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An animated series based on a line of plush toys depicting many endangered animals, to help raise awareness of their situation. In 2010, an animated series arrived in South Korea, depicting the main protagonists, Yoohoo, Roodee, Chewoo, Pammee and Lemmee attempting to fix the environment to continue growing their Trees of Life.

And then David Feiss, the guy behind Cow and Chicken, got his hands on it.

The result is several flavours of weird.

Yoohoo and co. start out life as the executives of the company Nasty Corp, whose money-grubbing schemes leave natural wonder after natural wonder devastated in their wake. As a result, Father Time, voiced by rapper Flavour Flav (Yes) is tasked by his wife to do something about it. Father Time uses his magic to transform the executives into adorable little animals, and sends them on a quest to fix all their misdeeds, in return for gem stones. Once they get enough gem stones, they will be granted one wish; which they plan to use to become human again.

Adding to the weird the fact that Father Time's scenes are animated in the same style as David Feiss' previous work, while Yoohoo and co. are animated in flash.

Tropes used in Yoohoo and Friends include:
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: In a meta sense. Father Time is most often depicted as a stereotypical 'wise old man' with a long beard. Here he is a loud, obnoxious, though kind-hearted blue-skinned man who casts spells with a club. He still has a beard, though.
  • Baleful Polymorph: The central theme of the series with the Nasty Corp Executives being transformed into cute, cuddly animals.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: The fourth wall is completely decimated, with the character's able to notice and point out every cartoon element in the show including; Thought Bubbles, Fight Clouds, fade Outs, Snot Bubbles, Cartoon Physics, Referring to Episode Transition, and many more. One of the most evident ones is when Roodee was scared of seeing vampire bats (actually the Pookies (poorly) disguised) Yoohoo tells him not to worry as the vampire bats were nocturnal and that it was day time, he would safe until nighttime, Roodee responds by saying "But that could be in a dew seconds! This is a cartoon you know!". Father Time also explains he appears on the show and makes the episodes to get out of getting a real job.
  • Ear Worm: The theme song.
  • Epic Fail: Nasty Corp seemed very good at this. Special mention goes to kidnapping an endangered owl and forcing it to record multiple albums, then releasing them to the public. Without realising how god awful its singing was.
    • Father Time takes his wife on a romantic cruise. On the Titanic. And then books a flight on the Hindenburg.
  • Failure Is the Only Option: Almost every scheme cooked up by Nasty Corp failed horribly. It gets to the point where one wonders why they were still in business at all. Though it is possible Nasty Corp was scamming its customers, making money by selling dysfunctional products that customers were suckered into buying.
  • Grumpy Bear: Lemmee the 'sourpuss', who is the only one of the Yoohoos whose personality has not changed from his human counterpart. He is self-centered, pessimistic, sadistic, lazy (to the point where he'd rather be crushed under an elephant and used as a doormat than do work), and in general an all round jerk. In the episode with the Forest of Lemurs, Lemmee points out that all lemurs act the way he does and it is not his fault, where Yoohoo states that "[they] would never question his self-centered attitude ever again".
  • Harmless Villain: The Pookies, a trio of meerkats who want the Yoohoos' wish to become human.
  • Idiot Hero: Most of the animals, (with the exception of Roodee who is a genius, able to construct complex inventions and the only one able to read).
    • In particular Chewoo who is a complete ditz and often considered an annoyance. In the episode with Nasty Corp's candy plants, after initially failing the Yoohoos agree to just blame it on Chewoo, and when Yoohoo explains the problem and Chewoo doesn't even pay attention Roodee asks "Why is she even in this show?".
    • Pammee is also quite frequently in this role, but not as frequently as Chewoo due to her shy, introverted nature. However in the episode with Ring Ring the Panda where Ring Ring falls in love with Pammee and tells her an elevator joke, before finishing the joke Pammee laughs and asks for it to be told again only to later state she never got the joke from the beginning. Father Time then says "With Pammee the elevator never reaches the top floor", where everyone laughs only for Chewoo to ask "Pammee has an elevator?"
    • Yoohoo also to a pouts idiosism but it is too a much lesser extent than the girls and is often more subtle or an occasional usage of humour rather than a defining character trait like Chewoo.
  • Hammer Space: The Yoohoos consistent tendency to store things in their armpits, such as Roodee's "armpit book" (which has a mind of its own and does not like being stored there due to hygiene) and Yoohoos bag of gems.
  • Ink Suit Actor: Flavour Flav as Father Time. He even has the Viking Helmet, clock and his consistent usage of the phrase "Yeah Boy!".
  • Macekre: [context?]
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: Father Time accidentally causes the Salem Witch Trials after trying to help three women carrying heavy buckets of water... by enchanting brooms to carry them. Thankfully he managed to save their skins shortly after wards.
  • Once an Episode: Whenever the Yoohoos obtain a gem, they have a music video celebrating it. The first episode has them wondering when they got the time to record it.
  • Ridiculously Cute Critter: Need I say more?
  • Snot Bubble: One of the most focused cartoon elements, in one episode Yoohoo notices that not all of them have snot bubbles when they sleep.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: Attempts to parody this, but sometimes falls into it regardless.