunfighter who drags a coffin behind him wherever he goes. Pretty standard set-up: mysterious, Badass stranger comes to town, shoots a lot of bad guys, and plays two groups of outlaws against each other, all in search of revenge and/or money. Had a reputation at the time for being one of the most violent movies ever, though by modern standards it's nowhere close.

Inspired a number of other Spaghetti Westerns that also used the word "Django" in their titles, Italian copyright law being pretty lax on stuff like that. Most recently it was announced that Quentin Tarantino is making a film titled "Django Unchained". And the Fandom Rejoiced indeed.

Not to be confused with Sukiyaki Western Django(Though pretty clearly inspired by it) or the hypnotist from One Piece.

Tropes used in Django include: