Line to God

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Basically, creators have two ways to interact with their fans;

  • Type A: the official channels, like the official Web site/forum, Twitter/Facebook/Relevant popular media Web site (IMDb for movies, GoodRead for books, etc.). These are easily searchable on using a search engine.
    • These are usually maintained by their promoter/agent.
  • Type B: some of the *unusual* haunts, like a creator-made blog/LiveJournal/WordPress/DeviantArt etc, or In a One of Us moment, visiting and interacting with fans on a popular site like Reddit or a fansite. This is becoming more and more common as creators embrace New Media.
    • They allow some level of interactivity, like allowing fans to place comments that are read and maybe even answered by the creator.

CLARIFICATION: These are NOT their personal accounts, just their public accounts which they themselves reveal to fans, and are known to interact there. Please respect their privacy.

Links to examples goes on the trivia page of the Creator/Work, not the main page.

Contrast Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things.

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