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Robin: What, but--you're straight!

Mike: I'm whatever you don't want me to be, baby.

In most series, either Everyone Is Bi or there are No Bisexuals; there's usually not much room in between. However, there is one group of bisexuals who seem all too well represented in the mainstream: the cold-blooded murderous sociopaths.

This is a very different phenomenon from the Psycho Lesbian trope. Whereas the Psycho Lesbian is usually violent or deranged out of unrequited love and/or jealousy, the typical Depraved Bisexual is bi because, well, why not? Their willingness to sleep with everyone they can is just one facet of their being Ax Crazy. A slightly less pathological version of the trope depicts the Depraved Bisexual as "simply" supremely manipulative; recognizing the effectiveness of sex as a control mechanism, they resort to it at every opportunity - reasoning that successful seductions gain new thralls, while even unsuccessful ones tend to increase others' fear of you. Male instances are disproportionately likely to be Sissy Villains, but not as often as you might think.

Interestingly enough, though, many if not most Lesbian Vampires are in fact bisexual. Fan Service, you know.

More common in film than on TV, where queerfolk of any sort, and especially bisexuals, were a rarity until recently. Of the TV instances, several are Mirror Universe duplicates, to show just how evil and different they are from the originals. At one time this was practically the only way an explicitly bisexual character could appear in any film, anywhere; in his book Bisexual Characters in Film, Wayne Bryant is able to fill a whole chapter of examples of this, as well as another book about bisexual murder victims. In more pleasant examples, bisexual characters simply don't follow Cast Speciation as much as a solidly gay character does and are less likely to be used. An exception is in a mystery plot, where a potential ex-lover being a suspect suddenly becomes much harder to pin down.

Contrast Bi the Way, where the character just happens to be attracted to men and women without being so... extreme; and Anything That Moves, where the bisexual/pansexual character just happens to be also hypersexual.

It goes without saying that in Real Life the majority of bisexual persons (and, at least according to Alfred Kinsey, most people have some level of both same-sex and opposite-sex attraction) are not Ax Crazy. That plus the potential for Flame Bait means there will be no Real Life examples.

No real life examples, please; Calling real-life people "depraved" is an extremely bad idea.

Examples of Depraved Bisexual include:

