Glee/Recap/S2/E17 A Night of Neglect

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In the music room, Will announces that the club needs five thousand dollars to go to New York for Nationals, and to get it, they're going to be selling saltwater taffy. Will's a moron. Quinn says that nobody cares about the Glee club, and that pisses Mike off. Mike is angry that the Glee club complains about being mistreated when they don't know what it's like to be ignored by everyone. Artie, Tina and Brittany join him as he explains that they're part of an academic team called 'The Brainiacs' who have won a spot in the finals in Detroit- but they'll have to forfeit, because they can't afford the money to get there. The Brainiacs think the school should pay for them.

Sue has summoned Dustin, Terri and Sandy together to form a group henceforth known as The Legion of Doom (no, seriously) in order to destroy the Glee Club for once and for all (anyone else think that Sue needs a mustache and an evil laugh?).

Over dinner, Will asks Holly what she thinks of his idea. She thinks it sucks, and suggests holding a benefit concert instead. In the music room, Will explains that they're only doing songs by neglected artists.

The Legion of Doom are going to try breaking up Will and Holly. Sue gets Sandy to sponsor a club she created, the McKinley High Heckling Club, consisting of Azimio, Becky and Jacob.

In the hallway, Mike, Mercedes, Lauren, Tina and Rachel talk song choices. Tina's doing a song by Lykke Li. Mike is just going to dance. Mercedes intends to do something by Aretha Franklin. Lauren points out that Aretha is hardly neglected. Rachel says she'll be doing Celine Dion's 'My Heart Will Go On'. Tina points out that it's pretty much one of the greatest hits of all time. Finn walks in and asks if any of them remember Sunshine Corazon.

In the auditorium, the Glee club has gathered to talk to Sunshine. She's offering them her support for the benefit and offers to perform, ensuring that her Twitter followers will all buy a ticket. She performs 'All By Myself' and the club agrees to put her on the roster.

In the library, Lauren confronts Mercedes and says that Mercedes is constantly taking the back seat to everyone else, and she needs to start throwing around some diva attitude. Mercedes agrees to let Lauren be her manager in return for 10 per cent of whatever they can come up with.

Will and Emma talk. Carl's divorcing her.

Finn and Quinn ask Rachel to be 'Talent Relations' for the show, because Mercedes has turned into an insane diva. Rachel agrees.

Holly gives a lecture on Wallis Warfield Simpson.

Dustin shows up, and offers himself to Holly. Holly declines, since she has a boyfriend. Said boyfriend shows up, threatens Dustin with bodily harm, and Dustin departs.

Rachel has agreed to Mercedes' demands, but Sunshine will still bring in more money, so Mercedes must go last. Mercedes agreed on the condition that she be carried in to the concert.

Kurt gives Blaine a tour of McKinley, but Karofsky shows up to harass them. Santana arrives, makes Karofsky go away, and all is well...

...until Sunshine backs out of the concert, leaving the club with only 6 people for an audience. The show must go on. Tina starts to perform 'I Follow Rivers', but the Heckling Club heckles her offstage. Quinn gives the Hecklers taffy, so that shuts them up with Mike dances. Mercedes is up next, but Mercedes has left the building.

Holly gets the hecklers to go away. Rachel finds Mercedes, lectures her about Aretha Franklin (seriously? Seriously?) and Mercedes agrees to go back and perform.

Holly performs 'Turning Tables'. Sue lectures Sandy for failing and sends him back to the auditorium.

Mercedes performs 'Ain't No Way' and cedes the closing number to Rachel, but Rachel says she can't follow that.

Holly and Will talk, and she dumps him.

Sandy announces that he was so overwhelmed by their performance that he'll fund the Brainiacs' trip to Detroit.

Sue lectures the Legion for failing, and turns to Terri finally.

At the finals in Detroit, the teams are in a tiebreaker when Rod announces the final topic: Hermaphrodite Nazi Sympathisers (i.e., Wallis Warfield Simpson). Artie and Brittany beam at each other, and the episode ends.

Songs performed in this episode:

  • "All By Myself" by Eric Carmen, performed by Sunshine
  • "I Follow Rivers" by Lykke Li, performed by Tina
  • "Bubble Toes" by Jack Johnson, danced by Mike
  • "Turning Tables" by Adele, performed by Holly
  • "Ain't No Way" by Aretha Franklin, performed by Mercedes