Rebuild of Evangelion/Nightmare Fuel

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Hey, it wouldn't be Eva without an appropriate amount of this. And frankly, this time it gets really horrifying, especially when the Angels are involved.

Tropes used in Rebuild of Evangelion/Nightmare Fuel include:
  • The poster for the Korean dub of 2.0....which is also on the inside flap of the American release of 2.22. If the blood-curdling sketch of an aware Eva Unit 1 doesn't scare you, nothing (except The End of Evangelion) will.
    • Also, the Korean poster's tagline translates to "The fate of destruction is also the joy of rebirth!" Ring any bells?
  • The Rebuild Lilith is scarier than the original.
    • The creepier part is that you can now clearly see that the little things protruding from Lilith's lower area look like human legs. They even shake around a bit.
  • This version of the deformed Rei in Rebuild. It does not help matters that it brings back memories of the Giant Naked Rei/Lilith from End of Evangelion.
  • The first quarter of Rebuild copies the first few episodes nearly scene-for-scene, and it's all very familiar... until the Sixth Angel, Ramiel, shows up. Now it's this morphing, singing monstrosity that screams inhumanly as it tries to melt EVA-01's face off. Okay, feeling the impact again. Not to mention that, while the officers are discussing a change of tactics, Shinji is continuously screaming in pain because Ramiel's laser is still boiling him alive.
    • And the fact that he begs Gendou to rescue him while said 'father' continues giving orders coldly, completely ignores him and is actually the one responsible for this—almost as if he were torturing him to death.
    • Ramiel itself is a very weird combination of Awesome and Nightmare Fuel. Out of all the Angels, you'd probably be most forgiven for thinking Ramiel a machine of some kind. Nothing about it looks organic, and the efficient, methodical approach it takes in dealing with threats just reinforces the idea. Then it gets hit with the Positron Cannon and screams, shifts into a starburst pattern as though flinching from the pain, and pours hundreds of gallons of blood all over the landscape. That's when you realize: this utterly inhuman and otherworldly thing is actually alive. This makes Ramiel a lot scarier than if it were simply a machine.
  • Despite the rest of the movie being Lighter and Softer with a heavy emphasis on Character Development, You Can (Not) Advance culminates in a confrontation with Zeruel that results in Rei and Unit 00 being eaten whole by the Angel. To top it off, the Angel morphs into something resembling an Uncanny Valley Girl and proceeds to tear shit up stark naked. If it weren't for the subsequent Crowning Moment of Awesome and Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, the audience would've most likely been driven mad.
    • Not to mention that when Shinji goes to rescue Rei from the core, the Angel gunk inside it is basically burning him alive to the point that his skin peels off.
  • Unit 02's berserker state, seen earlier in the battle, is pretty crazed as well. Watching a Humongous Mecha turn into something that resembles Carnage from Spider-Man (complete with gaping mouth, needle-thin teeth, and lolling tongue) and going medieval on Zeruel much have been quite a startling sight to see on the big screen.
  • Unit 03's destruction. The original scene was already fairly gory and many kinds of disturbing, but Rebuild adds in Unit 01 eviscerating it, in all its gorny detail. And—rather than being crushed—the entry plug is bitten in half, and we hear Asuka's agonized scream (it comes a fraction of a second before Shinji's Big No and is too high-pitched to be him).
    • It certainly doesn't help that this song is playing through the whole scene.
    • It helps even less when Asuka just realized that how she has been treating others and herself is wrong.
  • Remember the robotic sounds as the Dummy System starts up? Well, listen to it playing backwards, and you'll hear words. English words. "Freedom is an illusion. All you lose is the emotion of pride. To be dominated by me is not as bad for humankind as to be dominated by others of your species."
    • This is a quote from Colossus: The Forbin Project.
      • Of note: The Dummy Plug System activating now resembles nothing so much within the entry plug as an Angel itself, rising from behind to just bend over and stare directly into the Pilot's face...
  • As in the series, 01 refuses the Dummy Plug, for one brief, fleeting instant, you can hear an almost human, agonized scream as it's rejected.
  • There are two separate incidents where an Eva pilot's synchro rate goes too high, followed by Ritsuko proclaiming that they need to remove the pilot immediately, because if they remain in that state, they "won't be human anymore".
  • The very fact that as of the end of 2.0, everything is still going according to Gendo's plan.
  • Okay. So the awakened Unit 01 at the end of 2.22 might have been the single most epic thing to have ever come out of this franchise, but at the same time, it was also creepy beyond all comprehension.
  • Kaworu's words at the end of 2.0. Think they sound nice? Look at the expression on his face. Brrr....
  • When the 8th Angel (that new eyeball one) was about to fall onto Unit 01, these human-looking things on its arm sprung up and danced. Just...look.
    • New Angel? Oh, silly. That's Sahaquiel. That is Sahaquiel. It speaks volumes for both the Angel redesigns and Rebuild as a whole that an Angel previously thought of as one of the weaker foes was made genuinely terrifying.
  • The Evangelion Simulator is practically a trashed EVA-prototype with only a spine and head, and even then its head is cracked open. The very thing is a monstrosity.
  • Shinji's Glowing Eyes of Doom in the second movie, towards the end. They're blood red, and it is truly, unconditionally terrifying.
  • The scene featuring Zeruel, and people fleeing into the Geofront Shelter. Not too bad, but for a brief second you hear a child crying. A small but brilliantly effective moment.
  • A possibly fan-specific example. There are two new versions of "Komm Susser Tod" out, both of which begin with a One-Woman Wail. The Dubstep version is also freaky as hell.
  • Mari's Blood Knight side and Slasher Smile while in the EVA.