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This is a page of indexes that were originally indices on TV Tropes, but are still floating around here on All The Tropes.

Most often, these pages need one of these:

  1. For a true category, move it into the Category namespace, and delete the redundant examples list and the "Index" category. If the descriptions on the page are really good, they can be added to the Laconics for each page.
  2. For a supertrope, move each of the subtropes into their own category (carefully avoiding subpages of the supertrope), and then replace the supertrope's listing portion of the page with {{supertrope list}}. Make sure to fill the new category page with the categories on the supertrope page, as well as a description with a link to the supertrope.
  3. For a Franchise, replace "Category:Index" with "Category:Franchises".

After completing the above, remove this category. The ideal state of this category is empty and deleted!

Pages in category "Index"

The following 200 pages are in this category, out of 1,306 total.

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