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  • Surprisingly or not, Gorillaz has its own fair share of Ho Yay. Some examples are here:
    • One of the most influential Ho Yay moments is probably this exchange of lines:

Murdoc: I saved your life, you owe me your soul.
2D: Awww, I love you, Murdoc!

    • In another interview:

Murdoc: Erm, Russel, if you touch my leg one more time in this interview, I’m calling the cops, OK?

    • Also the fact that Murdoc has repeatedly implied some homosexual desires.
      • Not the least of these incidents being the "DARE" video.
    • Word of God when asked if there was anything between 2D and Murdoc was "Highly unlikely, but use your imaginations."
      • Many fans have pointed out that the odd placement of the teeth marks on the love bite that 2D sports on the Demon Days cover rather heavily imply that said love bite was made by none other than Murdoc.
      • On the subject of 2D/Murdoc, the chloroform scene would be quite suggestive if taken out of context.
      • Even before the chloroforming bit there's a bit of Ho Yay -- Murdoc slaps 2D for speaking out of turn (or something along those lines), and his high-pitched shriek of a response sounds ridiculously pornographic, especially considering it comes from a male. Murdoc ordering him around afterward doesn't really help things, either: "Silence! I'm spinning the disks here! You just sit there and shut it until I say so!"
      • "Get off my leg!"
      • There are, uh, rumours about what happened prior to the band's formation, involving 2D and Murdoc, and given that this is Murdoc we're talking about, it's disturbingly possible.
      • Not to mention that Murdoc had a habit of stealing or scaring away 2D's girlfriends and kidnapped him, which some claim that it's a sign of possessiveness. Plus, he called 2D 'pretty' a few times.
      • Murdoc recently answering a fan question about if it gets lonely on Plastic Beach with just 2D around had him responding with, "I have measures in place to alleviate said loneliness, and I won't go into great detail about that."
      • Also, it could have been entirely accidental or not, but, given the fact that 2D is really tall, Murdoc made a comment that was quite suggestive:

Murdoc: I love New York.
2D: Why is 'dat?
Murdoc: Ermm... I dunno, it's just really tall, I'm in love with tall things, ya know? (stares at 2D, who stares back)


Murdoc: Ugh... I think I'd rather be having some kind of medical operation, than sit here talking to you. Oh, dear god, you really are such an arse.
2D: What? Does my bum look big in this?
Murdoc: : You can definitely cut that one out for a start!

    • There's this from the Gorillaz official forums:

Fan: Have you picked up a nice boy with a pair of chopsticks yet?
Noodle: That is very funny. Murdoc says that he can pick up boys with chopsticks but he has used his dictaphone. I do not understand this.


Murdoc: When he stood up...wooow. What an image. Tall, pretty, blue spiky hair...

      • 2D and Murdoc in New York. As someone put it: 'Why is 2D watching Murdoc having an orgasm?'.
      • And this exchange of lines from 'Radio XFM':

Murdoc: This is tomorrow comes today. Heh, hey! 2D, why don't you come on and join me? It will be fun!
2D: You sure?
Murdoc:Yeaaah, come on, mate, I haven't seen you properly for ages. Hop on up.
2D: You're not gonna hit me, are you?
Murdoc: Nooo, mate, nooo. Look, you and me need to stick together, remember? You know, you're thick... I'm hard, eh?