Anime and Manga

  • They don't get any more depraved and handsome than Dr. Kazutaka Muraki from Yami no Matsuei.
    • Although whether he's 'just' being supremely manipulative and hypersexual, or it's just all part of one great squirming Scalpel Crazy package, kind of fluctuates depending on where you are in the plot and whether it's the anime or manga because... the writer is unreliable. About everything. Seriously.
  • Grell Sutcliff from Black Butler, though she's more pansexual than anything. She's is a chainsaw-wielding, male-to-female Transsexualism Dark Action Girl that is very forward about her attraction to Sebastian, within the same five minutes talking about both wanting to cut him into pieces and being the mother of his child. Her affections are not just limited to Sebastian; in general, she loves to flirt with anyone that takes her fancy. For example, with William Spears and the Undertaker, she seems enamored by their pretty eyes. She also initially fell in love with Madame Red and later killed her, and once commented that she thought Alois's Ninja Maid Hannah Anafeloz had a cute/pretty face—before stabbing her.
    • The Viscount of Druitt is not all there with his desire to sell woman into sexual slavery and rates very high on Ciel's stranger danger list considering he flirts with him both as a boy and when he was disguised as a girl, comments on another boy's attractiveness when he's bending over from taking laxatives, becomes a Yandere for a woman in the OVA, is a casanova for women in general, considers Alois to be "unsullied beauty dwelling in the flesh of a young boy" and curses God for it.
    • Sebastian is considered this due to being highly seductive around both men (Ciel especially) and women. He's also a bishonen demon who's basically killing time until he gets to eat Ciel's soul.
  • Haruhi Suzumiya openly stated she is bisexual, but sometimes she seems to take it a bit too far with Mikuru.
    • At one point in the 8th novel, Haruhi also wrestled Kyon and stripped him off of his blazer. The grappling techniques she used were mount and guard. Kyon thought "Is stripping Asahina-san not enough for you, you perverted girl!?" and called it "reverse sexual harassment". It, of course, leads to a classic Not What It Looks Like scene.
    • Not to mention how in the novels she once actually reached up Mikuru's skirt before Kyon intervened.
  • Ryoufu Housen from Ikki Tousen is pretty close to this during the first season. Though her Schoolgirl Lesbians relationship with her best friend Chinkyuu humanizes her, she also has sex with her leader Toutaku and her ex-boyfriend Saji for power play reasons, and either rapes (anime) or gropes (manga) her rival Ryoumou Shimei.
  • Griffith, from Berserk, defines this trope. He'd be the object of a lot more Yaoi pairings if it weren't for the fact that he betrayed the entire Band of the Hawk, killed everyone except Guts and Casca, and raped Casca while he forced Guts to watch. There's no changing that.
    • He mostly seems to be of the manipulative variety, seeing as he only had sex in order to take advantage of someone.
      • Then again, that's what makes Griffith so.... ambiguous. Even though we know that Griffith screwed Princess Charlotte just to make himself feel better after Guts left, he might very well have some unrequited feelings for both Guts and Casca, judging from the fact that a) he was a complete Yandere when it came to Guts, through and through, b) before activating his crimson behelit a la Despair Event Horizon, Griffith did have a vision of he and Casca sharing a quiet, peaceful life together, child and all and to top it off, c) he gave Guts and Casca the Kubrick Stare when it was evident that they had become a couple. So one can see how being a Green-Eyed Monster for two people made Griffith become a Complete Monster during the Eclipse.
  • Akio Ohtori, the villain from Revolutionary Girl Utena, is a prime example of this trope. He uses sex as a tool for manipulation, seducing boys and girls, including his own sister, alike for his own ends. Touga seems to have picked up his book of tricks as well, using the protagonist, his male Unlucky Childhood Friend, and basically everyone else to get what he wants.
  • The Dorok emperor from Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, who makes advances towards both Kushana and Yupa, and probably has the fewest redeeming qualities of any character in the entire series - or its author's entire body of work, for that matter.
  • Nakago from Fushigi Yuugi. His female The Dragon / Dark Chick Soi is canonically his lover (Suboshi even walked on them having sex in his tent once), but he also kissed his rival Tamahome...
    • And very possibly Yui. For a while, her behavior towards Miaka and Tamahome was rather obsessive and she acted like something akin to a Yandere in regards to both of them.
    • The Emperor of Kutou also counts. In the anime he is shown raping Nakago as a child and also had more than one wife/concubine.
  • Tomomi Harukawa from Moonlight Lady is this trope: she practically drags the protagonist Suzuna and her young cousin Io into the sack (note: never at the same time). This is partially due to her innate affection for them both, and a strange spell that removes her inhibitions
  • Gauron from Full Metal Panic! is. Kalinin describes him as "dissolute and given up to hedonism", which is basically a nice way of saying "depraved" or "lax in morals". There are implications that his relationship with the twins Yu Fan and Yu Lan are not limited to the normal father-daughter kind: Being raised by him, they are shown to be rather knowledgeable at how to seduce men, they "wipe his body down," and are completely devastated when they learn that he doesn't have much longer to live; they willingly undertake a suicide mission at his behest rather than outlive him, and are shown to be completely devoid of happiness, save for what little they can gain from being reunited with their Sensei despite the circumstances. On the other hand, he canonically is obsessively in love with Sousuke (in his own twisted way), to the point where he was unable to forget about "beautiful" 12-year-old Sousuke since their first meeting five years ago. And if the implications of that weren't depraved enough, he also exhibits necrophiliac tendencies, having apparently fantasized fucking Sousuke's corpse after killing him.
    • ...though, in the novels, the twins are male.
      • Not to mention how, in the novels, he once had a thing with a female scientist and strangled her on one occasion. They both seemed to get off on it, as Gauron even lampshades it by mocking her, asking her if she actually likes making him angry, and actually wants him to hurt her. He says this with a perfect mixture of "coldness and joy," and she responds by gasping with "pain and ecstasy."
      • In the novels, being the sick pervert he is, he shows interest in humiliating and possibly molesting/raping Tessa (to "break" her spirit, since he's annoyed with "righteous" people). He makes it very clear to the other submarine personnel that if they try to do anything, he will' do "X-rated" things to the cute captain. When she acts defiant towards him, it "pleased him from the bottom of his heart," and he exclaims, "Ohhh, she's cute!" and proceeds to jokingly ask the Mithril traitors if they're sure they want to leave, since this place seems like a nice place to work.
  • Jouji "George" Koizumi from Paradise Kiss is extremely debatable. It basically depends on whether you see him as a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, or a plain old self-centered, vain Jerkass with no heart whatsoever. Either way, he's openly bisexual, very kinky, and very vocal about his love of bondage. Even though it's never implied his bisexuality is related in any way to it, he's clearly fucked in the head and has a ton of issues.
  • Shira from Blade of the Immortal. He doesn't care what gender his victims are, so long as he can get his kicks from them. And unfortunately, his fantasies are really perverted, twisted, and violent (literally raping people while he cuts them up). In earlier chapters, he outright explains that he always needs someone to keep "the part down there" happy. And then there's the newest chapter containing him, where he apparently kidnapped a young boy (Renzo), forcing him to take care of him, and 139&page=29 rapes him. Sick bastard.
  • Sakura Gari: A big reason why Souma is depicted as being messed up and depraved is because he sleeps with women and men (ignoring later implications that he causes their death).
    • Also, Katsuragi, who not only is a disgusting pedophile, he rapes and tortures Masataka because of his jealousy over Masataka being the one Souma loves when he loves Souma to an insane degree himself and he beats his wife. Oh, and when he was younger he also persuaded Souma into wanting to kill his mother and when Souma couldn't go through with it he took Souma's hand (that held a knife) and forcibly made him cut his mother's wrists. And he also raped Souma when he was still a child as well.
  • Genma from the second season of Darker than Black is one of these, and is an utterly loathsome psychopath, despite his seemingly affable and bumbling manner (and oddly enough, he's partner with a more sympathetic Psycho Lesbian). Genma's primary interest seems to be for young boys, but he makes perverted comments implying that he's open to pretty much anything. He also has a highly sadistic streak and reveals himself as a Complete Monster by his casual revelation that he was the one who killed his perky human partner, Yoko, and she was clearly tortured to death.
  • Hisoka from Hunter X Hunter. If he's not killing someone, he's usually hitting on the main (mostly male) characters, including the 12-year-old protagonists. He doesn't limit himself to shota boys, though. He's also got the hots for Kuroro and Machi.
  • Possibly Osanai from Paprika. He's obsessed with Chiba and shares a bed with the Chairman; there's also an off-hand mention that he "sold his body" to Himuro.
  • Hinako from Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun. She seems to have a fondness for sexually harassing and practically molesting an unwilling Shungo and Mayu.
    • Hinako takes this Up to Eleven in Episode 8 when she strips and forces Mayu into a swimsuit and apron while cooking ramen. Irori subsequently walks in on them and then the two of them force her into one too. Later when Shinobu shows up, the three of them force her into one as well and at this point they're all doing with way more gusto than required. To top it off just before Shungo returns home with ingredients for the ramen, they've been thinking certain thoughts about how big and hard that wooden spoon they're stirring the ramen with is. And they certainly don't spare many details on the individual stripping of each girl, mind you.
  • Wolf Guy Wolfen Crest has Haguro Dou, the young son of a powerful Yakuza boss, and who becomes completely and crazily obsessed with protagonist (and werewolf) Inugami. He initially doesn't care about or even think twice about Inugami... until he pushes Inugami too far. Which results in Inugami showing him his true form and scaring the shit out of Haguro. Haguro goes insane from it, and obsesses and stalks Inugami after that, even cutting himself all over his arm and carving the word "Inu" onto his hand. And yes, it's creepy to the point of being something of a sexual obsession as well - Haguro has been shown after that to, while having sex with his (equally crazy) girlfriend (who, by the way, also lusts after Inugami and thinks about him while having sex with Haguro), think only about Inugami, and pretty much screams his name while imagining him. And later Haguro decides to up his freakiness by beating up his subordinate Chiba, kissing him, taking the opportunity to tear out his tongue, and then rape him. All because Chiba happened to run into Inugami in the street earlier and talked to him when Haguro wasn't around. And he also tortures and rapes a female teacher named Aoshika (who's in love with Inugami and is the guy's Morality Chain) while recording it so that Inugami can see, practically talking to the camera (and, therefore, to Inugami) through the entire thing so that Inugami will come back to him. He also tries to kill Aoshika while telling her that Inugami's too good for her and when Inugami shows up to stop him, Haguro cuts off Inugami's fingers and eats them (even getting a boner from doing so) and an arm and tries to murder him.
  • Possibly the Phantom from MAR. He falls in love with Alma and seems to have an obsession with his enemy Alviss. He even tries to kiss Alviss twice, licks the tears off his face, and there's an entire arc in the anime dedicated to him kidnapping Alviss, brainwashing him, and keeping him chained to his throne.
    • And Candice.
  • Masao Kirishima from Mars is an effeminate sociopath who was often bullied by his only friend, Yuji Aoki. Rei had saved Masao from being beaten to death at one point in time, but barely remembers this event as the action was impulsively taken when Rei was still in shock over Sei's death. Soon after this incident, Masao kills Aoki. While Masao admits to having a crush on Rei, he also says that he has a crush on Kira, who he sees as an obstacle in getting to Rei. His personality and mind is very much twisted, and he stalks and attempts to kill both Rei and Kira in the series.
  • Swordfish from the yaoi manga Under Grand Hotel. As one inmate put it, "he's just a crazy bisexual homophobe that likes guys" and is obsessed with Sen.
  • Mutsumi of Seikon no Qwaser. Just when you think Mutsumi is a (relatively) well-adjusted individual compared to her partner, she knocks Mafuyu unconscious in one scene and then tries to rape her when she wakes up. Even after this event, she continues to make passes at Mafuyu every so often.
    • Also, in episode 6 Sasha is forced to dress up in a maid outfit as part of a bargain Mafuyu struck with Miyuri. A Russian soldier was willing to rape an unconscious Sasha when he thought he was a girl and even after finding out he's a guy he smiles and says "That's fine with me." Thankfully, he didn't get the chance to.
  • Tatsuha Uesugi of Gravitation. He's bisexual and is completely and utterly obsessed with Ryuichi. Whether it's faking illnesses or dressing up in an animal suit, Tatsuha will do anything to get Ryuichi. Unfortunately for Shuichi, if Tatsuha can't get his hands on Ryuichi he forces his UST upon Shuichi as Shuichi resembles Ryuichi (An example of this was shown in the anime, when Tatshua sexually molested and thrust himself upon Shuichi before Yuki appeared).
  • Shigurui: Tadanaga will not let something so trivial as a rape victim having the wrong equipment stop him.
  • There are very strong hints in Chapter 290 of Mahou Sensei Negima that Tsukuyomi, in addition to her well-known "interest" in Setsuna (and, to a lesser extent, Konoka and Asuna), has also developed an "interest" in Fate and/or Negi. She actually drools and gets a heart in her dialogue bubble when she thinks of how fast that latter Took a Level in Badass. While she does immediately think of him in a sexual manner, it is in the sense of how much sexual pleasure she will derive from fighting him.
  • Issei of Ookamikakushi. He basically stalks and tries to molest Hiroshi a few times and right before dying kisses a girl who had a crush on him.
  • Possibly Bryan Hawk of Hajime no Ippo. He pretty much only cares about sex and violence. If he can't get enough violence, he needs sex to compensate for it. It's also implied that he gets sexually aroused from beating up his opponents (or at least Takamura).
  • Rufa of Dragon Half.
  • Graham Specter of Baccano!. He's Ax Crazy, as in he considers taking things and people apart to be a beautiful goal in life. Also, he has No Sense of Personal Space around men and his bromantic fanboying of Ladd—and liking Jacuzzi—certainly says much, but he also stated that he prefers older woman. Also, his "first love" was his sister. He briefly takes a liking to Chane, but it has probably more or less to do with Chane being a beautiful girl and a Worthy Opponent and Graham having a bit of an In Love with Your Carnage moment while they were fighting. Also, in the light novels, he falls in love with Huey's homunculi, Sickle.
    • Also, Ladd Russo himself. In the game, you can make him marry Claire, but he still admits that he still loves Lua, but not as much as Claire.
  • Kyosuke Hyobu of Zettai Karen Children is either this or If It's You It's Okay toward Minamoto.
  • Animamundi: Dark Alchemist: Bruno, Count Sandwich (though he seems to prefer the men of the Zaberisk bloodline)
  • Bible Black: Kitami at the start. Most of the cast when they come under Kitami's sway.
  • Shinra from They Are My Noble Masters, has no qualms about sexually harassing, and in a few instances, pretty much raping Miyu. Miyu...doesn't seem to fight her off real hard. Did i mention Miyu and Shinra are sisters? Yeah, its that kind of show.
  • Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei: Subverted by Nozomu. It's shown in Zan that for the sake of the principle of being open-minded, he had a one night stand with a butch blonde tranny gigolo (who looked like an unshaven twin of GTO in a dress) in a love hotel...and hated it (he was filled with despair while they were doing it).
  • Head from Star Driver is a classic Type 2, seeing sex as just another tool for manipulation.
    • Also, Madoka Kei is willing to go for just about anyone, and is prepared to use some rather... disturbing methods to accomplish it.
  • Debatable with Ritsu Minami in Loveless. He loved Soubi's mother and was furious when she married another man, and seemed to have no problem sexually abusing her son Soubi in her place. It could also be that, like many real life child sexual abusers, his abuse of Soubi had more to do with control than actual physical attraction.
  • Lio Shirazumi from Kara no Kyoukai. Possibly. He not only lusts after Shiki, but seems to feel this way about Mikiya as well..
  • Mitsuka-sensei from DearS, though aside from annoying her students with her constant nymphomania, she's basically harmless.
  • Most female villains from the Hentai.
  • France from Axis Powers Hetalia. He goes after both guys and girls, practically molests them, and once attempted to molest England when he was bedridden.
  • In Saiyuki Sanzo was hit on once by a drunk Depraved Bisexual in a bar.
  • Vincent Nightray of Pandora Hearts is hinted at being this. He's messed up in the head, is a Yandere for his older brother Gil whom he really loves, and kind of has grown to like Ada (female) even though he's stated to hate woman.
  • Angel Sanctuary: Anti-Villain Belial, of the Anything That Moves variety. Rosiel. And by "may" we mean "the only thing keeping it ambiguous is the fact that this is a Kaori Yuki manga". His behavior and relationship with his servant would've placed him squarely in this trope had the setting not been so so Ho Yay-ridden already.
  • In Monster we have Roberto. He's Ax Crazy and a murdering sociopath. It's canon that he's pretty much in love with his boss Johan (who is a Complete Monster). He also has sex with Eva and another girl.
  • Maranosuke has Zegenshi Doumeki, a Complete Monster that just. doesn't. stop. The Dragon to the Big Bad that explicitly hunts down children of both genders, rapes them into servitude, simultaneously deliberately altering them to play to various fetishes then sells them as sex slaves to kinky nobles when he isn't vamping them for their essense to extend his immortality and youth. His explicit intentions with Pettanko Futanari Okoi made that clear along with his joy of having sex with children. Nobody lost any sleep when that asshole died.
  • A top No. 6 official in chapter 14 is this. He rather pervertedly hits on Dogkeeper because he thinks she's a prostitute and also hits on Nezumi. Nezumi puts him out of his misery.
  • Implied with Gretel of Black Lagoon. She's Ax Crazy and hasdisturbing subtext with her sexually ambiguous twin Hansel, enjoyed feeling up Eda a bit too much, as well as offered herself sexually to Rock to thank him for his kindness, and in an omake, both of them wanted to 'play doctor like the adults do' with Garcia.
    • Also implied with Revy as of chapter 81.
  • Tsukiyama of Tokyo Ghoul mentions to have had a thing for Touka when she was younger and becomes a stalker towards Kaneki with the intention of eating him though some see homoeroticism in his behavior towards Kaneki too.
  • Buppa in Tokyo Tribes 2 rapes a boy to the point of him bleeding severely and is attended by numerous prostitutes.
  • Speed Grapher: Shinzen Tennozu. For the most part straight, she's not above sleeping with women for power and control reasons such as when she pays off and seduces her daughter's own teacher just to prove to her that telling anyone about the abuse she suffers is pointless.

