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  • Dr. Insano has a good fanbase. His multiple choice Mysterious Past just adds more fuel to it.
    • The Nostalgia Chick and The Nostalgia Critic get this too, with some of her male fanbase treating her like she's a Closer to Earth goddess and a bit of his female fanbase treating him like he's a poor love who just needs a snuggle. Even though they are generally good people and she's a Broken Bird while he has issues up the wazoo, it's been made clear that they're both fairly douchey as well.
      • The Chick's bad side (always present enough for the Fanfic writers to make her a Bastard Girlfriend) is coming out more with every video since "Kirk vs. Picard", in a attempt to make the difference between Nostalgia Chick and Lindsay Ellis more obvious. Doesn't stop the love, though.
    • In the same vein, there's Linkara. He has a large ego and is self-obsessed ("It's always great to see me" to his girlfriend's welcome), a selective memory about some not-so-nice things he's done (watch his later segments in Kickassia again after his big Badass Boast), he's oblivious to things going on around him (Mechakara, obviously), he matter-of-factly lists reasons how villains could destroy their enemies (go after their families for one), his number-one priority seems to be whether the fans watch him or not and no matter what he does, he'll grow up to be a Future Loser. You'd think all those facts, coupled with a really interesting, desperate need to save people and be thought of as a Nice Guy hero, would be eaten up by his fangirls. Nope, he's apparently the nicest, most heroic guy on the site. Wut.
      • A sort of in-universe example features Snowflame, from the New Guardians #2 and #1 reviews. In the first video, he's loved for being an extremely hammy and hilarious villain. A villain who kills people and deals in cocaine. When Linkara later reviews New Guardians #1, he has an actor portraying him on set as a lovable and overly-energetic Cloudcuckoolander.
    • Really, this can be a problem for many of the people on the site, as the characters can oftentimes be treated as the actor themselves, but with negative aspects emphasized or added for comedic value. As such, the real world niceness of Doug, Lindsay and Louis tend to seep into peoples opinions of the characters themselves. It's easy to see the Nostalgia Critic as simply being Doug in a bad mood after watching terrible movies.
  • Slenderman sometimes gets this treatment, much to some people's horror.
    • There's a gag comic circulating explaining why he's not actually evil. For a start, he's only stalking you because he's trying to return that DVD he borrowed from you
    • To be fair, he just wants his twenty dollars.
  • In A Very Potter Musical Draco mocks everyone (lamely), but it turns out that he's madly in love with Hermione, and he ends up teaming up with everyone at the end to kick out the Death Eaters and bring down Voldemort. It's even more extreme in the sequel, in which it's revealed that Draco just wants to be loved by his dad and become Harry Potter's best friend.
  • Uncyclopedia enjoys giving Adolf Hitler this treatment.