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Those voices you hear in cartoon, video game and Anime dubs don't exist in a vacuum. While not quite as famous as regular actors, these folks still get a lot of mention among fans for their distinctive style and/or extensive catalogs. They also get taken advantage of - in 2021, voice actress Bev Standing sued TikTok for unauthorized use of her voice in their text-to-speech tool.

See also Hey, It's That Voice!.

Note: If there is a page on the voice actor in question, just add this category to the list at the bottom of that page. If you want to list a voice actor for which there is no page, please start a page!

Also, this page is for those whose primary career is in voice work. Don't bother listing TV and movie actors who also happen to do the odd voiceover.

For Japanese seiyuu, see Names to Know in Anime.

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