Metal Gear/Memes

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  1. As part of the Mind Screw, near the end of the game a fake Game Over message is displayed with the words "Fission Mailed" instead of "Mission Failed" and the game continuing in a smaller window. As an unaware player can easily die thinking it is a real Game Over screen; the term is used to describe failures of a higher level than normal, as well as the trope it named.
  2. One of Raiden's lines. Popular for its Narm, as his tone suggests it's something for which he should be very proud.
  3. One of the fake Colonel's codec messages after Arsenal Gear is partially infected with a virus. Popular for its absurdity. Used to parody people who post Insane Troll Logic on the Internet. Time Cube is a prime example of the type of thing that gets this response.
  4. Yelled by various characters after a Game Over in most of the games.
  5. Mannerisms particular to Revolver Ocelot.
  6. The Boss reveals her caesarian scar as part of her explanation of her backstory.
  7. Liquid and Snake spend a lot of the first Metal Gear Solid yelling at each other.
  8. The original Metal Gear had a lot of this.
  9. About half of Snake's dialogue is copying someone else.
  10. The Colonel yells this in Metal Gear Solid 3 after a Game Over or killing a character that appears in a chronologically later game. Used when someone does something that would mess with time.
  11. The reaction all the guards have when they discover the player. Used when someone is surprised.
  12. A Suspiciously Specific Denial your Mission Control gives you at one point. Believe or not, there is in fact a trap on that train.
  13. One of Otacon's first lines, part of his Establishing Character Moment as a collosal nerd with a tenuous grasp of reality.
  14. A snowclone based on Ocelot's claim that he can kill anything with the twelve bullets in his two revolvers.