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  • Author Existence Failure: A rather tragic example, first with the sudden suicide of Season 2 contestant Rachel Brown, which was then followed by the death of Season 3 contestant Aaron Song from complications of diabetes.
  • Executive Meddling: So many things on the show are seemingly staged that you can't help but wonder if everything is all just an act. Between the challenges always coming down to the wire with the scoring, chefs that snap and curse out Gordon Ramsay that should have gotten them kicked out (rarely does it happen), and chefs that are completely incompetent and can't cook simple meals but are rarely put up for elimination, the show could just be a glorified soap opera with chefs. Regardless, who wouldn't want to watch the chefs be yelled at and be thankful that it isn't them up there?
    • Every season seems to have one universally-hated, loudmouthed, designated "villain" contestant who lies, cheats, back-stabs, and connives (e.g., Season 8's Sabrina, Season 9's Elise). They may have some talent, but nowhere NEAR the amount they'd need to be bringing to the table in order to balance out the ordeal they are to put up with. And you can almost always bet that Ramsay will keep this contestant for FAR longer than seems strictly reasonable. Reason being, villains engender vitriol, vitriol begets inter-chef blow-ups, and drama is good for promos. That said, Ramsay never, EVER lets any of them win.
      • On top of this, most of the villains on the show do have a good amount of cooking skills but severely lack teamwork skills, which is the source of all the drama. These types of chefs usually hang around the longest as if Ramsay wants to see them bond with their team and work together so their skills can be put to further use.
  • Fan Nickname: "Russhole" for Russell; watch any episode of Season 8 and the reasons for this nickname will become clear.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!:
    • Will in Season 9 previously appeared on Chopped.
    • Also in Season 9, Cliff from Season 2 of Top Chef makes an appearance when they visit BLT Steak.
    • Speaking of Top Chef, during the charity dinner of Episode 12 in Season 9, it's FABIO!!!
  • Name's the Same: The winners of both Season 4 and Season 10 were named Christina.
  • Old Shame: Nowadays Jeff's an insurance salesman (and before that, had been a used car dealer) and refuses to talk about his time on Hell's Kitchen in any way.
    • Despite being one of the more popular sous chefs, in the years since leaving MaryAnn Salcedo's revealed that she actually hated working on the show due to the general inexperience of the contestants in earlier seasons, and only really took the sous chef's role in exchange for Ramsay helping her set up her own restaurant. On the other hand, she did say that she'd probably be a lot happier working on the show nowadays, since only chefs with a minimum of two years of professional experience are allowed to enter.
  • One-Hit Wonder:
    • Rosann did a reasonably good job of organizing the women and leading to them to victory (or at least, doing a tiny bit better than the men) in the first service, but was bad for the rest of Season 4.
    • At one point, Fran was named Best of the Worst. Other than that, she was one of the worst cooks of Season 7.
    • Siobhan was about the only member of the red team (besides Nilka, who spent most of the service working in the dining room) not to fail hard during the first service and Ramsay liked her signature dish, but she made more and more mistakes.
    • Jamie along with Holli are the only team that perfected the egg challenge in Season 7, episode 2. Other than that...
  • One of Us: Sophisticated chef he may be, Ramsay also appreciates simple dishes as well. He's taken the contestants to some pretty cheap joints that served good food. In interviews, he's mentioned his love for In-n-Out burgers.
    • As one YouTube video of her at Comic Con shows, Heather's actually a big comic book collector.
  • The Pete Best: MaryAnn Salcedo left after the third season, just as the show was starting to become more popular.
  • Promoted Fanboy: All chefs who say they admire Chef Ramsay in the Confession Cam count, but Seth from Season 5 fit this so well he seemed almost like a Stalker with a Crush. He had memorized many details about Ramsay's private life, including the type of cars he drove, and the names of his four children.