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  • The name of the band "New Directions" is a homophone. "Man, I can't wait to see the New Directions."
  • In the second episode, "Showmance", Emma catches Rachel in the bathroom trying to throw up. When Rachel informs her that she tried but "I guess I just don't have a gag reflex" Emma responds by saying "One day when you're older that'll turn out to be a gift."
  • Still not over Kurt's line from episode two - "And I just had a facial!"
    • Explain please?
      • In porn, "facial" means ejaculating on someone's face. (The innocent meaning, of course, is a facial mask or something similar skin care -related.)
  • Any of Emma's counseling pamphlets:
    • A pamphlet titled "There's hair down there?!?!?!"
    • A pamphlet titled "I'm still breastfeeding, how old is too old?"
    • A pamphlet titled "Help! I'm in love with my stepfather!"
    • A pamphlet titled "Me and My Hag."
  • In Funk, when Puck says "Maybe it's fromunda cheese."
  • Santana gets one in "Duets," responding to Brittany saying, "I love your sweet lady kisses," with, "Mmmhmm, it's a nice break from all that scissoring."
    • That one's a bit less "Getting Past the Radar" and a bit more of a middle finger to the radar.
      • Not to mention the censors. The only way that got past the network censors is if they thought they were tuckered out from doing handicrafts.
  • Jacob Israel excitedly saying wanky wanky upon seeing Rachel in her revealing attire. As well as Santana beginning the same phrase in response to Carl's "I'm just here to help you fill a hole", before being quickly cut-off by Emma. This is a popular British colloquialism for... something, and is quite rude indeed...
    • Don't forget Santana's "You can totally drill me anytime."
  • When Blaine and the Warblers publicly serenade Jeremiah with "When I Get You Alone" by Robin Thicke, the line "you can keep your toys in the drawer tonight" is kept in. Yeah.
  • The episode 'Blame it on the Alcohol" had a shot of Brittany's bra not on Brittany.
  • In the history class during "A Night of Neglect," Holly Holiday's "Tomorrow we're going to do Catherine the Great and her pet stallion Fred." For those who don't get it, it's a reference to the Urban Legend of Catherine the Great dying when she attempted to have intercourse with a stallion. In the legend, the stallion's harness broke and Catherine was crushed (in reality she simply had a stroke from old age).
  • Tina denying that rumor about Asian men, anyone?
    • You know, the one where 99% of Asian men have small penises. This actually delays them from sex with whites, because whites are normally racist to Asians, and since they have "tiny wangs", Whites laugh at the "yellow Asians" more. Since the Asian men have small penises, they cannot have sex with sexy white women, due to Size Matters.
  • I'm pretty sure in "Rolling In The Deep" they left in the line "I'll lay your shit bare"
    • If I'm correct, I thought it was "I'll lay ship bare." But lyrics sites aren't all that reliable.
    • I definitely heard a T. The producers might have told Fox it was Ship but I heard Shit.
    • It's ship, but shit is a common Mondegreen.
  • During My Man the poster behind Finn says the Nessy Club. A club for Loch Ness Monster devotees.
    • Explain please?
  • When Santana and Brittany are comforting Quinn in the hotel room, Santana says "I know what will help you feel better" to which Quinn replies "I'm flattered Santana but I'm really not that into that."
    • The implication - that she's a little into that - surely launching any number of fanfics with an M for Mature rating.
  • If you look closely, you see that in "Funeral," Kurt is wearing the exact same jeans that Blaine wore in "Blame It on the Alcohol."
    • That actually happens twice; Blaine's red jeans in "The Purple Piano Project" were Kurt's in "Born This Way."
  • A Rocky Horror Picture Show themed episode. I don't think anything else "needs" to be said.
  • A quiet little exchange in Theatricality

Tina: [referring to her Gaga-esque outfit made of bubbles] My balls keep falling off.

Kurt: I've been there.

  • The entirety of the "Push It" routine during "Showmance." At one point they were literally dry humping each other.
  • "Toxic" in "Britney/Brittany," made all the more inappropriate by Mr. Schue's inclusion.
    • What about Brittany's outfits in "Slave 4 U"? One of them is practically see-through.
  • The episode 'Blame it on the Alcohol' not only had drunk Brittany acting like a stripper (Finn's words), but there was Santana doing a body shot off of Brittany.
  • On the 2011 Glee Live tour, they pretty much gave Chris Colfer and Darren Criss free reign during the Kurt and Blaine skit (they play two gay characters in an established relationship.) Thus we have Kurt telling Blaine to keep his eyes shut while giving him a costume...

Kurt: Don't look until I say "open them."
Blaine: Kurt, we've been through this.
Kurt: Okay, okay. [To the audience] This isn't the first time we've played dress-up.

  • In "Throwdown," Quinn calls Rachel a "Treasure Trail" and "Stubbles" in the same scene.
  • Who could forget Mr Shue's "Holy shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...Sugar........"
  • In "I Am Unicorn," Kurt protests at the campaign posters of him riding a unicorn. Santana's response made this troper choke

Santana: In the original, the unicorn was riding you.

