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Little Ego is an adult-oriented, erotic parody of the classic Little Nemo comics. The main character, called Ego, is a woman seemingly in her middle 20s. As in Little Nemo, each story is about her having a dream, and she wakes up in the last panel. Whereas Little Nemo talked to his mother after waking up, Little Ego thinks what she will tell her psychoanalyst.

Every story in the Little Ego comic book involves erotic imagery, with Ego appearing half naked or fully naked in at least one point. She has sexual intercourse with men, with other women, and even with plants and animals.

Little Ego was written and drawn by Vittorio Giardino. Little Ego first appeared in Glamour International Magazine #12 (January 1984). After its debut in Glamour International Magazine, Little Ego appeared regularly in Comic Art from July 1985 to November 1989, and then was later reprinted in Heavy Metal. The strips from Comic Art were later published in a 1989 trade paperback edition.

Tropes used in Little Ego include: