Adventure Time/Recap/S06/E29 Dark Purple

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Adventure Time/Recap/S06/E29 Dark Purple
A story from Adventure Time
Central Theme:
Synopsis: Susan Strong (voiced by Jackie Buscarino) and her Hyooman associates break into the pre-war Super Porp soda factory in order to save a baby that was kidnapped by one of its delivery drones. Susan Strong soon discovers a race of mutated beings, who slave all day to craft the delicious Super Porp. Susan and her associates eventually square off against Cheryl (voiced by Burch), the dying spokesperon for the company, who reveals that she needs the baby to keep brand awareness strong. Susan saves the child and has the plant dismantled, which results in terrible soda. (Wikipedia)
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Tropes used in Adventure Time/Recap/S06/E29 Dark Purple include:

Mugged for Disguise: Parodied. Susan knocks three people out and wears them as camouflage.