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Onibotoke Aedus (talkcontribs)

Hello! I just came here from TVTropes and moving my firsts steps here to see how this wiki works. I hope I can contribute here without the discomfort I had on the other site in recent works.

Robkelk (talkcontribs)

Hello and welcome!

There are a few pages for folks, like you, who have found us from another troping site. Here are the links:

If you have any questions about All The Tropes, don't be afraid to ask a mod. @Looney Toons and I are the mods who are online the most often.

-robkelk, mod.

Onibotoke Aedus (talkcontribs)

Thank you. Although luckily I never was banned, I often was pestered for grammar mistakes (most of the times typos) and, since I tend to focus more on works than tropes proper, about "trope misuse" (9 times out of ten, the trope I chose for the work/character page was suddenly no longer valid because more important tropers said so, apparently) Once I've figured out the way this wiki works, I plan to contribute mostly with work pages (I think that sites like this can be useful in letting people know about media and works in general).

Okay, it looks like my signature is working.

Uladox (talkcontribs)

Fidge logic signature is simple, yet effective.

Testing signature

Uladox (talkcontribs)


Test, I guess?

ParityBlast (talkcontribs)

Oh geez, I got jitters all over, this is my first time having actually JOINED a wiki, let alone a trope thingie over just reading them and this one's slightly older and different in demeanor...well, even if I'm getting this wrong, i'll just have to live and learn!

So uh...yeah. Newbie in the newb place, learning how to post before I do anything worthwhile. Woo, this is nerve-wracking. I always get nervous that i'll make some ruinous change to a page that I can't take back.

GethN7 (talkcontribs)

Relax, we're nice to the newbies here, mistakes can be easily reverted, so don't worry about causing massive damage to anything.

Glad to have you with us, hope you have fun. :)

ParityBlast (talkcontribs)

Thanks for the welcome, Mr. Geth. I don't usually leave my small bubble of Last Life Forum, but with the if-I-may-be-frank horrendously outdated content of some of your pages, I felt compelled to lend a hand.

While I have your ear, could you direct me to a help page that best describes this User Page and sandbox business? And perhaps one that discusses how to do the more substantial work, such as linking to a trope in your text and bullet points?

EDIT: Nevermind that, I believe I've found my answer.

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ParityBlast (talkcontribs)

Yeah-hah! Looks like I got it right! Now comes the hard part: Finding a place to start contributing.

GethN7 (talkcontribs)

Well, don't feel compelled to rush. You could just fix typos, add information, correct outdated stuff, whatever you feel like more or less.

Gadjiltron (talkcontribs)

Recently joined, giving a test post to see if my edits stick. They have a knack for not complying so far.


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GethN7 (talkcontribs)


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