Filthy Rich & Catflap

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Clockwise, from top left: Filthy, Rich, and Eddie Catflap

Filthy Rich & Catflap is a Britcom that some members of The Young Ones cast made between The Young Ones and Bottom.

Rik Mayall plays Richie Rich (no, not that one), a talentless, unheard-of ham actor on a crusade for fame and glory. Adrian Edmondson plays his violent alcoholic minder, and Nigel Planer plays Richie's useless sponging agent.

The show has absolutely No Fourth Wall.

The show was ended when Mayall complained to Ben Elton about his writing privileges. Elton didn't listen and Mayall left.

Tropes used in Filthy Rich & Catflap include:

Richie: ...Bloody fairies! That's what you are, isn't it?
Men at bar: Yes.

Filthy: My name's Ralph Filthy not Filthy Ralph.

Filthy: And then give that comic the world's best gag --
Eddie: Which would have to be Thatcher's '79 election promise to cut unemployment!

    • There are a number of digs at conservatism (par for the course; see also The Young Ones). This is lampshaded at the end of the very first episode.
      • "Look, I've had just about enough left-wing soapbox rhetoric for one week!"
    • ...and the last episode has more than a few digs at Rupert Murdoch and tabloid journalists.
    • In show example occours when they systematicly smear everyone in british showbiz count?
  • Take That Me: In a meta-sense; after Eddie and Richie indulge in an extended satirical dig at the police force, Richie undercuts the proceedings by pointing out "Next time you're in trouble, you try calling an alternative comedian!"
  • Ted Baxter: Richie
  • Trouser Space: Eddie can fit 3 whole chickens in his trousers.
  • Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist
  • Unusual Euphemism: "I've sustained some quite considerable Belisha beacons in my time, thank you!"
    • "Adolf Hitler's lover rumoured to be a man!
  • With Friends Like These...
  • X Meets Y: Post Modernism meets Comedic Sociopathy.