Comic Books

  • Deadpool
  • Shinobi Shaw from X-Men.
    • Wolverine's son (yes, son) Daken is apparently one of these; he has a long-term girlfriend, but he seduces a man just so he can kill him and take his passport. In case you thought there would be a stereotypical villain trait that wasn't going to be lumped with the character, who already sports tattoos and a mohawk.
      • Now that's taken on his father's mantle in the Dark Wolverine series, Daken appears determined to sleep his way through the Dark Avengers team. Daken for president!
      • It helps that he has sex-pollen pheromone powers, so he can make anyone fall for him. Yes, he basically has the power of date rape.
        • His pheromone powers actually effect everybody differently. Venom/Mac Gargan has "strange feelings" for Daken. Hawkeye/Bullseye get royally cheesed off at him etc.
      • To be fair, he's pretty much just all the stereotypical villain traits the rest of the Dark Avengers don't already have.
      • Word of God states that Daken is actually asexual. He treats sex as nothing but a tool to manipulate people.
    • During the early Chris Claremont run of X-Men, the team is literally sucked into Hell, or a Dante's Inferno replica. They meet the demon/judge Minos, who is a sleazy piece of work. Minos immediately hits on Storm. And then Nightcrawler. His response -- "this is hell -- everything goes!". So in one shot, homosexuality/bisexuality is associated with the evil and the damned.
  • Also from X-Men we have Mystique, who subverts this trope. While she is undoubtedly a villain, her relationships with Destiny and others are used to humanize her.
  • Rawlins, from Garth Ennis's run of The Punisher is a truly vile backstabbing manipulative coward, who enjoys sexually dominating people of either gender.
  • Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, the former frequently using Mind Control pheromones as a weapon against both men and women, the latter almost as love-crazed for Ivy as for The Joker, with the sexual component of their relationship, having received frequent hints even in the animated series, canon in main universe of the comic books.
    • Though the latter is also something of a subversion. Generally their time together is portrayed quite positively, when they aren't committing crimes anyway, and shows Harley taking just a bit of independence from Mista' J.
  • Lois in Love and Rockets. Not as evil as many of the examples here, given the Slice of Life nature of the canon, but definitely depraved and unsympathetic.
  • "Ol' Willy Pete ain't th' choosiest fucker around..."
  • In Van Hamme and Rosinski's fantasy comic Thorgal, one of Thorgal's worst enemies, Kriss de Valnor, appears to be bisexual after quite a long time, as she openly flirts with Aaricia, and even grabs her breasts, while taking a bath with her in the absence of Thorgal.
  • The Joker from DC Comics is completely and utterly insane and sadistic. The Killing Joke showed the not-yet Joker's pregnant wife saying that he was "good in bed." Not to mention all that Foe Yay he has towards Batman. Harley & Ivy both think that the Joker only has eyes for Batman. Joker has often professed affection towards Batman (complete with moments of desperate attention-needing) and in "Cacophony" Joker explicitly states that he wants Batman sexually. Although, being the Joker, he wants him sexually only after he's dead. He seems to have quite a flirtatious love/hate thing for Lex Luthor as well.
  • Junior of Secret Six mentions having "forced relations" with both women and men, but this is probably more indicative of Junior's Complete Monsterdom than anything. Not to mention Junior's Freudian Excuse of being sexually abused by her father, Ragdoll Sr., which caused her to mutilate her own body to its current state. This is almost certainly not supposed to reflect negatively on bisexuals, since the team contains another anti-heroic lesbian Scandal and the bisexual Jeanette, and at least one as-of-yet unrevealed male member of the Six is bi per Word of God.
  • The Homelander from The Boys.


