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    The episode starts with a total homage to Grease (seriously) in a previously-unseen outdoor lunch area thing, with the girls asking Mercedes about what really went down between her and Sam the previous summer. She finally cracks and tells them they spent a lot of time together near a lake (just go with it). Meanwhile, the guys are on the bleachers asking Sam the same thing. And, of course, this is the perfect lead-up to a rendition of Summer Nights (intercut with Mercedes, the girls, and Kurt).

    Title card.

    Cut to Becky strolling down the hallway, her inner monologue rattling on about how she is the total Alpha Bitch at McKinley, and holy crap it's a very ghetto sounding HelenMirren. She decides that Artie is her perfect boyfriend due to both of them being handicapable. Sue asks her what happened to Jason, the boy with Downs' Syndrome she took to the prom. Good to know this show still knows what continuity is. Anyway, Becky mentions a disagreement over food, and Sue tells her she can ask Artie out.

    Beiste reveals that she and Cooper ended up eloping, and the talk (with Sue!) turns to Emma and Will's relationship. Since it's apparently not progressing as Emma would like, they suggest her proposing to him. Emma's subsequent performance of Wedding Bell Blues ends with Will asking her if she just proposed to him, and she panics and runs away. Will then tells the glee club that he plans to propose to Emma with a proposal number in true Glee fashion.

    Relationship time. Sam tries to talk to Mercedes but she shoots him down because of Shane. Artie asks Sugar if she wants to help him with a number, but she tells him they'd look weird. Becky then asks Artie out.

    Coach Bieste turns Sam down for all the teams (he wants to join one to score a letterman jacket to impress Mercedes) because it's unfair to the other players, but she tells him that he can join one team - and that's the synchronized swimming team led by Roz Washington. She proceeds to insult him. Sam gets "synchronized" slushying, and Mercedes helps him clean up but is called away by Shane.

    Will and Finn go ring-shopping, where Will asks Finn to be his best man because he has no friends. Finn tells him he might join the army like his dad.


    • Summer Nights from Grease. Sung by New Directions.
    • Wedding Bell Blues by Laura Nyro. Sung by Emma with Sue and Shannon.
    • Moves Like Jagger/Jumpin' Jack Flash by Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera/ Rolling Stones. Sung by Artie with Will and New Directions Boys.
    • The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face by Roberta Flack. Sung by Rachel, Santana, Mercedes, and Tina.
    • Without You by David Guetta ft. Usher. Sung by Rachel.
    • We Found Love by Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris. Sung by Rachel and Santana.

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