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Those logs were originally supposed to be beavers. (The logs are wood.)

What time is it? Uh...well...not radar time, apparently.

Adventure Time is rated TV-PG, but it is still considered a kid's show... apparently. While it is cleaner than other radar-dodging shows, that doesn't mean that it will not use its rating to its advantage.


  • The PG rating allows for stronger language with words like "freaking", "sucks", and "crotch".
    • It also allows for more innuendo (such as people grinding), and more violence and (very rare) blood.
      • Maybe not, actually. Word of God says that Finn's demon blood sword will be his standard sword from now on, so every episode that features his sword will get blood past the radar by default.
  • Many of the characters use Unusual Euphemisms in place of swear words.
  • Embryo Princess actually shows up in the background of a couple episodes. Apparently she was originally called Abortion Princess.
  • Ice King's obsession with capturing girls that are much younger than him. Centuries much.
    • Justifiably, at least all the princesses he's attempting to marrabductare of legal age. Upon finding that Princess Bubblegum had regressed to 13 years old in Mortal Folly, he immediately loses interest in her.
  • 13 year old Finn's Ship Teases with characters like Princess Bubblegum and Marceline who are both physically 18. Now if Fionna and Cake was the default setting instead of the Gender Flip, maybe we'd have heard more from the Moral Guardians. Especially when taking Tree Trunks's crush on Finn into consideration.
  • Violence is used a lot, and yes, characters have been killed on screen, sometimes in very vivid ways, like getting impaled.
  • There is a painting of a naked woman (that is conveniently torn to cover her up) that shows up in the background of many episodes in the Tree Fort. One can only wonder where/why they got it.
    • Word of God states its a really messed up bikini though.

Divided By Episodes

Season One

"Slumber Party Panic"

  • One of the potion ingredients is "explosive diarrhea".
  • Jake himself gets Seven Minutes in Heaven with Lady Rainicorn. Someone was asleep at the wheel for that.And when the door is opened by Jake, Lady Rainacorn is in a strange position.
  • Mr. Cupcake is dared to take off his "wrapper" in a truth or dare game (wrapper are candies clothes, in case you didn't notice). After he does it, people go "wooow" and "I didn't know he was chocolate".
  • The whole concept of killing candies-zombies and make them bleed sugar.
  • "Tree Trunks! Get those hot buns in here, girl!" (Tree Trunks walks in carrying a basket of hot cross buns)

"Trouble in Lumpy Space"

  • The portal to her dimension is a frog on a mushroom, and Makeout Point in Lumpy Space is a giant tongue.
  • LSP's friend's license plate: SXY LMP.
  • "I said 'Lump off', mom!"
  • "I lumping hate them!"

"Prisoners of Love"

  • Finn comments how much he likes the ice-land, because there is a lava giant in front of his house who is absolutely hot! After Jake elbows him, he says that he meant "hot hot", not "sexy hot". Then Jake teases him, telling him that he did mean "sexy hot".

"Tree Trunks"

  • "I'm the sexiest adventurer in the world!"
  • Tree Trunks attempting to seduce a tentacle monster.

Tree Trunks: I'm helping you by tempting this guy with... my body...

"The Enchiridion!"

  • The original "The Enchiridion!" title cards are a good example of something that even Adult Swim would be disgusted.Its basically Finn stabbing Jake with his guts spilling out everywhere.
  • The Enchiridion tells how to kiss princesses... and that's just Chapter Five. It's best to first practice with a lip monster.
  • After a giant eats Jake, Finn swoops down and kicks the giant in the balls so he'll vomit up Jake.
    • Finn also kicks the dark wizard in the crotch.
  • "Tenderness, ingenuity, bravery, nard-kicking ability, and when you took that giant ogre's dollar, oh man, The Keeper nearly fainted!"
  • When Finn defeats the heart monster, a red liquid (probably blood) spurts everywhere.

"The Jiggler"

  • The portrait of the naked woman can be seen in the background.

"Ricardio the Heart Guy"

  • The first time we see Ricardio, he's walking on LSP's back saying it was a massage meant only for "best friends" and that it was "completely consensual". God only knows how they got away with something that clear-cut.
  • Also, Ricardio is a spawn of the Ice King's heart that wants to rip out Princess Bubblegum's heart and make out with it. Eeew.

"My Two Favorite People"

  • Lady Rainicorn's joke is about "the time when [she and Jake] ran naked through that farmer's cabbage patch."
  • Lady Rainicorn, when wanting to try to get Jake to join her and Finn after she has gotten the old-man voice thanks to the translator actually says the line "Come on, my darling, wrap your legs around me."

Jake: "I remember why I drowned that translator now!"

  • When Jake is trying to use Tiffany to make Jake jealous, Finn is totally confused and unresponsive, seeing no reason why he would be—until it's revealed that Tiffany is a boy, at which point Finn instantly goes berserk and lunges at him, calling him a homewrecker.

"Memories of Boom Boom Mountain"

  • The mountain's comment of "Those men and their disgusting, fantastic bodies." Which Jake follows up with "Whoa, this guy’s got problems."
  • Hell, the entire episode (plus title) counts once you realize what "Boom-Boom" is supposed to mean.
  • "And I can still see his gorgeous back!" And the at the end of the back of the mountain, there are two hills, "conveniently" shaped like butt cheeks.
  • "I'm naked!"


  • At the end, Finn and a few fellow wizards end up naked with logs covering their genitals, as seen above.
    • As this blog post explains, the "wood" was their fall-back after their original crap was detected and shot down. They originally wanted to cover them with beavers.
      • The writer of that post even pretends to think that the Double Entendre was "way out of line" and claims that "cooler creative heads prevailed" when replaced with (arguably more explicit) wood. Well done, folks, well done.
  • The part where they learned to squirt mayonnaise from their fingers, splattered on each others faces and into their mouths (without prior explanation that it was mayo the first time around).


  • Marceline being called a "sexy vampire lady".
  • Marceline slapping Finn's butt.

"City of Thieves"

  • This episode can be summed up as one long concurring virginity ("You stole my purity") and murder ("My hands are unclean") joke. Which becomes just plain creepy when Finn accuses a little girl of stealing his purity from him (It Makes Sense in Context, but still...).

Finn: We're virgin islands!

    • It was originally supposed to be "virgins" but that didn't get past the censors.
  • You can also clearly see a (very realistic) grenade launcher and shotgun in the little girl's tent alongside the other loot. It makes you wonder what she would need it for...

"The Witch's Garden"

  • The part where the mermaid emerges and asks:

Mermaid: Which one of you mortals wants to mate with (gestures over her body) all THIS?

    • That mermaid's name happens to be Gary.
  • Jake, powerless, with his body turned human, feels his chest and says "Hey, what gives? I used to have like eight more of these things."

"What Is Life?"

  • In one scene, the Ice King is found lying in his underwear on top of a leopard spot bed flicking through a magazine with a cover of a pair of breasts and a stylized heart in the top corner.
  • In this episode Finn calls Ice King a "dumbhole". (As in "asshole" + "dumbass"). A very clever way to incorporate both words and yet not say "ass"!
  • The concept of suicidal balloons somehow made it past:

Finn: Thanks, guys. Your Blood Oath is fulfilled.

  • "He was infused with my private particles."
  • When NEPTR gets the urge for capturing girls:

Neptr: I'm filled with the strange desire to capture princesses.
Finn: Neptr, that's a deeply unsettling thing to say.

    • The Ice King tells Neptr he can "mate" with robot princesses if he goes with him.

"Ocean of Fear"

  • "Let's go kick your fear of the ocean where the sun don't shine! In the sea cucumber!"
  • At one point you can see two corpses underwater, most likely from before the Mushroom War.
  • Finn farting at the bottom of the ocean definitely counts due to his "fear" of the ocean, and the fart signaling that me may have crapped himself

"When Wedding Bells Thaw"

  • This episode references vore.

Ice King: Marriage is a thing that allows me to capture a princess forever and let her live inside of me! Marriage is the most beautiful thing in the world!

  • This exchange.

Ice King: I just finished tying up my bride.
Finn: Weird. You mean your bride is into that?

  • At one point, Finn says this:

Finn: I actually felt happy for that son of a toot!

  • The Ice King marries Jake. Apparently, this is legal in the Ice Kingdom.


  • "Don't flaunt it, if you're not gonna give it up!" In case you're wondering Finn is talking about a key and right before this line, Finn sang a song saying that he wanted to have the key's baby.

Finn: Oh key, we're meant to be
I want to have your baby
Oh key, you're so good to me--
(finding out the key is suspended in a cube of jelly)
Euuugh, Jelly Cube! Come on, give it to me. Don't flaunt it--if you're not--gonna--give it up!