  • The titular character in Chloe. Some would say that Catherine is the Depraved Bisexual in the film, and Chloe is her victim.
    • Actually almost every bisexual character in a Russ Meyer films counts as depraved except for Cherry and Raquel in Harry, Cherry and Raquel
  • Jessica Callister in Sins of Desire
  • Shannon Tweed, Shannon Whirry and Delia Shepard have played depraved bisexuals in many soft porn films
  • Frank N. Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Somewhat different in that part of the message of the film is that everyone should be bisexual.
  • Frank Booth, Dennis Hopper's sadistic, scenery-chewing Magnificent Bastard in Blue Velvet
  • Margaret in Liquid Sky - she knows that everyone who has sex with her dies, so she makes it a habit of seducing anyone she wants to get rid of. (In her defense, some of the people she dislikes really are total Jerkasses.)
    • If it's a desire to bump someone off, rather than genuine sexual or romantic interest, it's arguable whether she really counts as bisexual in the first place.
  • The Hunger
  • Major Penderton in Reflections in a Golden Eye
  • Sonny in Dog Day Afternoon wouldn't quite count - he never actually kills anyone, and is something of a Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain - but he's definitely shown as having serious psychological problems
  • Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs, although it's quite likely that he isn't a real bisexual, but just wants to fit in somewhere. He's certainly not a transsexual.
  • Crassus in the 1960's Spartacus, whose "tastes include oysters and snails."
  • Credence Leonore Gielgud from Troll 2, who breaks into a house just to deliver a poisoned cake and hit on the family's teenage daughter, then has sex with with the girl's boyfriend's friend (with the help of a corn cob).
  • Adrien Brody's character in Oxygen, a kidnapper whose brawny accomplice, "Handsome", is a guy he seduced into working with him.
  • Repo! The Genetic Opera has Pavi Largo, a bisexual rapist who likes to cut off women's faces and attach them to his own with surgical staples.
  • The eponymous "Ivy" from Poison Ivy, who seduces The Ingenue, then her father, then starts killing people.
  • Conway Twill in Dead Man on fellow hitman Cole Wilson: "Fucked his parents. Mother. Father. Parents. Both of 'em. Fucked 'em." And then he ate them. It's implied that Twill himself meets a similar fate, although possibly without the fucking.
  • It's implied that Serial Killer David Allen Griffin from The Watcher is this. When the hero, Joel, is discussing his motive, he says that he revives his (always female) victims over and over again to torment them, and there's a shot of one of his victims bleeding from between her legs. On the flip side, however, Griffin has a lot of Ho Yay with Joel, to the point where he'll murder Joel's girlfriends if they distract Joel from chasing him.
  • Possibly Rainbow Randolph from the film Death to Smoochy. He rants very vulgarly about his past relationship with female protagonist Nora Wells, but the Foe Yay with Sheldon(Smoochy) is hard to ignore. And, y'know, Rainbow Randolph.
    • That certainly puts the lyric "Friends come in all sizes" in a new light.
      • That song was a whole string of Double Entendre: "Some like to pitch and others to catch", anyone?
  • Freak Show in Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle Go to White Castle. He's actually not a bad person, just unspeakably creepy. "Who wants first reach-around?"
  • Probably Z-Man from Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls. He hosts a drug orgy at his house including 2 lesbians and some actor so it's a safe bet.
  • Lilith from Bordello of Blood
  • As mentioned below, Dorian Gray is an ambiguous example, but the 2009 film version makes this rather explicit; though he definitely leans toward women, he also sexually interacts with a few men. And, well, the depraved part...
  • Taken to the most extreme possible extent in British horror movie Mum & Dad.
  • The title character of Jennifer's Body, though it's more like Depraved Succubus
  • Stirba (Sybil Danning) in Howling II.
  • Lair of the White Worm features an evil vampiress who has a "taste" for both men and women.
  • Van Helsing: The Brides of Dracula display some additional lesbian tendencies, especially Brides Verona and Aleera.
    • Possibly Dracula himself. He shows interest in making Anna his bride, and a lot of his dialogue and actions towards Van Helsing seem pretty flirtatious considering Van Helsing is the one who originally killed him.
  • The character Tim De Laatste Zomer (The Last Summer) is a more milder example.
  • Samantha James of Just Friends. She's a damn near psychotic Yandere for Chris, says she likes girls, and kisses Darla.
  • La Tenia, the rapist in Irreversible. He randomly decides to rape a woman who walks past him. In another scene, he's at a gay club and smiles at the site of a man brutally beaten to death with a fire extinguisher.


