Kingdom Hearts: Tabula Rasa

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Kingdom Hearts: Tabula Rasa is a sequel to Kingdom Hearts Blank Slate, written by Deadbeatloser22. To quote the summary:

"There is a consequence to every action. Something is stirring in Kazé, and no-one knows what might happen next."

The Fic contains appearances from the following games and films:

Tropes used in Kingdom Hearts: Tabula Rasa include:

It was obvious how to get in – one of the circular panes of glass was, bizarrely, a different colour to the others, and had a barely noticeable hole in the centre.

The voice laughed. It was an incredibly high pitched, cutting laugh, of the sort usually reserved for a villain too far on the wrong side of sanity, but even creepier.

"Now that is an interesting contradiction. You have a Japanese name, and yet you have a distinctly Western appearance and speak English with an accent that is anything but. This, combined with the way you're dressed and the item you're carrying..." The stranger indicated Kazé's Keyblade "... raises more questions than it answers, although if I had to make a guess, I'd say you came from another world entirely."