  • Schuester rolling over and waking Emma up with "Good morning sleepyhead, guess who woke up just before I did?"
      • . . . Can someone explain to this troper?
      • Morning Wood, i.e. getting a boner shortly before or after waking up.
  • In "Asian F", Will looks through Emma's stash of wedding magazines and then proceeds to show her his secret stash from when he was single for a year. Emma immediately closes the box in disgust.
  • In "Pot O' Gold", the title comes from Brittany promising Rory that if he grants her there wishes she'll let him have her...well, Pot O' Gold. Considering Rory is madly in love with her, and Brittany is a blond, it's a bit obvious what that pot is... her vagina.
    • It's not because she's blond that works, it's because she's Brittany one of two people (the other is Santana) who've pretty much claimed to have slept with every guy (and each other) in the school.
    • Same episode, when Santana asks about going on a date with Brittany, Brittany muses aloud about several occasions that she considers dating... which includes a very quick "...and that time last week when we were in the bathtub together."
  • The episode "The First Time", when Blaine and Kurt are about to do the deed, you'll very clearly see a condom wrapper on the floor near Blaine's shirt.
    • Actually a bit of Fridge Logic. If they know they're both virgins, there is nothing to protect each other from.
      • Some people may prefer to use condoms in anal intercourse even when there's no actual need for protection for hygiene reasons. (Of course we don't know if they actually had intercourse - astonishingly, there are other ways for two males to have sex - but it's a sensible explanation.)
      • No, I would worry if they did not use condoms. Anal sex is very, very dangerous if condoms are not used, especially for hygienic reasons. It is not good to just stick something up there, as it is gross for both giver and receiver. A lot of lube and a condom are very necessary.
    • Another instance: in this scene, Kurt says something that implies he and Blaine have had phone sex before. It's very easy to miss.
    • With the way Sebastian's "sexy" comment afterwards was dripping with sarcasm, I just always thought Kurt might have been instructing Blaine how to properly care for his skin over the phone.
    • There's also Brittany losing her virginity at cheerleading camp because of an "alien invasion," leading some fans to speculate that she was raped.
      • That one makes for a Funny Aneurysm Moment, as in "Britney/Brittany" she remarked that the dentist's lamp was "like the spaceship where she was probed".
  • "And so then I told Justin Timberlake, that's not eggnog!"
  • In universe example, also in the season three Christmas episode: Kurt referring to Blaine as his "best friend and holiday roommate," presumably having fun with the fact that they wouldn't be allowed to blatantly state the true nature of their characters' relationship, while also poking fun at the morality codes of the decades they were imitating.
  • In Michael, Santana constantly mentions how she hid the tape recorder in her underboob, then mentions if Kurt taped it to his junk they would have a whole week of songs about it.
    • Also Santana calling Sebastian "Twink".
  • In "The Spanish Teacher", when the group is singing "Sexy and I know It", Mike Chang gets away with a very provocative move around 1:40.
    • To make it even better, then line there is "I've got passion in my pants". Yeah.
    • One might also add the way Schuester is checking out Ricky Martins dance moves. Easily misunderstood for something else.
  • Finn in "Blame It on the Alcohol": "Kurt's been blackmailing me ever since he read my browser history."
  • Rachel Berry's fathers in "Heart": "This guy sold us the wrong lube, that's why the rubber is squeaking, that's why it feels so weird when we start going really fast"
  • Another from "Blame It on the Alcohol": "Welcome to Rosalita's Roadhouse, where men are men and sheep are nervous!"
  • From "Acafellas":

Sandy: I told Figgins that he was going to have the school full of nancies unless he got some hot wood in those teenagers' hands.

  • In "Funeral", Rachel asks how Santana got such raspiness in her voice: Santana's answer is "I've smoked a lot of cigars". Given that this is Santana, it just might be a blowjob joke.
  • Another one: in "Sue Sylvester Shuffle", Karofsky says "I hope that linebacker doesn't get a jump on me, it would sure hurt like hell to be sacked by him" right after throwing some homophobic comments. This coming from Karofsky, it's easy to think of something... else than just football.
  • Kurt's rendition of "Not the Boy Next Door" in "Choke" veers into outright provocative - especially when he sings, " can have your dreams, but you can't have me!" while gyrating his hips in a manner close to pornographic. Also the fact that he spends the entire number wearing gold pants that don't leave much to the imagination...
    • The fact that Blaine is watching with even more rapt attention than normal and his hand over his mouth like he's trying to keep his jaw in place or avoid drooling just makes it better!
  • "Rumors:"

Artie: Can't you see [Santana's] manipulating you?
Brittany: That's not cheating either, she told me that.

    • The word "manipulate" stems from the Latin word for "hand" and its older meaning is roughly "handle or control something with your hand(s)". And Brittany has been known to exhibit a surprisingly advanced vocabulary at times for the sake of Rule of Funny ("mallard", anyone?).
  • The football recruiter is named Cooter, which is a euphemism for 'vagina'.
  • In "Props", Sue demands that Kurt dress up as a girl for Nationals and uses the phrase "It's tuck-in time". This very probably refers to drag queens (and transwomen) taping their genitalia between their legs so that it won't bulge.
  • The ladies' (and Freddie Mercury's) man Rod Remington. "If I may bring a dash of Rod into this lady-soup..."
  • Sue refers to Will's hair as a "head merkin" in "Prom Queen". A merkin is a pubic wig.
  • Sebastian calling Tina "Tina Blowing-Wang".