  • Arguably, Dorian Gray from The Picture of Dorian Gray. For the girls's side, we have Sibyl Vane; for the boys there's Sir Henry, Basil Hallward, Alan...
  • In Peter F. Hamilton's Nights Dawn trilogy, there is exactly one bisexual: the satanic cult member/anti-Christ/messiah of the coming apocalypse, Quinn Dexter, whose sexual depravity is constantly shown as being one of the most important facets of his character. He murders, tortures, rapes and mind rapes almost everyone he comes across and opens millions to possession by the spirits of the dead. In the third book we finally meet the person who turned him into who he is now... a depraved hermaphrodite. There may be one or two gay characters in the novels, but none of them stick out in this editor's mind...
  • Jonathan Randall in the Outlander book series, by virtue of being an equal opportunity sadistic rapist who, as confirmed by Word of God, only prefers men because they break better. The author is extremely careful to make this clear in the Outlandish Companion guidebook, and seems somewhat disturbed that people take his depravity and bisexuality as being directly related.
  • Both used and subverted in Larry Niven and Steven Barnes's book Dream Park. There are three confirmed bisexual characters, all male. One is a blackmailer who becomes a murder victim, the second is the blackmail victim and murderer, and the third is a perfectly well-adjusted guy who attempts to seduce practically the entire cast, but is always portrayed as nothing less than a perfect gentleman.
  • The titular character in Rebecca is implied to be bisexual.
  • Despite being held up as an example of pro-tolerance literature, Djuna Barnes' Nightwood is populated almost entirely by these. A prime example of Rule-Abiding Rebel.
  • The Errant in Malazan Book of the Fallen falls into the slightly less pathological type listed in the description. He sees sex as just one of the many tools he can use to manipulate people.
  • The Inchoroi in Second Apocalypse are a race of really nasty depraved bisexuals FROM SPACE.
  • Tania in Piers Anthony's Apprentice Adept series - at least until her Power of Love-fueled Heel Face Turn.
  • The necromancer-villain of Deborah Turner Harris's "Mages of Garillon" series, Borthen Berigeld, almost certainly physically as well as morally seduced a secondary antagonist character Mage-Inquisitor Earlis ap Eadric into his service; though it's never explicitly confirmed, the character's behaviour - even to the point of turning upon Berigeld when he sees the necromancer later bedding a woman - is note-perfectly that of a mesmerized and then betrayed lover.
  • Characters in Bret Easton Ellis novels. A huge number of his characters are casually bisexual males from different ends of the spectrum, and a almost all of his characters are completely morally depraved and shallow. This is most notable in The Informers where every male would appear to be a shallow, blonde, Californian bisexual boytoy who is possibly a vampire. However, some notable exceptions are Paul in The Rules of Attraction, Clay in Less Than Zero and Victor in Glamorama - all different sorts of bisexuals, and flawed as characters in several ways, but ultimately the heroes of their stories in their shallow little universe.
  • Admiral Ges Vorrutyer in Lois Bujold's Shards of Honor is a textbook example, along with Prince Serg, his superior and lover.
    • And Aral Vorkosigan is a subversion.
    • As is Bel Thorne, though in its case it was a hermaphrodite to start with.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire has several characters like this.
    • Cersei is a possible example. She uses sex to manipulate men, and has an affair with a woman with whom she conspires. In her affair with the woman, however, it's not completely clear who is manipulating whom, and after their first sexual encounter she didn't want it to happen again, nor has she shown an attraction to any other woman.
    • In-universe, Oberyn Martell is viewed as one by most of the other nobles of Westeros—he has a lot of bastards (so many that they've even got a nickname—the "Sand Snakes"), is often said to have sex with men, and is not looked on favorably for his crippling of the heir to Highgarden at a tourney years ago and his penchant for fighting with poisoned weapons. Compared to Gregor Clegane, though, Oberyn looks like a Knight in Shining Armor. Then again, everyone in the series looks good compared to Gregor Clegane.
  • The villain of Joan D. Vinge's Psion.
  • Max Aue from Jonathan Littell's The Kindly Ones is a homicidal sociopath. As an added bonus, his preferences are the result of his obsessive love/lust for his twin sister.
  • There's a scene in A Nightmare on Elm Street: Suffer the Children that's quite... disturbing.

Freddy Krueger: "Come to daddy, Peter... * starts licking Peter's face and rubbing it with his bleeding stump of a hand*

  • Jennesta from Stan Nicholls' Orcs is a tyrannical half-human, half-Nyadd queen who gets her rocks off on raping both men and women of pretty much any species. It isn't purely for her sexual gratification, however - after she's finished with them, she proceeds to brutally murder them almost immediately, before devouring their hearts to replenish her magic.
  • In S.L. Viehl's Stardoc series, Rico in Shockball is the most obvious example.
  • The latest Ax Crazy villain in Dan Brown's latest novel, The Lost Symbol, enjoyed the occasional man on man action.
  • Lady 3Jane from the Sprawl Trilogy.
  • William "Wild Bill" Wharton from Stephen King's The Green Mile doesn't just like little girls... he also likes annoying jerkasses like Percy Wetmore.
  • Mitsuko in Jun'ichiro Tanizaki's novel Manji (or Quicksand), a chilling sexual Chessmaster despite her tender age. With the help of a small-time ruffian (which she also sleeps with), she plays victim and manipulates the emotions of housewife Sonoko, and then, having also seduced Sonoko's husband, drives the couple into reciprocal suspicion. She reaps the benefit of their emotional wreckage, gains total control over their sex life, not to mention their adoration befitting a goddess.
  • Peter Quint in Henry James's novella The Turn of the Screw is usually interpreted as such, and a pedophile to boot—but that depends on how you take the veiled hints and Victorian euphemisms. Benjamin Britten's operatic adaptation makes things slightly more explicit, especially with the sensual call-and-response duet between Quint and Miles at the end of Act 1.
  • Oddly, it seems every other character in Lloyd Rose's Doctor Who novels is this. There are at least two villains who gently caress the Doctor while doing bad things to him, and the Doctor seems to have a bit of fun with this trope himself, flirting with Anti-Villain Sabbath and turning his usual No Sense of Personal Space act Up to Eleven. (The Doctor is also fairly clearly stated to be bisexual, but he's usually almost a Chaste Hero, unless someone really catches his eye or he sees an opportunity to flirt annoyingly.) To be fair, Sabbath literally stole the Doctor's heart, and should have known a Pungeon Master like the Doctor wasn't going to let that one go lightly.
  • Assef from The Kite Runner.
  • Mrs. Jewkes from Samuel Richardson's Pamela:

Every now and then she would be staring in my face, in the chariot, and squeezing my hand, and saying, Why, you are very pretty, my silent dear! And once she offered to kiss me. But I said, I don't like this sort of carriage, Mrs. Jewkes; it is not like two persons of one sex. She fell a laughing very confidently, and said, That's prettily said, I vow! Then thou hadst rather be kissed by the other sex? 'Ifackins, I commend thee for that!

  • Melisande Shahrizai, of Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel's Legacy series. She is utterly evil and sadistic. Then again, everyone in Terre D'Ange is bi, so there was bound to be some evil people thrown in the mix. Aversions: Phedre, Alcuin, and Delaunay.
  • Maeve of The Dresden Files.
    • A lot of the Raiths. They're happy to do whatever gives them sex power. At one point, Lara flirts with both Harry and Luccio in the same scene.
  • Lampshaded in A Song For Nero by Tom Holt. As Nero (on the run after faking his death in the Year of the Four Emperors) says, "When you're emperor of the known world, people expect things! You can't just say 'no, i'd rather sit down and read a book' when they bring on the Libyan eunuchs crawling around on all fours in tigerskins!"
  • In S. M. Stirling's Shadowspawn series the entire titular race is this.
  • Elphaba from Wicked may count. She's a Villain Protagonist, though whether she's "evil" or not is a major point in the series. She's had a sexual relationship with a man where she conceived a son but also is confirmed to have more than platonic feelings with her friend Glinda.
  • Time Scout, Jack the Ripper.
  • Orson Scott Card's Songmaster includes a major character named Josif who is introduced as homosexual, enters a heterosexual relationship with the statement that he is '60% attracted to men, 38% attracted to women, and 2% attracted to sheep,' and ends his sexual career unable to control his urges toward a barely pubescent child, making him at least a homosexual hebephile. No meaningful counterexamples exist in the setting, in part because most of the book centers around pederasty.
  • Bequa Kynska from Fulgrim.
  • Patrick Hocksetter of IT. He fondles the girls in his class, masturbates Henry and offers him oral sex.
  • Lisbeth Salander from The Millennium Trilogy is a rare sympathetic example, being simultaneously bisexual, Axe Crazy, and Crazy Awesome.

