Adventure Time/Recap/S01/E14 The Witch's Garden

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Adventure Time/Recap/S01/E14 The Witch's Garden
A story from Adventure Time
Central Theme:
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While Finn and Jake are stalking the Crown Frog, the frog goes through a gate and Jake uses his powers to go over the wall. Soon, they stumble upon a garden filled with sweets, doughnuts, cupcakes, etc. growing on bushes. Jake begins to sniff a doughnut to find out if it contains any poison. Suddenly, the owner of the garden, a witch, arrives and accuses Jake of eating one of her doughnuts. Jake disagrees on this, but sees the doughnut in his hand and eats it. Enraged, the witch casts a spell on Jake and suddenly his body from the neck down is transformed to resemble a small man wearing underwear. The witch explains that she took away Jake's powers and will not give them back unless he apologizes to her. Jake refuses to, and so the witch teleports Finn and Jake out of her garden. Then she starts talking to a bagel and—upon realizing the bagel is not a doughnut—she transforms it into a small humanoid bagel wearing underwear too.

Finn tries to help Jake get his powers back, but now that Jake is powerless, he is lazier than ever. He remembers as a puppy, he rolled around in a mud puddle, and he comes to the conclusion that he got his powers from that same puddle. Finn decides to help him find the puddle and head out to find some mud puddles. As they start their journey, Jake becomes too lazy, making Finn carry him to the mud puddle. They arrive at River of Junk, where they see a mud puddle on the other side. Finn begins to swim through the river to reach it, but Jake's subconscious decides that it is too hard to try to reach the other side and that he should wear a hat instead. Finn makes a catapult to get Jake over to the other mud puddle, but the mud puddle did not help Jake regain his powers back. Suddenly, Gary (a mermaid) appears from the River of Junk and kidnaps Finn (after a battle), taking him to her nest and leaving him as food for her hatchlings. Finn is unable to fight back, however, because he has been knocked unconscious by the mermaid's sludge attack.

Jake tries to rescue Finn but is too lazy to climb up the tree and even asks for help to get up there. With no choice, Jake decides to go back to the witch and apologize to her. The witch allows Jake to get into her garden, but she refuses to accept Jake's apology, as he took too much time. Now the witch makes Jake do humiliating stunts, like slow-dancing with his subconscious with flowers in his underwear. But then, Jake's subconscious dies, as he was the subconscious of Jake's old magical self. Sad that his subconscious is dead and his best friend is going to be eaten by giant birds, Jake begins to cry about what will happen to him. The witch, planting cupcakes, murmurs, "Let this be a lesson to you, cupcakes." Thinking Jake learned his lesson, the witch gives Jake his powers back and restores his normal body, while his Subconscious comes back to life. Jake then knocks away the witch's cane, takes another doughnut, and when the witch asks if Jake learned his lesson, he replies simply, "Nope." Jake returns to the mermaid's nest and pushes the mermaid back to the River of Junk, then scares away the birds. When Finn asks Jake if he got his powers back by apologizing, Jake lies and says he found the right mud puddle.

Tropes used in The Witch's Garden include:
  • An Aesop: Subverted with Jake. After he gets his powers back from the Witch, it seems that he's learned not to steal, but he ends up eliminating the aesop by knocking the Witch down and stealing yet another donut.

Witch: But didn't you learn your lesson?!
Jake: NOPE!