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"Fame...justice...I'm not interested in either. A woman was murdered. I'm out to find the killer. That's all."
Inspector Lunge, Monster
Inspector Javert's mental attitude was compounded of two very simple principles, admirable in themselves but which, by carrying them to extremes, he made almost evil - respect for authority and hatred of all forms of revolt against it. Theft, murder, and every other crime were to him all forms of revolt. Everybody who played any part in the running of the State, from First Minister to the garde champerte was invested in his eyes with a kind of mystical sanctity, and he felt nothing but contempt, aversion and disgust for those who, only if only once, transgressed beyond the bounds of law. His judgements were absolute, admitting no exceptions. [...] He would have arrested his own father escaping from prison and denounced his mother for breaking parole, and he would have done it with a glow of conscious rectitude.
—Victor Hugo, Les Misérables
"Learn to overcome the crass demands of flesh and bone, for they warp the matrix through which we perceive the world. Extend your awareness outward, beyond the self of body, to embrace the self of group and the self of humanity. The goals of the group and the greater race are transcendent, and to embrace them is to achieve enlightenment."
Chairman Sheng-ji Yang, "Essays on Mind and Matter"
"Gun. No license. I checked. Very bad."
Rorschach, Watchmen
"Want? Agree? That has nothing to do with it. The law is the law."

Yamamoto: I told you... I'll allow no one to disrupt the peace.
Kyoraku: But you always taught us... to fight for justice.
Ukitake: It was you, master, who urged us... to become strong for that purpose!

Yamamoto: Nonsense. No personal justice takes precedence over the world's justice.
"The guilty must be punished."
"The way to administer a country well, is for the law for the officials to be clear; therefore one does not rely on intelligent and thoughtful men."
"First, you must always implicitly obey orders, without attempting to form any opinion of your own respecting their propriety. Secondly, you must consider every man your enemy who speaks ill of your king; and, thirdly, you must hate a Frenchman as you hate the devil."
Horatio Nelson
"Sins may be forgiven, but crimes must be punished."

"What do you know about the revolution?"
"I know that it's wrong, no matter what the administration is doing."
"You can either get off your high horse or I can shoot you off it."

"Then shoot."
"As long as Muse still exists, I will follow the law of Muse. A soldier should not act on personal feelings. War is an exchange of lives, and I will not act as a soldier for other than reason of law."
Hauser, Suikoden II
I don't give a damn about anything except putting the right people in jail."
Jack McCoy, Law and Order
"The Tsar is a father. His subjects are his children, and children ought never to reason about their parents."
Tsarist Russian proverb

Kimbal: I didn't kill my wife!

Gerard: I don't care!
"I certainly appreciate a man who stands by his word."
General Tarquin, The Order of the Stick. A Lawful Evil character about a Lawful Good one.

Illyan: Damn. Captain Negri was right.
Commodore Vorkosigan: He usually is. What was the instance?

Illyan: He said that permitting private judgements to turn my duty in the smallest manner would be like getting a little bit pregnant - the consequences would very soon get beyond me.
"The code is the code. The law bends for no one."
King Uther, Merlin
"The Code is the law."
Captain Teague, Pirates of the Caribbean
"Dura lex, sed lex."[1]
Roman maxim.
  1. The law is harsh, but it's the law.