"The Duke"

  • The Duchess spoke about the Duke of Nuts "Lying with his wife".
  • Finn and Jake met up with the Duchess, and Jake tries a few nuts from a bowl on the table, pauses, and says "Oh... should've asked if these were like, her eggs or something."
    • It's worth noting that he then continues to eat them without asking.
  • "You son of a blee-blob!"
  • At the end of the episode, Jake is dressed as Princess Bubblegum at the Grand Meeting of Ooo Royalty, looking incredibly bored. Eventually, he turns to a prince who is actually the Marquis of Nuts in disguise and says the following:

"Freak City"

  • Magic Man turning a bird inside out. It flops around a bit before being able to fly away..... Eek.
  • At one point Magic Man exits in a spectacular firework that spells the words "EAT IT".
  • The amazing crotch kicking device wasn't bad until they insisted on using the word crotch over and over and over again.
  • Jake keeps encouraging Finn to stay a giant foot, and when asked he says that Finn will understand when he's older. Yeah, Jake totally has a foot fetish.




Duke of Nuts: Why would you want to sack my nut castle on my second son's first birthday?!

  • When the dimple plant shows its true form, two long legs with a pelvis on top, in the center of the pelvis was a big sideways mouth, and on top of that was a floppity, long appendage with a slit hole at the top.
  • The zombie skeleton groping Finn's butt.
  • Near the beginning when Jake says "I'd love to help you, but she scares the filling out of my doughnut." In a previous episode he referred to his butt as his "powdered doughnut", literally getting "crap" past the radar.

"Rainy Day Daydream"

  • Again, the torn picture of the naked woman can be seen.
  • Jake mentions imagining his mother naked.
    • Then again, the only clothing she does wear is a flowered hat.
  • Also, him saying to an imaginary girl, "If you weren't a figment of my imagination, I'd want to have your babies."
  • Finn says "crap" at one point.
  • "Imagination cans! Imagination cans! We can shake our imagination cans!"

"What Have You Done?"

  • The word "bosom" is said a lot.
  • In the book that shows the Ice King's howls curing the Candy People, on the opposite page you see "5318008", which when turned upside-down reads "boobies". They definitely put that in on purpose, considering if you pause it and look closely, you notice some odd dots in some of the rounder numbers.

"His Hero"

  • Jake says "I love you, Billy! I have a secret crush on you, Billy!"
  • Billy getting his hole (literally, a hole in his chest cavity) filled up again was pretty damn graphic. We could see organs and veins inside his body and everything.

"Gut Grinder"

  • The Soft People "wee-wee" when they see the Gut Grinder. "Wee-wee" from their armpits. Yes. The censors actually missed a joke about a guy peeing out of his armpits.
  • Finn: "How come you never become a monster when I want you to? You're always saying, 'Not now. I have a headache.'"
  • "Sharon, you've been a bad girl!" He's talking to his wife.

Season Two

"It Came from the Nightosphere"

  • "Who the fluff are you?"
  • This exchange:

Marceline: Finn, you're like an ant to him.
Finn: Oh, yeah? Well this ant's about to get in his pants!
Marceline: ....What.
Finn: (blushes) Well--You know! Because I'm going to make him uncomfortable while I release those souls!

  • "Nobody flicks me in my butt without my consent!"
  • And Marceline's father has serious Vagina Dentata mouth in several scenes.
    • That's on close-up, from further away he's one of those dildos with moving balls and lumps. And the Vagina Dentata mouth becomes a "Dickhole Dentata".
  • "I'll see you in the Nightosphere ya sick freak."

"The Eyes"

  • The discussion of snakes: "There's even one in my underpants!" Really. With a visual aid too (Finn's holding up a snake, wearing a pair of his underpants).
  • When Finn and Jake are near the window, a tiny figure hanging itself can be seen.

"Loyalty to the King"

  • Finn wandering around with the disembodied head of a cyclops tucked under his arm near the beginning of the episode definitely counts.

"Blood Under the Skin"

  • The entire shower scene, including the dude yelling, "My most private parts, peeped by a boy!"
    • "Pervert!"
  • Drop ball? Picking up a RED ball and picking it up with your ass?
  • "Make her think it was her idea! That's how you make the ladies do what you want...."
  • Jake wearing the lady armor.
  • And at the end, Jake picking up Finn with his butt cheeks.


  • Finn asks the duck and fox couple (odd enough on its own) if he can watch them kiss. When they say no, he forces them to kiss.
    • "No! I'm secretly in love with Mr. Goose! And now.. He'll never love me! Because I am soiled."
  • All the animals Finn messed with attack him, and the duck appears to be humping his butt.
  • Later on Finn says, "Mrs. Cow, take that bag off your udder, you beautiful girl! Let it all hang loose!"

