One Piece/Drinking Game

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    All The Tropes and Miraheze are not responsible for any damages that result from drinking games,
    including but not limited to damages to your liver and other people's cars.
    • Drink every time someone says that they're going to be the Pirate King. Drink twice if it's not Luffy.
    • Sip every time anyone screams. Do not try this alone.
    • Drink whenever someone explains their power. Drink twice if it's in the middle of the battle.
    • Drink if someone does something physically impossible with their powers.
    • Drink at every Michael Jackson/zombie movie reference you can find during Thriller Bark.
    • Drink every time they make a joke about Luffy and meat.
    • Drink at every new Akuma no Mi the show introduces.
    • Drink every time a named character doesn't die when they should have (powerful attacks, No One Could Survive That, stuff). Drink twice if someone actually dies.

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