Live Action TV

  • iCarly: Stalker with a Crush Nora from iPsycho. She kisses a girl at her party, as well as demanding a kiss from Freddie.
  • The Mirror Universe Intendant Kira in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
    • The character originally hit on her regular counterpart only because she was so highly narcissistic. Only later was the character made a Depraved Bisexual, with the actress herself being well aware of the Unfortunate Implications.
  • Star Trek: Voyager. The male Body Surf villain in "Warlord" appears to enjoy the implications of jumping into an attractive female body. And when Alice Krige reprised her role from Star Trek: First Contact in "Endgame", she was told to vamp it up like she did with Picard. So we have a scene where the Borg Queen is suggestively stroking Seven of Nine and purring "you always were my favourite, Seven". Despite a large lesbian Shipping community pairing Seven with her mentor, Captain Janeway, these are the only overt gay scenes in the series (see Unfortunate Implications).
  • Similarly, the Mirror Universe Vamp Willow in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Which was Foreshadowing for Willow's Suddenly Sexuality the next season. (Xander's vampire self has some subtext about this, too, regarding the imprisoned Angel.)
    • Joss has mentioned in interviews that they knew that either Willow or Xander would be gay/bi, but weren't sure which, hence the several subtle hints for both in the first 3 seasons.
    • It is notable though that Joss Whedon has explained Angel and Spike's canon sexual encounter with "they're vampires". Darla and Drusilla are strongly implied to have had a lesbian relationship and Vamp Xander in the Mirror Universe episode also lasciviously touches a male victim at one point. The implication is that vampires don't particularly care about gender when approaching sex objects, which ties into this trope quite nicely.
  • Mandy in 24 to an extent. There was real no connection between her depravity and her bisexual nature, and she appeared to genuinely lover her girlfriend. On the other hand, both of the male lovers she had, one of whom was also bi, she killed herself.
  • Smallville: Non-straight people come one of two ways: this (in the form of some vampires and a woman at a fight club that is attracted to Lois) or the rare female Stalker with a Crush for Lana (the female part is rare, not the stalker/crush part. Not by a very long shot).
    • Given her scenes with Clark, Lana, Oliver, and Lois, Tess Mercer is probably an example, although this might just be fan interpretation.
  • Nicole Wallace from Law and Order: Criminal Intent. In fact, the entire franchise has a rather high percentage of bisexual perps for an American series. Only Nicole has become a recurring villain, however (thankfully), and some posit that she's not actually attracted to boys or girls, just manipulative. If she is bi, then it's just another facet of a very complex character.
  • Captain John Hart in Torchwood who will throw a mugger off the roof of a multi-storey car park without so much as a bat of an eyelid and has lines like this:

Capt. John: Oh, that's gorgeous.
Gwen: That's a poodle.
Capt. John: [eager] It's nice!

  • The Carver, an Arc villain from Nip Tuck. But his wanglessness could have more to do with his depravity.
  • Oz is practically overflowing with these characters, seeing as how it is about a prison that houses some of the most heinous criminals imaginable. The worst of which would be homicidal sociopath Chris Keller and homicidal psychopath Simon Adebisi. Also, Tobias Beecher. He had a wife who committed suicide and he falls in love with another woman while in Oz and falls in love with Chris Keller. He also has sexual relations with several men while in Oz and shows Ax Crazy tendencies the longer he's in Oz as well, such as when he killed a prison guard with long fingernails.
  • Bobbi Stakowski from Profit is a prime example of the "manipulative" subtype; when her very rich, very married boyfriend turns out to come with a pre-nup stating that the first partner to ask for a divorce forfeits all the couple's assets, she goes out and seduces his wife.
  • In Saul Of The Mole Men, Saul's hated rival Nathaniel Baltimore, Old-Fashioned Bisexual. Nathaniel is really just a jackass, pointlessly firing his gun while Saul is talking just to interrupt him and never once admitting that Saul was right about the Mother Rock.
    • Nathaniel definitely counts as depraved. He's constantly licking his lips and sizing up the asses of both Saul and Fallopia, and at one point he jumps in the middle of one of their kisses.
  • In Prison Break, the Magnificent Bastard villain T-Bag is another example of the really bad kind. He's not just a rapist and a murderer. He's a child rapist and a murderer.
  • Cy the Cyclops from Krod Mandoon and The Flaming Sword of Fire is an openly bisexual Monster. While he seems pleasant at first, he then turns out to be utterly depraved and shows a desire to "sex and devour" the entire lead cast.
  • The victim of one episode of Cold Case was a stockbroker who slept with both his young male protege (who had a crush on him) and the protege's mother solely in order to get them to invest money, which he then stole. Needless to say, this was the motive for his murder.
  • Averted in the "Vampire Weekend" episode of Castle. Crow is weird, yes since he's part of a sexual vampire cult, but he's the victim, not the villain of the episode.
  • Andrew Van De Kamp on Desperate Housewives came out as gay to his parents but tells a priest he "likes vanilla, but sometimes likes chocolate." He was also a sociopath who made his mother's life a living hell, until his sociopath tendencies dissipated in Season 3, and so did any trace of his bisexual identity.
  • "Mr." Yang from Psych is allegedly trying to seduce a female orderly.
  • Finn O'Connor from Hollyoaks. He rapes John Paul, tries to do the same to Nancy, threatens to do the same to a witness, and claims John Paul was the one that sexually abused him.
  • Not that overt, but Bennett in Dollhouse is implied to be bisexual, or at least lesbian for Caroline during their college days. The depraved part comes when she starts torturing Echo in response to Caroline apparently abandoning her with a disabled arm.
  • Gabriel of Supernatural, although his depravity varies greatly.
  • Lee Garner, Jr., the overprivileged and idle head of North American Tobacco (the makers of Lucky Strike) in Mad Men, who has hit on both men and women to exercise his naked power and humiliate his business partners. Even at Sterling Cooper, he was powerful enough to get Sal Romano fired for rejecting his advances. After the action moves to Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, Lucky Strike makes up (at one point) 79% of SCDP's revenue, and so when Garner says he'll be attending the company Christmas Party—intially something of a joke, as Lane wanted to run it on a shoestring budget to save money needed for other things—SCDP is forced to put on a full-on party with music, a bartender, a fully-stocked bar, and decorations up the wazoo. Garner shows up incredibly late (of course) and starts hitting on Roger Sterling's wife (never mind that their marriage isn't a good one, it's still insulting), and forces Roger to play Santa. Of course, since Lucky Strike is 79% of the budget:

Roger Sterling: If Lee Garner wants three wise men flown in from Jerusalem, he gets it.

  • (Miss) H. G. Wells in Warehouse 13 is bisexual ("Many of my lovers have been men."), and depraved ( she tried to destroy all of humanity), but the two are not related, so there you are.
  • In The Acts of Caine series, Berne is this. At one point, he is revealed to have two sex slaves, one male and one female. He does not treat them gently. Oh, and they're twins.
  • Although she's not violent about it, Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory is desperate. To the point of gleefully squealing at the possibility that she, Penny, and Bernadette might be rolling around in the mud naked together. She is also constantly hitting on Penny and even shows attraction to Pruiya (Raj's sister)...and constantly tries to bribe or trick Sheldon into sleeping with her. Much to Sheldon's dismay, although he seems to be getting used to it.
  • Jane in Coupling, though she's not violent, just stupid. When Steve (I believe) tries to explain to her that a gay guy is not going to be interested in her, she just looks at him, smiles and says, "I'm Bi!" In her mind, problem solved.
  • Clarice Willow on Caprica embodies this trope. She is in a group marriage with both men and women, and also sets out to seduce Amanda Graystone in order to gain access to her house and later because she starts to attach a religious significance to her. It is demonstrated repeatedly that Clarice sees all of her spouses, and indeed pretty much everyone else, as tools in her quest to advance herself and her religion (in that order). Her spouses are also basically the members of a particularly intimate terrorist cell with her as the de facto leader. Even most of Clarice's spouses are taken aback when Clarice appears to be trying to seduce a teenage girl, and enlists her youngest husband to assist with this. Interestingly, this trope is further emphasized by the fact that the other adult characters, even the dysfunctional Graystone's, are more committed to their monogamous relationships. Most notable is the aversion of the Depraved Homosexual trope with Sam Adama, who is depicted as extremely loyal and devoted to his husband Larry.



