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right where you want him

You're the one I wanna chase, you're the one I wanna hold

Jesse McCartney (born April 9, 1987) is a Teen Idol, formerly of Dream Street. He released his first solo in 2004. "Beautiful Soul" is regarded as the song that shot him to fame. He's also an actor and voice actor.

He achieved fame in the late 1990s on the daytime drama All My Children as JR Chandler. He later joined boy band Dream Street, and eventually branched out into a solo musical career.

Additionally, He has appeared on shows such as Summerland and Greek. He also is known for lending his voice as Theodore in Alvin and the Chipmunks and its sequels, as well as voicing the characters Roxas and Ventus in the video games series Kingdom Hearts developed by Square Enix.

Known for songs such as "Leavin", "Beautiful Soul", "She's No You" "Shake" and "Right Where You Want Me".

His second album had some very Maroon 5 themes and chords, and his third album had some very Justin Timberlake vibes in it.

No relation to Paul.

Jesse McCartney has performed in the following roles:
  • Beautiful Soul (2004)
  • Right Where You Want Me (2006)
  • Departure (2008)
  • Have It All (2012)
Jesse McCartney provides examples of the following tropes:

Don't want a minute to go to waste, I want you and your beautiful soul...