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These are recommendations made by Tropers for Community fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here.

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Do warn when a fanfic may head into homosexual or non-canon territory. Some people just don't like it, and as we all know, Shipping is Serious Business.

General Fics

Freaky Thursday by Carly

  • Recommended by Wadd Spoiley
  • Pairing(s): Slight Jeff/Annie
  • Summary: The group willingly swaps personalities for a day - what could possibly go wrong?
  • Comments: A terrific fanfic. The characterization is spot-on, the jokes are hilarious, the writing is proficient—it reads *exactly* like an episode of the TV show.

Tea Time and Time Lords: A Primer by blithers

  • Recommended by Moberemk
  • Summary: The study group travels through time and space.
  • Comments: The group becomes the Tenth Doctor's new companions. This can only end hilariously for all.
    • Seconded by Doctor Nemesis: It's beautifully done, everyone's perfectly in character and it's one of those genius ideas you can't believe no one else has had yet. And without wanting to spoil anything, it even fits in paintball! Paintball!
    • Doctor Nemesis again: this fic now has a sequel by another author: Sociological Factors in Modern Genocidal Psychopathy by Palgrave. This time, there's Daleks...

Dallased (Intro to Dream Interpretation 101 by lorax

  • Recommended by Astrakhan
  • Summary: Abed's Inspector Spacetime dream makes the others insert themselves into other works, sometimes in... unusual ways. Semi-crossovers with Firefly, Twilight, Harry Potter, Beauty and The Beast and The Avengers.
  • Comments: Not only are the characters perfectly written, but the dream sequences play with the group dynamics (and genders) hilariously. It's worth reading for the Black Rider as Zoe in the Firefly pastiche alone.

Shipping Fics

But I Don't Know Nothing 'Bout Love by littledust

  • Recommended by Whimsical Circles
  • Pairing(s): Troy/Abed
  • Summary: In which Troy decides what he wants to be when he grows up, battles the ice cube of sadness, bakes some cookies, and figures some things out about feelings.
  • Comments: This is such a sweet, funny, good-natured, and overall delightful (in that very Community-like way) read that I can't help but urge everyone to give it a look whether they ship Troy/Abed or not. Though Troy and Abed are obviously the main features, the entire study group is present in some form throughout the story, and written so true to character that you can hear their voices as you read. Lots of funny little one-liners, and a seamless integration of deeper ideas about adulthood and responsibility into the developing relationship.

First Aid 101 by FaelwenSlashbringer

  • Recommended by Andrea Ravenscroft
  • Pairing(s): Troy/Abed
  • Summary: Abed gets his shoulder dislocated and has to walk Troy through first-aid procedures. Shameless fluff!
  • Comments: This is a fanfic I wrote. It contains Troy/Abed. No sex scenes, but a very cute kiss. I'm rather impressed with it myself. Although I've checked it over a couple million times, it never gets old!

nothing to say but the things i know by cereal

  • Recommended by Liat
  • Pairing(s): Jeff/Britta
  • Summary: Britta's apartment gets rats; she and Jeff end up as roommates.
  • Comments: This is overall wonderful. The author has a good grasp on every single character. When the rest of the study group appears, they're written well and add to the story, but it's truly the characterization of Jeff and Britta that not only stays true to how they are on the show, but adds depth. The writing is funny , and the chemistry between them is written perfectly.
  • Seconded by Cettin. This is absolutely brilliant. The characterization is spot-fucking-on, and the chemistry's wonderful.

Free Counseling by JD Phoenix

  • Recommended by Largo Quagmire
  • Pairing(s): Jeff/Brita
  • Summary: Jeff and Britta's reactions to the events of 'Modern Warfare'... as recorded by Professor Ian Duncan.
  • Comments: Having Professor Duncan narrate a what-if scenario is one of the best ideas I've seen played out in Community fic, and the story itself is hysterical. It also helps that Prof. Duncan's characterization is spot-on.

Un-needed Metaphors by Preromantics

  • Recommended by Fai-Mommy
  • Pairing(s): Troy/Abed
  • Summary: Wherein metaphors need to be changed, Abed has trouble thinking right when Troy is touching him, Abed takes a punch, and there are references to Spiderman.
  • Comments: There are some bits of characterization that don't quite ring true to me, but over all I think it's characterization is very solid. Best of all is how the author maps out Abed's thought processes in a way that seemed completely believable to me, showing Abed as not slow or one dimensional as usually happens to CloudCuckooLanders in fic, but just...really weird. The fic also strikes a lovely balance between Troy's geekiness and normal-guy-ness.


Community provides the source material for several fan created mash-ups.

  • Recommended by Cockroach ED