  • Older Than Feudalism: The ancient Greek myth of Zephyrus, who was married to his sister, but was madly in love with the young Spartan Hyacinth. However, Apollo also had a mancrush on Hyacinth, and when he chose Apollo over Zephyrus, Zephyrus went crazy and cracked Hyacinth's skull open with a flying discus. (Of course, the Greeks wouldn't have considered him bisexual, if they could have even conceived of such a thing. Ancient Greek society was fairly homophobic, in its own way, but you were fine as long as you were on top and your partner wasn't old enough to have a full beard. Or of a higher social status than you.
  • Loki from Norse Mythology is, among other things, Fenris's father and Sleipnir's mother, thanks to the power of shapeshifting, allowing him to seduce a jotun's horse. Loki is depraved in some ways, among them being responsible for Baldur's murder.
  • Many Trickster deities are sexually flexible both in preference and equipment. Case in point: Baron Samedi.
  • Lilith had sex with both Adam and Eve, according to one passage in Jewish literature that describes her as "the Woman of Harlotry."

Tabletop Games

  • Both played straight and inverted by Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition. Malcanthet, the Demon Queen of Succubi, is the patron of lust and illicit sex, and she seduces both males and females. On the other hand, her enemy, Queen Morwel of the Eladrins, is the patron of sex between lovers and sensual energy turned toward positive ends, and she's bisexual and polyamorous.
    • Also played straight with another demon lord—Graz'zt, the Dark Prince, who keeps "pleasure slaves" of both genders.
    • King Kaius of Eberron is said to keep a harem of both women and men, of course he's really a vampire and feeds off of them.
  • The antics continue in Pathfinder with the Demon Lord Socothbenoth, who is the Lord of Perversion. He covers everything from false seduction to rape of both men and women of all ages to animals!

Video Games

  • Vamp and Volgin in the Metal Gear Solid series. Volgin beats his female lover for fun, and while he seems to care about his male lover, to the point that wearing a mask that looks like his male lover causes him to be too stunned to attack you during your boss fight with him, it's really just possessive desire. Similarly, Vamp's whole motivation for being a terrorist is because he thinks Snake was responsible for the death of his male lover, and ruining the life of his female not-quite-lover. He might be able to carve out your body parts and hand them to you, but his boyfriend was a good man.
    • He also does almost everything he does in a sexually suggestive manner, as shown by the picture at the top of the page.
  • Juri Han from Super Street Fighter IV. Though most of the depraved part comes from her sadistically engaging in Orgasmic Combat.
    • Just as most of the bisexual part comes from her profile's Likes originally including "big breasts".
    • And she openly hits on people of both genders. She taunts Chun-Li via asking if she has "a schoolgirl's crush", refers to Cammy as "kitten", and when she's about to fight Bison she comments on how she was "saving the best course for last". One of her Ultras oozes with Orgasmic Combat vibes (face stroking included!), and it can be performed on both males and females.
    • Depending on what you count as canon or not, Vega might count. He's been shown throwing roses to other bishounen male fighters in Capcom vs SNK and during a non canon anime series briefly commented on Ken's eyes.
  • Reaver from Fable II. A sociopathic Magnificent Bastard Pirate lord who keeps his youth and good looks by sacrificing innocents to dark gods. and he's one of the protagonists.
  • Grand Theft Auto IV features several random encounters with Eddie Low. Easily one of the creepiest characters one will ever find in a video game, you can deduce just by talking with him that he is a necrophilliac and pedophillic serial killer who horribly mutilates and murders both girls and boys for sexual pleasure. So it's no surprise later on when he randomly tries to kill you as well.

Eddie: I like boys. I like girls too. Both are fun in different ways. The same ways as well. We're all the same under those layers of hair, and skin, and fat. Everyone's got the same rotten livers and black hearts underneath it all.

  • Clive Barker's Jericho features Cassus Vicus, one of the most squick-inducing characters to have ever appeared in a game, is strongly implied to be bisexual and is a Complete Monster to boot. At one point, he comments on how it has been a while since he has "tasted of both sexes", although this comment could be a reference to his cannibalism, or it could possibly be used both in a cannibalistic and sexual context.
  • Luxa, The Dragon of The Exchange on Telos in Knights of the Old Republic. The Sith Lords will flirt with the PC regardless of gender, and will always attempt to kill hir at the end of her related quest. Note that she is a Zeltron a race that considers monogamy strange.
    • Lucas Arts have apparently claimed that bi/homosexuality doesn't exist in the Star Wars Universe. In a world with so many alien life forms, the term homosexual doesn't exist, and that all sorts of sexual inclinations exist with no one really caring about it enough to give it names.
  • A few in in Dragon Age.
    • Zevran has a Freudian Excuse; born into prostitution, sold into slavery and trained in kill or be killed; but still manages the Chivalrous Pervert. His constant innuendo seems designed to provoke for his own amusement.
    • Action Girl Isabella, in spite of seeking out danger and being well-equipped to deal with it, is a Butterfly type at heart.
    • Branka plays it seriously straight, exhibiting a number of sociopathic derangements.
    • Averted with Leliana. Killing wasn't the only method of her profession, nor one she preferred. While Zevran questions her about her life in the cloister, she admits she found some nuns more attractive because of their "forbidden" status, she was there for spiritual purposes, and not interested in ravishing anyone.
  • Lau in Family Project is viewed this way, and it's not entirely inaccurate. He set up the whole situation with Chunhua in order to set off a gang war that destroyed the Taiwan and Shangai mafia, leaving a power gap for him to move into. And also spread the rumor his sister was engaged to Tsukasa, a dangerous situation for him, in order to improve his reputation. Chinese mafia marrying a japanese into the family is a good business idea. He really did intend to go through with that one though. In reality, he's not so much a bad guy as he is very bad with people, and lonely.
  • Apparently, Boss from Saints Row, at least the female version, though it's only really evident in 2. ("You had me at stripper pole.")
    • In 1 you can interpret a few actions and comments as an indication of the male Playa/Boss's bisexuality, but it is understandably left ambiguous.
  • Kefka, the Monster Clown from Final Fantasy VI is made one of these in Dissidia Final Fantasy. His pre-battle taunts speak for themselves.

On Firion: "Ooh! Aren't you hot!"
On Terra: "Time to come home... to papa!"
On himself: "Ohoho! Who's that handsome devil!"

    • Kefka's line in the original Japanese for Firon was more "You must be sweltering!" they were just added a ton of subtext in the translation with the way they went about it.
    • His comments on Firion can be seen more as a subversion, pointing out Firion's bishiness; his tone of voice is quite sardonic, not admiring or lecherous as you would expect. Calling himself handsome is obviously a joke.
  • Gaia Online's Nicolae reacts to Natasha's threat of piercing his ***** to his ***** by asking if Louie can play, too.
  • Morinth in Mass Effect 2. She's a combination of a sexual predator and serial killer, seducing her victims with 400 years of experience and borderline psychic powers, and then kills them during sex (the asari version, anyway) by overloading their nervous systems due to her rare genetic defect, an act that brings her immense, addictive pleasure. To be absolutely fair, all Asari are effectively omnisexual. There is even some vampire symbolism.
  • MadWorlds Howard Holmes would be this if he limited himself to two sexes instead of Anything That Moves... actually, scratch that, ANY living organism, mobile or not.

Howard: Jack just ate a happy ending!
Kreese: Don't you mean Happy Onion?
Howard: Clearly you've never had sex with an onion!

