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Shadow Storm and Jinx will discover the real murderer.

They will learn that Snake Eyes was actually trying to perform a battlefield tracheotomy, something they apparently didn't learn about. One of their own murdered him for changing the ways of the clan.

However, with Shadow Storm, it makes no difference, because he was angry that his uncle changed clan's ways and blames Snake Eyes for it.

  • Kinda confirmed. They did discover the real murderer, It was Storm Shadow but it was an accident. He wanted to poison Snake Eyes but the cup that held the poison was switched.
    • And Jinx took over as leader of the clan, now that Storm Shadow feels he's no longer worthy.

Lady Jaye will join the Joes.

As we've just seen, she wasn't happy at Flint's opinion that Duke should have gone after the mercenaries instead of saving Lady Jaye. Flint will not be pleased with Lady Jaye's decision, and still believes in following orders.

The Baroness will become The Starscream.

As we've seen in "Homecoming, Parts 1 and 2", the Baroness is not happy Cobra Commander pulled rank and criticize her for her constant failure. She frowned at this. The first thing she did is allow Shadow Storm to join, without Cobra Commander's knowledge apparently.

Ripcord is Not Quite Dead.

I've only just started watching the show (Teletoon just aired the second episode), but I've noticed that Ripcord is still in the opening theme. Rather strange for someone who was Killed Off for Real wouldn't you say. Also, speaking of the second episode, that kid was absorbed inside on the the Bio Vipers but not killed. And we just saw they can take quite a bit of punishment if the one that survived the explosion is any indication. These may clues that Rip survived if just barely. Of course this could easily be wishful thinking. And ironically, I didn't like Renegades Ripcord.

  • Ripcord is only in the credits for the second episode because it's basically a two-episode pilot. He's not in the opening starting with the third episode.
    • Actually it is confirmed.

Destro will become The Starscream.

Personalities and voices in the original Gijoe series notwithstanding, I tend to see Destro as Starscream to Cobra Commander's Megatron. In any case, Destro will try to take control of Cobra with varying degrees of success.

Flint may end up being the Joes' biggest enemy after Cobra.

The guy strikes me as too much of an Inspector Javert type to ever join forces with our heroes, so . . .

This series is not an Alternate Continuity. It is the real origin story of G1

This series, in the end, will be the reason for all we saw in the original 80's cartoon. By the time it is over, Cobra Commander will have a breakdown that makes him the wreck we once knew, and all the heroes and villains will have established themselves, ala Bludd losing an eye. It will turn out that G1 is a metafictional depiction of the later struggles in the Joe/Cobra conflict, and the Renegade Joes will have a laugh over its flaws and inconsistencies.

  • That's a distinct possibility, since now that the Renegade Joes cleared their names and exposed Cobra in the season finale.

Renegades takes place in the same world as Transformers Prime and a crossover is planned.

The original cartoons did, after all. And since Renegades and Prime are running more-or-less concurrently on the same network, perhaps a crossover is coming. There might only be subtle references at first; a "freeway accident" mentioned in Renegades, or a Cobra owned company mentioned in Prime. The references will slowly build, eventually having each show's heroes interfere with the other show's villains; like having the Joes find a Cobra weapons factory wrecked by offscreen Autobots, or having a battle between Autobots and Decepticons decided by a Deus Ex Machina that was really the Joes.

Then Hasbro will announce a crossover. It'll be a two-parter; an episode of Renegades with traditionally animated Prime characters, and an episode of Prime with CGI Renegades characters. And during each episode, no one will find it strange that Roadblock and Bulkhead sound exactly the same.

  • Same for Destro and the leader of M.E.C.H.

Duke is Boone's ancestor.

Identical Grandson in voice form! Heck, considering the flashback in "Homecoming", maybe he passes on a knack for sniper rifles. Shame he'd gone for disabling the gun-runners' truck, he'd have dropped them all effortlessly if he went for the kill.

Snake-Eyes literally has a snake's eyes

Everyone gets freaked out when they see his pupils, but when we saw them in flashback, he seemed fine. My theory is he got hit with some early version of the Anaconda Strain which turned out to be non-lethal, and non-contagious, but permanently changed his eyes to the narrow-slitted ones of a snake.

Flint isn't actually trying to catch the Joes.

  • Instead, he has orders to put on a show while investigation into Cobra continues- oh, and he knows just fine that Lady Jaye is sabotaging his supposed mission; that's the whole reason he has her along.

Major Bludd will end up as a Futurama-style head in a jar.

  • Every time he encounters the Joes, he loses a body part. This does not bode well for his personal arc within the series.

Baroness, Destro, and Mindbender will have been changed in some way.

Destro will have wound up with his mask fused to his face, resulting in something more like his original series counterpart. Mindbender will have aged through some temporal effect from the unstable wormhole, resembling his more iconic, older self. Baroness may wind up fused with her powersuit, possibly leaving her unable to be near Destro anymore.

Vince has another reason for hating Duke

He feels let down that his brother left Football to join the army.

  • He's probably also disappointed that he lost that game, which their hometown were counting on him to win. Now that the Joes cleared their names, Duke wants to reconcile with Vince. But Vince still won't talk to him even if he's proven innocent. Their parents will get Vince to talk to Duke, and he'll be angry at them for "taking his side". The only way they'll make peace is if he was kidnapped by Cobra and Duke does everything to save him.

Clayton Abernathy and Baroness had history together.

In the first episode, she was very happy to see him attending the party. The feeling wasn't mutual as he was happy to get out of there when Scarlet called him. Part of the reason must be his disapproval on Cobra having too much governmental (and possibly political) control. Baroness tries, and fails, to shake away his suspicions. She's no longer on friendly terms with Abernathy because of his soldiers trying to expose them.