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    Oh, welcome. Please, won't you sit down? Care for a drink? I assure you, it's not made from other people's blood.

    So you wish to learn about the acclaimed seiyuu Nozomu Sasaki? Well, no doubt his most famous roles were Tetsuo in the movie Akira and Yusuke in Yu Yu Hakusho. In fact, he's been the winner of the Seiyuu Grand Prix competition more often than anyone else.

    Also, he doesn't like the word 'Nii-san' thanks to a certain role he had in After War Gundam X.

    Please do not confuse him with the similarly named seiyuu Nozomi Sasaki.

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    Nozomu Sasaki has performed in the following roles:

    -points gun at you- "Goodbye, dear Troper" REI GUN! -Bang!-

    1. Captain Ersatz of the above