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This is the extended Character Sheet for the Live Action TV Show Glee.

  • New Directions - Original Members: Will Schuester; Rachel Berry; Finn Hudson; Kurt Hummel; Mercedes Jones; Artie Abrams; Tina Cohen-Chang
  • New Directions - Later Additions: Quinn Fabray; Noah "Puck" Puckerman; Santana Lopez; Brittany Pierce; Mike Chang, Jr.; Matt Rutherford; Sam Evans; Lauren Zizes; Blaine Anderson; Rory Flanagan; Sugar Motta; Joe Hart
  • Other Major Characters: Sue Sylvester; Emma Pillsbury; Terri Schuester; Principal Figgins; Jesse St. James; Burt Hummel; Shelby Corcoran; Shannon Beiste; Carl Howell; Dave Karofsky; Sebastian Smythe
  • Other Minor Characters

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