Grange Hill

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This children's Soap Opera ran on The BBC from 1978 to 2008. The series was set in the fictional school of the title somewhere in East London (where there is a real place called Grange Hill that has a London Underground station) until 2003, when the entire school magically moved to Merseyside. It was eventually discontinued in 2008 after running 30 years.

The original circus-beat theme tune continues to be used as the soundtrack to any appearance by school children or a class room, regardless of the fact that it was used for less than half of the 30-year run.

There was a Commodore 64 game adaptation of it, which sold poorly because Real Life offered the same gameplay options with vastly better graphics, but is notable for the following Have a Nice Death:

"You see a shifty man in a leather jacket. "Hey, Son. Want to buy some of this?" The man offers you a packet of white powder. He is a pusher."
[Player selects "Yes"]
"There is an empty look in his eye as he snatches the money from your hand. His face is pale and drawn; His body thin and unfed. He steals to keep his habit; And makes addicts of children. He is dead, and soon you will be too."

There is a fan site here.

Tropes used in Grange Hill include: