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    This is the worst moment, in your mind, for any character, work, series, or entire franchise. This is the nadir, the lowest point, the polar opposite of the Crowning Moment of Awesome. It is the moment you hang your head in shame when thinking about, or pretend never happened.

    Now these moments are not necessarily the moment you think a show Jumped the Shark. It can just be a low point, but the show recovering.

    What makes it the worst? That depends on individual tastes. It could be a Wall Banger (but not necessarily), or it could be just an episode or arc that is extremely boring or pointless. Whatever the reason, that is the Dethroning Moment of Suck. Feel free to post your personal examples here; just remember, these are specific dethroning moments of suck, not just bashing an entire character, series or work. And remember you're only allowed one moment, so if you've got more than one, then decide which was the worst, not just any moment that ticked you off or offended you.

    Keep in mind:

    • This is for fan reactions to most media (except Reality TV, News and Executive Meddling). No real life examples, please; it just brings a Flame War.
    • Do not use this index to complain about this index - not even as a joke.
    • Specific moments only. Don't just say something like, "Everything he said," or "The whole movie."
    • Do not remove an entry from the page (unless the event in question is blatantly untrue) nor create a Justifying Edit to defend a moment - it's an opinion. If you do remove an entry for being untrue, move it to discussion and explain what is factually incorrect about it.
    • No Natter.
    • Try and make entries actual DMoSs, not just a protracted whinge about how bad a show has become. Deconstructions of tasteless jokes don't really count.
    • No ASSCAPS, no bold, and no italics unless it's the title of a work. We are not yelling the DMoSes out loud.

    Compare with: Wall Banger, Discontinuity, and Jumping the Shark.

    Also, if something just happened on a show, it might be too soon to declare it this. See Ruined FOREVER.

    Naturally, the Counter Trope of the Crowning Moment of Awesome.

    Compare/Contrast Crowning Moment of Indifference.

    No real life examples, please; Real Life doesn't have an audience (that we know of), so none of us have this sort of "worst moment".

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