Going Fur a Swim

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The closest thing you can get to Naked in Mink and still remain G-rated. This is wearing a fur coat or wrap with a swimsuit (either one piece or two piece). It also doesn't matter if the fur is real.

Obvious Fan Service. Used for many purposes (aside from actually swimming of course). An obvious purpose is in advertising, regardless of whether the product is the fur, the swimsuit or something else entirely (often a car).

Some publicity photos for movie starlets in the Golden Age of Hollywood had the actress wear this kind of outfit.

Naturally one of the blatant forms of Fetish Fuel.

Compare Fur Bikini, Sexy Coat Flashing.

Examples of Going Fur a Swim include:

Films -- Live-Action

Live-Action TV


  • Near the end of the Bad Romance video, Lady Gaga is dressed this way. Instead of a regular fur, she's wearing a bearskin rug. Naturally, It Got Worse.

New Media

  • Some EBay models like to do this.

Real Life

  • The Miss USA Beauty Pageant once planned for the swimsuit competition to have the ladies wearing a fur coat, but host Bob Barker was in PETA by then, and said he would leave if they did that, so fake fur coats were used instead, which still counts (he did leave later on, because furs were still offered as prizes).
    • A later Miss USA pageant had the swimsuit competition with white marabou coats.
    • Some of the other nation counterparts to Miss USA do this with their swimsuit competitions, like Miss Russia and Miss Japan.
  • One of the starlets mentioned above is Jane Powell (who would later become famous for Seven Brides for Seven Brothers) wearing an ermine wrap and a swimsuit with an ermine-trimmed neckline.