"Slow Love"

  • This episode is proof that the radar imploded in on itself a long time ago. "Well, I'm just sitting here thinking about mating with snails..."
  • "I'll mate with you!"
    • Soon after, Beemo gets covered in suspicious slime from the slugs. Slime doesn't come out of slugs or snails mouths, and they were making out anyway, so where did the slime come from. It must of been squirted to make it cover BEEMO with the amount of force it did...
  • Jake switching back and forth between imitating a male snail and a female snail is actually a pretty clever joke about how snails are hermaphrodites. And also a stunning example of this trope.
  • Jake goes into the house, which is currently on Snorlock's back, but get this... currently Snorlock has a bunch of lady snails "dancing" against him, which is destroying their home in the process. Before Jake leaves, Finn has this line:

Finn: JAKE, NOOOO! You'll get slimed or grinded on!

    • You can also clearly see the "ass" of the girl snails.
  • When the first female snail sees Snorlock, she sucks in her gut and makes her "breasts" bigger.
  • When Snorlock and the other female slug make out, Beemo watches and goes, "Go! Go! Go!"

"Power Animal"

  • In one scene, the gnomes lead Finn to a machine that has a capsule with a pole in it, and is powered by "sexy-fun dancing!". Finn refuses, but they shoot electricity through the floor and Finn is forced to dance around the pole in order to not be electrocuted. It's pretty terrifying if you get down to it. So, yeah, in summary, they made Finn pole-dance.

"Crystals Have Power"

  • Jake twisting Finn's nipples. It Makes Sense in Context. Kind of.
  • Tree Trunks' reference to Jake punching her in the face: "Get your junk off my trunk." And her wanting to make Finn her "sexy king".
    • She also wanted to snuggle with Finn through time and space and to make out in an alternate dimensional plane...
  • This interesting exchange:

Crystal Man 1: Hurry up guys, I gotta drop a crystal donk.
Crystal Man 2: Oh, come on, I don't wanna hear that!
Crystal Man 1: Hey whatever man, I ain't ashamed.

"The Other Tarts"

  • In one scene...

Finn: Jake, did you just sniff my butt?
Jake: No.
(few seconds later)
Jake: Finn, did you just lick me...all the way up my arm?
Finn: Uh, no.

"To Cut a Woman's Hair"

  • The witch sits on Jake, and basically sucks him into her ass. This is the whole reason Finn has to go get some hair, or else Jake will be sucked up forever.

Finn: Please, Princess! Just stick it in your mouth!

"The Chamber of Frozen Blades"

  • In the Ice King's secret chamber, there is a poster of a girl in a bikini with the title Bikini Assassin on it. Another poster (titled Five Knuckle Romance) has two ninjas ripping each other's hearts out.
  • Also, when Finn and Jake find out that Gunter is pregnant, Jake exclaims "Gunter's a WOMAN?!". The Ice King says no, but is unsure himself.
    • He even briefly looks at where Gunter would have genitals when presented with the question, appears to realize that he has no idea what he's looking at, then tosses Gunter and the egg over his shoulder without a second thought.
      • In the original storyboard, a hybrid of the Ice King and Gunter hatched from Gunter's egg. Guess that didn't make it past the radar.
      • For the record, he only even looked because of how little idea he had. Penguins have the same privates whether they're male or female, a "cloaca". The plumbing behind them is different, but for all looking at it from the outside will tell you, they might as well have seventeen different sexes.

"The Pods"

  • The third pod that sprouts resembles a pair of green buttocks, which oozes a brown substance that Jake promptly licks.

"The Silent King"

Burglar: Give me those hot buns, lady!

    • "Set my buttocks ablaze!"

"The Real You"

  • Finn mentions dimethyltryptamine, a naturally occurring compound in the brain believed to play a part in the visual component of dreams. Of course, it's also a recreational hallucinogen...
  • Jake comments on Finn's gift to Princess Bubblegum as "Giving his spit to her." Finn's gift was a scale model of the Candy Kingdom made of his spit bubbles, but still...

"Guardians of Sunshine"

  • Sleepy Sam taking a crap each time he eats someone. Fast digestive system...

"Death in Bloom"

"Susan Strong"

  • "We could rule them like gods! Angry gods...!"

"Mystery Train"

  • The censors were definitely asleep for this:

Finn: SON OF A--(train toots)

"Go With Me"

  • Near the end of the episode:

Marceline: Of course I'll go with you, Finn.
Finn: You will?
Marceline: Yeah, as friends...
Finn: Of course as friends!
Marceline: But no tongue.
Finn: Ye-WHAA?

  • the ending has many couples making out

"Belly of the Beast"

  • From Finn's song:

Finn: All of our favorite foods are totally dead / They cannot procreate in little food-beds.

  • In one of the scenes with bears dancing in the background two bears can clearly be seen grinding against each other.

"The Limit"

  • When Finn and Jake first see the labyrinth:

Finn: (looking at the labyrinth from uphill) Fudge, man! This place is yoga balls huge!

  • And the song Finn and Jake sing inside the labyrinth. Could be a Double Entendre as well.

Finn: Sing, coz Yo Mamma, Yo Mamma, Yo Mamma said. She said Yo Mamma, Yo Mamma, Yo Mamma what? What Yo Mamma say, she say?
Jake: I'm busy makin' babies, greasy babies, slidin' on my gravies in the-- Ah, I forget the next part.

  • "Careful, dude. I think that's my nerp, but like super stretched out."


  • A sneaky example. The cup that Finn was pouring at the beginning of the episode has a bunch of Runic letters on it. When converted to the Latin alphabet, the message says "Cup of many ales". Ale, of course, is beer.

"Mortal Folly"

Finn: Hey man, I'm sorry for punching you in the ball.

"Mortal Recoil"

  • In one scene, Jake looks in PB's bathroom through a keyhole and tells Finn to check it out, and Finn says "C'mon, man, that's pervy!" Note that Jake was just freaked out by what she had turned into, but still...
  • Ice King, upon finding out that Princess Bubblegum is now 13, he immediately says "AW, DANG IT! Well, I'm out of here."

Season Three

"Conquest of Cuteness"

  • This line:

Finn: Those cuties are nothing but an afternoon's delight.

    • And this one:

Finn: I'm gonna manhandle those guys's banandles!

"Morituri Te Salutamus"

  • There's evidence that some or all of the gladiator ghosts were homosexual. One gladiator even refers to his partner as "my love", although you might not realize at the time that the ghosts were repeating the last words they said to their partners before killing them or being killed by them.
    • Of course, it is entirely possible that were female gladiators. Ooo can be a strange place at times.
    • Apparently, they are homosexual.
  • One of the fighters landing on an upright shield by his balls. Ouch.

"Memory of a Memory"

  • This:

Ash: Just pickin' up my girl for a night on the town--at my place.


  • Ice King spreads his honey on Breakfast Princess' pancakes. It's made worse considering her skirt is a pancake.
  • Ice King attempts a Look Behind You! against Scorcher. "Look! Someone got hit in the boing-loins!" And as if this wasn't bad enough, he keeps repeating it until Scorcher looks! But.... It Gets Worse. An animatic released after the episode aired reveals that he originally said "nuts", not "boing-loins".
    • Could possibly be a bit of a Development Gag, as the name of the network executive that has the final say on what the show can and can't do is Robert Sorcher.
  • Right before that, there's some pretty obvious goblin butt.
  • At one point, Ice King offers Scorcher night vision X-ray goggles, for when he has "lady houseguests".

"Too Young"

  • One of those candy hearts (that say "CALL ME" and so on) gives some of its biomass to Princess Bubblegum. You never see it completely in one image, but the message on it is "TUG ME".
    • You can see the "TUG ME" heart's official character art here. [dead link]

"The Monster"

Jake: This'll be as easy as... umm... mmm...
Finn: Easy as CHILDBIRTH!


  • "I try to kill you because you're always PRINCESS BLOCKING ME ALL THE TIME!"
  • "Let's have babies, princess!"
    • Apparently not as bad as Ice King pretending to be Jake. He starts to remove his tunic... (and he goes a little further in the animatic...)
  • When Gunter was messing around with Jake when he was frozen, Gunter basically humped Jake's face.

"Wizard Battle"

  • Abracadaniel. The rainbow magic and general apathy towards kissing a girl give... certain implications.
    • And of course, let's not forget he's a shaped as a penis, cleverly disguised, but come on, his legs, body, head and tiara make the character totally look like that.
  • "Is it an open-mouth kiss?"
  • Whenever a contestant tries to drop out of the battle, the Master Wizard turns them into a cat. Now, what's another word for cat?

"Fionna and Cake" [1]

  • This exchange:

Prince Gumball: They're decorations for my biennial Gumball Ball... tonight!
Fionna: Sounds like it's gonna be... large...heh...
Prince Gumball: Yes... So very large....

  • And this:

Fionna: Ice Queen, why you always predatoring on dudes?
Ice Queen: Ha! You should talk! Keeping all the babes to yourself! Totally ice-blocking my game!

Prince Gumball: I think we should have a race. A playful race to Marshmallowy Meadows!
Fionna: Okay, but I'm gonna kick your butt!... Not that I'm thinking of butts...

  • The bedroom scene. Until Fionna noticed that Prince Gumball was frozen to the ceiling, it looked like it was going a completely different way.

Fionna: Hey, is this your bedroom?
Prince Gumball: (locks door) Fionna.... (unbuttons shirt)
Fionna: Heh-heh... (to herself) whoa...

  • The whole basis for the episode seems to imply Ice King has some sort of feelings for Finn. And, knowing this, it's hard not to see hints of this throughout the entire series.
  • Also, at the end of the episode, if you look at the cover of the fanfiction Ice King is reading, you can see it has Ice King and Fionna kissing each other on the mouth.

"What Was Missing"

  • Finn has a piece of Princess Bubblegum's hair that he has "private time" with.

Finn: You guys... knew?
Jake: Finn. We're roommates.

  • This episode has blatant subtext that Marceline is in love with Princess Bubblegum. The staff have confirmed this was intentional.

Marceline: I'm going to drink the red from your pretty pink face, I'm gonna—
Princess Bubblegum: Marceline, that's too distasteful!
Marceline: Oh... You don't like that? ...Or do you just not like me?!

Marceline: I shouldn't have to be the one who makes up with you
So... why do I want to? Why do I want to ...?

    • Also this exchange, quoted by the video that confirmed the subtext:

Marceline: *blushing* You...kept the shirt I gave you?
Bubblegum: Yeah! It, uh...means a lot to me!
Marceline: But you never wore it.
Bubblegum: Dude, I wear it all the time! As pajamas.

    • Hell, the fact that Princess Bubblegum's precious treasure — comparable to the lock of Bubblegum's hair Finn kept — was a t-shirt Marceline had given her is pretty damn shippy on its own.
      • A recap video which alluded to the subtext sparked a controversy in the production, so much so that the video was taken down. This Tumblr post claims that the Mathematical YouTube blog behind the video was forced by Cartoon Network to take it down.
      • Despite how much Adventure Time can get by the radar, openly admitting homosexual implications in a cartoon could turn out...bad. The subtext is still definitely there, especially if you look at the original storyboard, which includes even more hints, such as an omitted scene where Finn asks Marceline and Bubblegum what they had taken from them, resulting in both girls giving him flustered excuses and looking away from each other, blushing.

"Apple Thief"

  • "You're askin' a lotta dumb-butt questions..."
  • Alcoholic beverages can be seen in the background of the candy tavern scene.
  • Interpret this as you will:

Tree Trunks: I'm innocent?
Jake: Innocent as a baby's buttcheek!

Banana Guard: She slapped my butt.
Other Banana Guard: (Beat) (gives thumbs up)

"The Creeps"

  • Finn's secret name in the episode is "Prince Hotbod"
    • Pretty much everybody had a secret name related to their butt.
  • This bit:

Lumpy Space Princess: I blinked my balls.... My eye balls.
Princess Bubblegum: Hehehehehe!

  • What Beemo does after "Processing data."

Lumpy Space Princess: Ew.

  • Lumpy Space Princess screaming in agony while using the bathroom.
  • What Lady Rainicorn said in the episode:

Finn: Whoa, you can phase people into your body?
Lady Rainicorn: (in Korean) <Of course I can. Jake and I become one body all the time.>

"From Bad to Worse"

  • When LSP is about to be attacked by the zombies:

Lumpy Space Princess: I know you want this body... BUT YOU CAN'T HAVE IT!

  • Realizing this may be the end, Finn wishes a tearful goodbye to his friends. As well as PP, Poo-poo and Doo-doo, whoever they are.
  • Near the end of the episode:

Jake: Sorry for bitin' you, sugar.
Lady Rainicorn: (smiles, in Korean)
Jake: (Luminescent Blush) (nervous laugh) Heh... heh-heh-heh-heh.... Oh...


  • The painting of the naked woman strikes again.
  • Jake turns his head into a clam shape, and opens it to reveal a dancing naked lady posed like Botticelli's "Birth of Venus" (with her hair covering her crotch and one arm covering her breasts). The worst part is that the naked lady has Jake's face, made tiny so it fits.
  • At one point, as they get to the crushers, Finn seems to say "ball zacks!"

"No One Can Hear You"

  • "That deer was after our sugar, but I didn't give him any... if you know what I mean (clicks tongue)."
  • When Finn first sees the deer after waking up, the deer does nothing but lick its own private area at him.
    • A lot of animals actually do that, especially cats. But this one isn't a dumb animal, but some kind of freak mutant sapient stag.

Finn: Thanks for breaking my legs, ya dumbbutt.
Deer: (licks his crotch)

  • Also, the Deer getting killed by having his neck graphically broken by falling rubble on screen, not very nice, that.

"Jake vs. Me-Mow"

  • "I found this note stabbed in my"

"The New Frontier"

  • To summarize—this is an entire episode about Jake wanting to kill himself. Granted, it's because of acceptance of fate not sadness, but still.

"Holly Jolly Secrets"

  • Beemo plays VHS tapes by sticking them up his butt.

Beemo: It goes in my butt. (turns around, bends forward) [2]

    • And ejects one tape with Ice King's past as a human by straining really hard.
  • "My alarm says it's your bath time, Finn. Get naked."
    • "We can still take a bath."
  • In the ending, LSP can be seen stroking the Candy Cane Man rather suggestively.
  • The Reveal was extremely dark, a bit too dark for a children's show.

"Marceline's Closet"

  • Finn's song/rap at the beginning of the episode:

[[Does This Remind You of Anything? Shake your extremities
Shake your extremities]]
All your arms and knees
I want 'em, shake 'em, baby, please
Baby, shake your eyes for me.
Shake your eyes for me.
Shake your eyes for me.
Shake your eyes for freeee
Now make some bills
Make a fills
Make a mill
Quack me up with some yokes
I like girls who know the ropes...

"Paper Pete"

  • A series of book spines Finn reads all rhyme with "kitties". The last two books are destroyed, leaving the viewer to wonder what the final title might be.
  • Finn taking off his shirt, and turtle princess blushing upon seeing him.

"Another Way"

  • Yet more evidence that Jake has a foot fetish:

Jake: (while clown nurse is kissing his feet) I'm feelin' better already. Ha! That tickles!
Nurse: You want me to stop?
Jake: No, keep goin'. (she does)
Finn: (beat) You're gross, man.

    • The kisses looks like a girl performing fellatio, and doesn't help that whenever Jake is saying how much he likes it or, Jake saying, "Excuse me, don't stop keep going please..." and looking offended. And Finn saying, "You're. Gross."
  • Or the scene where you see one of the clown nurses continuously kissing the head of a giant one eyed monster...
  • The whole implication lying beneath Finn being held down by two clown nurses while a third excitedly kisses his foot. Understandably, Finn is totally freaked out by this.
  • "Glob it, Glob it, Glob it, Glob it!"

"Ghost Princess"

  • Ghost Princess dies via impalement.
  • Clarence commits suicide via spray-cheese overdose, and explodes, leaving his body in pieces. Jake was even traumatized by this.
    • His original death had him slipping on the cheese and breaking his bones, so they had to change it. Because apparently having the guy explode is much better. No blood is shown, just yellow cheese spray. If anything this makes it even worse for any kids watching.
  • Both Finn and Jake were essentially running around a graveyard desecrating and looting graves, as well as digging up the bodies of the deceased.
  • The ghost concert features ghostly nude dancers.
  • "Just look at this place. It's all bunked up."

"Dad's Dungeon"

Joshua: (on tapes) Finn, Jake, I made you something--It's babies. Full of babies. --the family sword. It's made out of--babies.

  • In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, Finn kills one of the food monsters by taking out its brain.
  • Yet another person dies on-screen. When one of the fruit witches eats the fruit, she gets covered in vines (which grow out of her mouth and eye sockets), and the vines rot off to reveal an apple. As the other two witches rip the apple apart viciously, a bloody core covered in bones can be seen. Yes, actual blood. Wooooooow. [3]
    • It should be noted that just before this happens, the tone in Finn's voice implies that he knows what would happen if he ate the apple but is going to do so anyway. He tries to eat a second apple while watching this happen.
    • Also, the fruit babes act and speak very seductively when trying to convince Finn to eat the fruit.
    • Hell, now even Finn's newly obtained sword is made out of blood. Demon blood.
  • Surprisingly, this episode was very low on sexual content, with violence being the only thing Cartoon Network didn't look for.


  • Naked woman painting, but this time, it has a smile.
  • When Jake sings, he says "A fire inside my body", to Flame Princess.

Flame King: "A fire inside my body"?! I AM DISGUSTED!

Beemo: Duck... duck... duck... GOOSE!
Finn: AAH!!

Season Four

"Hot to the Touch"

  • There's this little piece of dialogue:

Finn: Is that bird... smoking?
Bird: Hey! Don't you judge me! It was that fire chick down there that done this to me!

"Five Short Graybles"

  • Beemo simulating urination by pouring water into the toilet.

Beemo: PEE-ING!

  • Did the Radar give up on censoring Adventure Time already? Cinnamon Bun digesting the sandwich PB gave to him and oozing something suspiciously looking like poop afterwards.
    • He wasn't oozing it. He was spewing it out at PB, and it sprayed all over her face in speckles.

"Web Weirdos"

  • Basically, the whole episode is marvelled on how it got through the Radar... The spiders spinning their webs was quite obviously supposed to look and sound like pooping. Finn's disgusted reaction does not help at all.

Finn: Does your wife make that sound, too?!
Ed: Yeah, I guess, but she never does it in front of me.

  • "Your butt is disfunctional!" (And then Barb blushes.)
  • Barb going into labor and screaming while giving birth to billions of spiders.

Finn: What is HAPPENING?!
Jake: Something we're not supposed to see.

"Dream of Love"

  • "An unmarried couple living under the same roof? That's indecent!" Seriously, radar? [4]
    • It is strongly implied that Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig have been doing something indecent since Finn and Jake last visited ...
  • The inevitable tongue kissing between Tree Trunks and Pig.

"Return to the Nightosphere"

  • Finn and Jake basically visit Hell. Or what really resembles Hell. Even Pen calls it one of the coolest depictions of "Hell" on television, which it could be.
    • They even got the "screams of the suffering" part right. It's like they did everything they could to make it identical to Hell.
  • You can see two demons tongue-kissing in the background.
  • A demon mentioning "making brown" and having IBS.
  • One demon (Or monster) is cut in two , you can see his insides..Yes, they are GUTS!!!

"Daddy's Little Monster"

  • When Beemo is charging up Jakes cellphone, he makes motions that look a lot like pooping.
  • Theoretically, anything involving bananas, which demons apparently shit... out of their ears. With fart noises.

"In Your Footsteps"

  • The way Beemo reacts to Finn & Jakes arguing calls to mind a child reacting to a argument in a dysfunctinal household.
  • When Finn and Jake find the woods party, Jake says the following about the bear. "He got in close and used you. Now he's feeding nuts to your ex girlfriend." Cut to bear putting a peanut in Bubblegum's mouth. And then bear giving her the heimlick maneuver.

"Hug Wolf"

  • "And don't tell me it's because I have repressed emotions towards Cinnamon Bun!"
  • "Didn't even tell me its name..."
  • Basically the very concept of this episode, which focuses on Finn sneaking into rooms at midnight and giving people really strong hugs.
    • You could essentially replace all mentions of hugging with sex and it would make just as much sense.

Mob: No more hugs (without consent)!

    • Not to mention one of the candy people yelling "SHE'LL NEVER MARRY!" when he chases Hug Wolf Finn away from his daughter.
  • While the deer is being hugged by the hug wolf, he says: "Uh... I've got a wife."
  • When the alpha hug wolf turns back to normal (her normal form happens to be a beautiful humanoid woman):

Jake: Can I get a hug?
Finn: JAKE!!!!

  • This exchange:

Jake: Finn? Say something to reassure me!
Finn: I'll hug Your Mom!

"Princess Monster Wife"

  • LSP at one point says that someone is probably getting fresh with her lumps.
    • Not to mention that the bags of ice stuffed into her cavity is a not-so-subtle reference to the urban legend of people getting their organs stolen while they're asleep and waking up in a bathtub full of ice.
  • The Ice King saying that he loves Princess Monster Wife's "lady parts".
  • This episode is over all much darker than a normal episode (well, a normal episode in season 1 or 2). The whole episode Princess Monster Wife is suffering from terrible self esteem issues.
    • Not to mention, Princess Monster Wife essentially commits suicide at the end of the episode by disassembling herself and returning all of her parts back to the princesses.


  • How in the HELL did they get away with that bee "pollinating" the flower?
    • There was also a thin line of red around the bee when Goliad crushed it. So yeah, Goliad had blood on her hands not a few minutes in the outside world.
    • Goliad's speech as she crushes the bee in her paws and brings it back to life is EXTREMELY dark. This, along with Holly Jolly Secrets II and Princess Monster Wife, is one of the darkest episodes of the show.
  • Goliad is clearly saying "Glob Dobbit" in the playground scene. We know who Glob stands for, so Dobbit..... is presumably not something she should be saying. Bonus points for the fact that actor is using her best cutesy voice she can while doing so.
  • Also, there's the reason PB made Goliad in the first place. She explicitly says that she's afraid of dying and leaving her kingdom alone.

Mini Episode ("Let's Work Together")

  • Finn insults a magic wand by saying, "I heard you pay a robot to rub your tummy for you!"
  • At one point, said wand summons Lumpy Space Princess from its innards.

LSP: Oh my glob, Melissa! I think it's kicking in!

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  1. So far, this episode provides the most examples, and the bed scene is arguably the most severe sexual example in the whole series. Understandably, the episode has never aired in Australia.
  2. Or, as said in the storyboard, (assumes the position)
  3. The storyboard tries to cover it up by calling the bones "chicken bones". (Pfff, right.) That would only complicate things, because it suggests that the witch was turned into a chicken and then eaten, or a chicken was put in the apple in place of her... and then bloodily eaten.
  4. Incidentally, it's highly likely Ash and Marceline did this.