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Treasure Co., Ltd. - often simply referred to as Treasure - is a video game company founded from former Konami employees in 1992. They started out with a bang - quite literally, as their first title, Gunstar Heroes for the Sega Genesis, pushed the system to its limits with explosive, heart-pounding action. Since then, Treasure has built up a reputation for their action games, which are unique, distinctive, and often very, very challenging. While few of their games have been commercial successes, Treasure's games nearly always are critical successes, and they continue to flourish based on their deals with larger companies and the quality of their brand.

Treasure is often cited as the Gainax of video games due to having similarly bizarrely themed works and Fan Service of the gameplay kind. Expect their games to have lots of explosions and Unexpected Gameplay Changes.

As an idea of what the staff is like, when the director of Sin and Punishment complained the game was too alienatingly difficult, he was told, "Our director doesn’t suit us" and "Those who can’t play it aren’t a part of our team." The working title of the game before they agreed to tone it down was Glass Soldier - even Treasure was considering naming it after how easily it killed you. In other words, they're video game Blood Knights.

Even their licensed work contains its share of quality, averting The Problem with Licensed Games. Examples include a number of Bleach franchise games, Astro Boy Omega Factor, and Wario World.

Works created by Treasure Company include: