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This is a page of indexes that were originally indices on TV Tropes, but are still floating around here on All The Tropes.

Most often, these pages need one of these:

  1. For a true category, move it into the Category namespace, and delete the redundant examples list and the "Index" category. If the descriptions on the page are really good, they can be added to the Laconics for each page.
    • For an already-existing category, all of the above has already been done except for the bit about deleting the "Index" category. Simply delete "Category:Index" from the page.
  2. For a Super-Trope, move each of the Sub-Tropes into their own category (carefully avoiding subpages of the super-trope), add the super-trope as a category to all of the sub-trope pages if it isn't there already, and then replace the super-trope's listing portion of the page with {{supertrope list}}. Make sure to fill the new category page with the categories on the super-trope page, as well as a description with a link to the super-trope.
  3. For a Franchise, replace "Category:Index" with "Category:Franchises".
  4. For a list that doesn't have a parent page (such as a list of award-winning works or a "Names to Know" list), replace "Category:Index" with "Category:List of Lists".
  5. For a trope page with examples on subpages, add the {{examples on subpages}} section header to the trope's description page, in place of the {{examples}} header (or on the line directly above the {{examples}} header if a page has both, but at least one mod thinks that having both on the same page just looks sloppy), remove any manually-created list of subpages, then delete "Category:Index" if the only reason it was there was because the trope has subpages.
  6. For disambiguation pages, delete {{reflist}} is it is there, add {{disambiguation}} just before the category list if it is not there, and delete "Category:Index".

After completing the above, remove this category. The ideal state of this category is empty and deleted!

Pages in category "Index"

The following 200 pages are in this category, out of 1,150 total.

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