  • The boss in Plumbers Don't Wear Ties tries to hit on Jane most of the time... and when given the chance (as an alternate ending that would result in a game over), he becomes super aggressive on John.
  • Occasionally happens with a character in Rome: Total War. Observe this wonderful list of character traits:
    • Good Commander (He is an effective commander of armies. This we will soon see is not true.)
    • Publically Loyal (He claims loyalty to his country, but doesn't actually have any.)
    • Aggressively Perverse (He rapes other men)
    • Sot (Frequently gets drunk enough to soil himself)
    • Debauched (Will do anything for physical satisfaction)
    • Womanizer (What it sounds like)
    • Inveterate Gambler (Is addicted to gambling, and sucks at it)
  • One of 47's targets in Hitman: Blood Money is Skip Muldoon, a Corrupt Hick drug smuggler and riverboat captain. Muldoon is carrying on affairs with several of the male pursers on his ship, while simultaneously engaging in incest with his niece, photographic evidence of which 47 is also told to steal.
  • Preiss from Gabriel Knight: The Beast Within. Even Hennemann is scared to sleep in the same room as him. He also has a whip and a black rope in his closet.
  • The Courier can be one of these in Fallout: New Vegas by taking both the Lady Killer and Confirmed Bachelor perks. Or alternatively for female characters, Black Widow and Cherchez La Femme.
  • In Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice, Mao appears to be attracted to anything that can be Strapped to An Operating Table. Sexually. This does not go uncommented upon.

Adell: Why the hell are you breathing like that?
Mao: Don't worry, I'm just getting turned on.


  • Szark Sturz and Celesto Morgan from Dominic Deegan. Puzzlingly, using the phrase "filthy bisexuals" is a minor villain's Kick the Dog moment.
  • Several in T. Campbell's comics
  • The Walkyverse's Mike Warner fucked your mom and your dad.
    • He slept with Amber and Ethan at the same time just to mess with their heads and get them to fight in jealousy.
    • He doesn't count though: Remember, he's not a dude, he's a force of nature.
  • Sisters, Elsa and Rain Vilehelm from The Lounge.
  • Joel from Concession has slept with/seduced several of the other characters, either to further his plans or for his own amusement. He also once used his psychic powers to make a preteen child rape his co-worker Artie.
  • The scythe-wielding Fae in Keychain of Creation who introduced himself by kissing every member of the main party in turn.
    • Merena also edges on this trope. She's not actively malicious, but flatly doesn't care if her bed-bouncing ways wreck the homes and lives of the people she seduces.
  • Sabine in Order of the Stick, which is to be expected given that she's a Horny Devil.
  • Star in Metanoia has explicitly stated that he'll have sex with Anything That Moves, even though he prefers men.
  • Mrs Shibata of Sexy Losers regularly attempts to seduce her own son. This stopped for a while when she stole his girlfriend, and resumed when she accidentally caused the girl to die from exhaustion brought on by excessive sex.
  • Danny of Chess Piece, who has hit on his cousin Elliot on his wedding day. (Danny's, not Elliot's, that is.)
  • Zii of Ménage à 3 started out as a flirtatious Bi the Way Lad-ette, but she was quickly flanderized into this, in supreme Jerkass form. She'll pretty much manipulate anyone she can into sex with either her or each other, all while working almost obsessively to keep others from getting any action that she doesn't approve of.
  • Fuschia and Baby Blue in Sinfest play this role, although it's uncertain whether they're actually bisexual or just gay-for-pay (and both of them show positive emotions—Fuschia in a clearly romantic relationship with Criminy, and Baby Blue in a possibly romantic, possibly friendly connection to Fuschia that persists even beyond what's required for their job.)
  • Possibly Mistress Butterfly from Collar 6, also know as The Sadist From Hell. She has at least one confirmed relationship with a man, but she's tortured women on screen. She's also the closest thing the comic has to a Big Bad so far. Note that this is not a case of Bondage Is Bad since the other characters in the comic are in consensual BDSM relationships, Butterfly is evil because she uses force, nor is it a case of same-sex attraction being portrayed as bad since the main characters are all in a poly lesbian relationship.
  • In Jack Drip, the incarnation of the sin of lust prefers to rape women, but he's not picky.

Web Original

  • Tycho & Gabe from Penny Arcade. While showing little more then friendly animosity toward eachother & both having wives, there has been many many a gay joke where the boys have love shrines, nude photos, & plans to abducts & marry male game developers.
  • Female example: Melina Frost in Survival of the Fittest version three. She lead the all woman group named the Poison Angels in an attempt to kill all the men on the island. She was about as Ax Crazy as it got. One of the best examples of her insanity is when she rapes Beth Vandelinder. With a vase.
    • From SOTF-TV, Marvia Jones could also be an example. Her first appearance on the island? Getting high, drugging Nate Chauncey and taking advantage of her, culminating in beating her up and taking her things. She then proceeded to team up with Harold Smythe, who was probably among the most Ax Crazy of the TV characters.
  • Ask That Guy. In his own words:

Anything I would do to a woman, I would do to a man as well. [...] I would penetrate a man just like I would penetrate a woman. That's why bisexual people are the only real equal opportunists out there.

Western Animation

  • Daniel Stopframe in Moral Orel is willing to seduce and impregnate the wife of Clay Puppington, the man he is obsessed with, just to get close to him, only to spurn her casually afterwords. He also prays to Satan in order to get who he wants and even shows willingness to kill the guy's son as a virgin sacrifice as part of a Satanic ritual to get the guy to love him (luckily, his scheme gets shot down when he finds out that the Satanists of Moralton aren't down with that).
  • Stewie of Family Guy, yeah he's a baby but he's definitely depraved and has shown attraction to several people of both genders (such as Brian).
    • Possibly Meg. She spends her free time trying to get a boyfriend and in episodes like "Stew-Roids" and "Dial Meg For Murder" she appears to exhibit attraction towards Connie, a girl who constantly bullies her. Some episodes depict her being both emotionally fragile and disturbed, derived from a desperation for love and attention.
  • Cartman, in South Park, is attracted to Ben Affleck (he gives him a blow-job in one episode), Michael Jackson, dresses as Britney Spears in one episode and makes-out with a Justin Timberlake cardboard cutout, has a sexual affair with Leonardo Dicaprio, while he's pretending to be a foreign whore, is obsessed and follows Kyle, (he even goes crosscountry on an epic quest trying to convince him to suck his balls in Imaginationland: The Trilogy), sucks Butters's balls, then tries to convince Butters to do the same to him, asks Clyde to sleep with him, but also experiences attraction towards Wendy, Stan's girlfriend, mentions he has a crush on a girl, named Patty Nelson, and has a crush on Bebe, when she starts getting breasts.
    • Well, his hand gives Ben Affleck a blow-job, so he really gives him a hand-job. Of course, we're never sure who was really in control.
  • In the Daria movie Is It Fall Yet?, Jane goes to an art commune for the summer. The only girl who befriends her later gets her drunk and tries to seduce her, then sleeps with the pompous, famous artist who runs the commune, presumably in hopes of getting an in with gallery owners.
  • Sergeant Hatred in The Venture Brothers. Also a pedophile and strongly implied to have molested at least Hank.
  • Possibly Murdoc Niccals, if his drunken ramblings can be trusted.
  • Ren Hoek as depicted in Ren and Stimpy: Adult Cartoon Party. He clearly loves the ladies and will try to grab a woman's breast at any given opportunity; yet at the same time is in a homosexual relationship with Stimpy, with whom he already shared an Ambiguously Gay relationship with in the original. He's also described as "psychotic", can be very sadistic, and frequently goes on Ax Crazy rampages.
  • Slade of Teen Titans is implied to be this based on the uncomfortable amount of subtext he has towards Robin, Terra, and Raven.